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Title: News
Post by: CD-RW on June 11, 2012, 06:12:45 AM
Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on June 11, 2012, 09:59:53 PM

 A new version of LiveSystempro Builders available.

 What's new:
 In order to avoid a would change with our other projects
 LiveXP project WinXPE renamed.
 The builder can now "show" and "Hide" manage controls.

 LiveSystem pro

 - GuiInterface, Hide controls added
 - Command: "setInterface, Control, State" added
 - Licence Box added
 - Name change from LiveXP to WinXPE
 - Cosmetic changes
 - Errors in the interface editor (>)-button fixed

 Win7PE_SE-based project:
 - Fixed PreConfig script, non-German version, error WimIndex

 Note: By switching to Hide controls and name change had to be changed all the scripts.
 The updated scripts are now online and can be downloaded.

Download LiveSystem pro Builder (
Download LiveSystem pro Update Center (

Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on July 26, 2012, 05:42:05 AM

A new version of LiveSystempro builder is out.
The version has many new features and fixes some bugs.
Especially the Wim-management has been improved by the works Multi7PE much more reliable.

LiveSystem pro
- Interface Editor, FileBox / FolderBox Bug
Label text, word wrap possible
- Renamed command, IniDelete in IniDeleteSection
- Added command SetMVar
- Added interface language variables
- Variable resolution improves
- Command, set revised
- Added command string TRight / TLeft
- Added command, message, question

WinXPE-based project:
- PENetwork, driver integration added
- Updated version Peinit

Win7PE_SE-based project:
- Olepro32.dll added
- Added macro FileDecInst / FileDecBoot
- Updated version Peinit
- Wim revised management


Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on August 09, 2012, 02:55:44 AM
Good News,
I guess next news will be supporting w8 fully  :tongue: :thumbsup:
Title: Re: News
Post by: nordi on January 20, 2013, 07:12:47 AM

 LiveSystem pro is here!

 After a longer break now developing a new version of the LSP-Builder has been released.
 The entire Builder has been further optimized and 3-4% could be accelerated.
 For long process operations such as Copy files / delete came before it, the builder freeze Gui,
 which is now no longer the case.
 These were fixe some errors and new commands are added.

 LiveSystem pro
 - 3% faster builderengine
 - Gui freeze eliminated
 - Errors in the project read variables fixed
 - Setvar, "%" review added
 - String command, error fixed
 - StartEditor, %ScriptDir% Variable fixed
 - IniReadPos, Key removed
 - interface, errors in language support fixed
 - Interface, Disable command fixed
 - Command, WebGet added optional Breakaway with Progressbar and Download
 - Command system, GETFREEPEInitNo added

 Win7PE_SE-based project:
 - In Win7PE project now includes the Dism problem under Win XP in the past.
 (delete old project before install new )
 - The BaseFile script copy option "Fullcopy" removed.

 The update can be downloaded in the download area.
Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on January 20, 2013, 10:22:32 AM
Congradulations to All members of LiveSystem Pro Team  :great:
Title: Re: News
Post by: Galapo on January 20, 2013, 11:56:08 PM
Good to hear of the progress! :cool:

Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on February 18, 2013, 08:50:43 AM
Dear LiveSystem pro community

A new version of our builder is online.
This time, some bug fixes and improved Win 7 basic project.
Win7PE now also runs on a Windows XP 64 and Windows Vista 64 host system.

In order for the downloads of the scripts more convenient in the future done immediately,
there is now the new "LiveSystem pro Update Center" script.
This script fetches the script from the server automatically.
There are over 100 scripts online. There are also some new ones here.

LiveSystem pro
- FilopenDialog enhanced
- Scrollbars added
- FileArch Bug fixed
- Dircopy Bug fixed
- Shellexecute Bug fixed
- Setinterface Bug fixed

Multi7PE_SE-based project:
- Preconfig Script updedated

LiveSystem pro
- IniDeleteSection bug fixed
- Crash on ScriptPic convert fixed
- Disable Script fixed
- RegWrite bug fixed


Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on February 18, 2013, 10:25:41 PM
Hi Kare,

you missing seperate tools folder
have many files in it..
which has big pottential to cause bad interceptions,

on your way of organisation, better move these to somewhere like
or whereever, but definately not \Projects\Tools\*

downloading "LiveSystem pro Update Center" requires login,
and no instruction how to use...
I feel better to put a download link to with instructions..
and maybe inside lsp distribution....

Good Luck  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on March 31, 2013, 12:18:15 AM
Dear LiveSystem pro community

LiveSystem pro V1.0.3.4 is out.

Some errors have been corrected and some new commands are integrated.

The "Update Center" got an update to version 3

LiveSystem pro
- Message, Timeout Error fixed
- Regwrite 0x3 Variable added
- Command: System,ProcessMode added
- WebGet, Http Download Error fixed and FTP Download added
- Command: If,ExistWebfile added

LiveSystem pro
- WebGet, Error with Progressbar fixed
- Regwrite, RegTypes enhanced
- Command: System,Log,on/off added
- faster Stringmangament on large Strings
- WriteLibrary: (Key) Bug with Spaces fixed (Martt)
- command: Inferface,update Bug fixed (Martt)
- Variable: %HostNT% added
- InterfaceEditor, Scrollbox/TextLabel enhanced
- ReadLibrary, (Key) Bug fixed
- command: System,GetEnv added
- command: Start, workingdir parameter added
- command: if,ExeRunning added
- Treeview, Scriptlevel sorting bug fixed

Multi7PE runs now on Windows 8 HostOS.

The update can be downloaded in the download area.

Thanks on all Testers and User "Martt".

Happy Easter !!!


Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on May 09, 2013, 08:16:14 AM
Hello LiveSystem pro/TheOven community,

There are some new exiting developments !!
LiveSystempro V1.0.3.5 is ready.

The new builder is more flexible then ever.
There are some new powerfull commands integrated.
A few bugs have been repaired. I thank all users for the information.

LiveSystem pro
- Command: For/Next added
- Command: ExitLoop added
- RegRead, 0x7 error repaired, thanks (Martt)
- Regwrite, 0x7 improved #$x seperator added
- Command: String, Len added
- Command: String, Split added
- Library: getvar, errorFehler fixed
- Variable: %CPUVM% added
- Befehl: Convert added

- Peinit.exe, DrvLetter, error fixed
- Shortcut.exe error fixed (ViperPE)

Multi7PE-Basis Project:
- Peinit.exe, DrvLetter, error fixed
- Shortcut.exe error fixed (ViperPE)

Win8PE-Basis Project:
- Peinit.exe, Pin added


As a surprise I would like to introduce our new Windows 8 PE project.
We are very proud of our new 'specialist' "Martt" who has realized this
He has written this project like the Win8PE_SE project (ChrisR/JFX TheOven).

I am very proud that it runs on almost all Windows versions.
Here is the list of tested versions:

- Windows XP Sp3 x86.
- Windows XP Sp2 x64.
- Windows Server 2003 Sp2 x86.
- Windows Server 2003 Sp2 x64.
- Windows Vista Sp2 x86.
- Windows Vista Sp2 x64.
- Windows 7 Sp1 x86.
- Windows 7 Sp1 x64.
- Windows 8 Sp0 x86.
- Windows 8 Sp0 x64.

The "Update Center" has been updated to version 4.
Pleas use the Update Center version 4 in the future.

Thanks to ChrisR/JFX(TheOven)+Team, Martt, Bazii, MaineCoon and Madmax.


Title: Re: News
Post by: ChrisR on May 09, 2013, 02:24:55 PM
Congratulation for all improvements and for Win8PE-Basis :great: 
Bravo to Martt for the beautiful rewriting in LSP and to the LiveSystem team :thumbsup:

Thank you in advance for thinking to us for the improvements, corrections made ​​on the base  :wink:

Title: Re: News
Post by: Turnkey on May 09, 2013, 11:21:22 PM
Thank you in advance for thinking to us for the improvements, corrections made ​​on the base  :wink:

Hi ChrisR

Thank you and JFX and the whole "TheOven" Team very much for all the improvements.  :smart:

@all: Please use only the downloadlinks from the first "post" in this thread to load "LiveSystem pro" and the "Update Center". 
Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on June 30, 2013, 08:38:02 AM

A new "Live System Pro" version is available.
In this update, additional commands are integrated and some bugs have been fixed.
The LSP PEBuilder now has over 90 commands and functions.
Thus he is the most powerful and flexiblste PE Builder in its class.

Project developer "Martt" could improve and optimize the Windows 8 project significantly.
The whole project is now also available in German language.
A weak point in the old version was unzipping the Wim files.
In the new version is to unpack the files Wim thanks to a mask file much faster.
In the update center more scripts are available for Win8 project.

LSP-DirectX v11 Full.7z
LSP-Dot Net Framework.7z
LSP-FireFox v20 Beta 2.7z
LSP-FireFox Flash.7z
LSP-Internet Explorer 10.7z
LSP-VmWare Tools v902.7z

At this point, thank you "Martt" for following out his work.

LiveSystem pro

- command: IniReadPos,Parameter count added
- Webget, Errorchecking on ServerError added
- command: System,Error,On/off added
- Message, Error with Timeout fixed
- command: Interface,State added (all elements)
- Log Button added
- Interface,update Error fixed
- command: Interface,Set added (pTextBox,pscrollbox, pCheckBox1, pFileBox, ptextlabel)
- command: Interface,Get added (pTextBox,pscrollbox, pCheckBox1, pFileBox, ptextlabel)
- Active Button added
- Script "Select" added
- command: Search,File added
- command: System,FreeRam/TotalRam added
- RegRead, Binary 0x3 Error fixed

WinXPE Project
- PENetwork update to V58 B11
- Changed the name of the resulting iso file.

Win7PE Project
- PENetwork auf V58 B11 aktualisiert
- Changed the name of the resulting iso file.

Win8PE Project
- German translations added. All messages and interfaces are now in English and German. Dutch interfaces only for shortcuts. Thanks Bazii.
- Vc++ Runtime script, downloads everything and caches it !!
- VmWare Tools script, downloads everything and caches it ! (Update Center)
- DirectX v11 Full script, downloads everything and caches it ! (Update Center)
- BsExplorer will not run with x64 source. It will now halt. Use Explorer for x64.
- NetworkIndicator was using Dutch language. It now uses DE/EN/NL, fallback EN (Thanks Madmax).
- Starting path length is now checked. Anything over 10 characters will give an error.
- If a language other than English/German/Dutch is detected, and no Explorer Mui file is given, then a en-US Explorer Mui file is made.
- 7z utility is now searched for in %GlobalTools% and also in %Tools%\%HostArch%. The last one wins. A var %7z% is used for the location.
- All zip files have been converted to 7z files.
- PreConfig now has a decompress file mask. This reduces the time to decompress. Also changed the decompress location to %BaseDir%\Wim.
- Changed the name of the resulting iso file.
- Code cleanup here and there.

Kare + LSP Team

Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on December 06, 2013, 03:11:45 AM
LiveSystempro V1.0.4.0 is available.

The new version of Live System pro includes new features and numerous improvements.
Some commands are given new options. So you can do a selection per example,
if "FileCreate Blank" is selected, in which format (ANSI, Unicode or UTF-8) the file can be created.
The long update time has also been used to fix all previously known bugs.
The command "strFormat, ShortPath", occurs per example in WinXPe in the "RamBoot" method and
works now reliable. The project can now be created without errors.
The most important attraction is the latest Win8 project.
User "Martt" bring out the version 3.

The Update Center appears in version 5 now
WimInfo3 updated to V1.0.0.1.
Shortcut.exe updated to V1.0.0.2

Many thanks to our team for the very good work.
- Martt, Bazii, MaineCoon, MadMax and Pela

LiveSystem pro

- Command: WebGet FTP added password support and the download is possible of unknown.
- StrFormat,SHORTPATH bug fixed
- FileopenDialog, extended the distance
- Retrieve,Fileversion bug fixed
- FileCreateBlank, Ansi/Unicode/UTF-8 added
- Now better Dpi-Display
- Command, Math Parameter Round_Up und Round_Down added
- iniDeleSection, iniRenameSection bug fixed and optimized
- Interface,Set, bug fixed
- Interface,update, bug fixed
- String,Replace added
- Buildprocess is acelerate
- Math, Crash on null string is fixed

PreConfig Oscdimg is copied, needed for EFI boot.
Some TMsg removed.
FileMask expanded for Rdp.
GetCacheFiles logging added. Debugging the script and the ini file was getting too difficult.
GetCacheFiles.txt is created in %BaseDir%. The file is not overwritten, only added to.

BaseFiles FileInfo is added in sources directory. Simply an ini file.

Dot Net Framework Fixed copy bug on XP host for x64 target.
Fixed message on XP host, mounting wim is now enable feature.

Vc++ Vc2012 Update 3 added.

Macro Changed the examples and added more documentation.

GetCacheFiles Added ChkVersion. Fixed bugs with RegWrite 0x1 and 0x7.
Added Cond/Else/End. Added Select/Case/CaseElse/EndSelect. This allows for conditional execution.
Cond/Else/EndCond and Select/Case/CaseElse/EndSelect are fully nestable.
Cond/Select/Case can also contain the DirSize/FileSize/FileVersion/Md5/FileArch keywords.
Cond/Case can also work with maximum two values, AND/OR is supported.
Added FileCheckSource/FileCheckTarget.
Added System,FileRedirect,Off/On to most functions. Problems with System32 directory.
Added LSP command to execute Lsp code from ini file.
PcaSvc now no longer tries to executes on XP host.
Added PatchDir.

Vc++ Vc v7 is now patched from system files. Download was getting almost impossible.

iScsi New script for iScsi.

Rdp New script for remote desktop in Components.

PostConfig Ownership and rights of PE-SYSTEM\Driversdatabase are reset. Dism changes these rights.

Create Iso EFI Boot added. The boot process will first try Legacy Bios, and then EFI Boot.

EFI is disabled for x86 builds. It is not working all the time and with all scripts.
See for more information.

VmWare Tools v10.0.1 Adds shared folders, video, audio, lan, mouse, scsi, vmci, cut/copy/paste.

Enable-Disable This allows you to enable or disable an entire level. So disable all apps for example.
When enabling a level the script also executes any disable line in section Main.
Also works with Disable=Script1,Script2,Script3.

Reset Interfaces This allows you to reset all interfaces to the default values for an entire level.
The script calls a section Interface-Reset in your script. All the hard work is done in InterfaceHelper (
You can also reset an entire project. This will then reset all interfaces and also the project.cfg.
Optional delete Wim cache/Iso files/Target directories/Temp directories.

Cache Manager Backup/Restore/Delete/Explore all the script with caching.

VmWare Emulation A scrollbox with all Win8PE iso is shown. When using single run (> button), the script will auto select the last build iso.
It now reads a file called InfoFile from the sources directory, with info about the iso (Name/Arch/Lang/EFI).
This allows the script to also be used with other iso's, not only the current one.

Support for VmWare v9 or v10, and Player v5 or v6.

Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on October 09, 2014, 01:15:15 AM
Today in German.  :wink:

Hallo liebe User

Es ist wieder so weit.
Das neue LiveSystem pro Projekt V1.0.4.2 (Beta) ist raus.

Die lange Pause wurde genutzt, um alle Projekte komplett zu überarbeiten.
Sämtliche Skripte wurden optimiert, verschlankt und sind nun in Deutsch und Englisch verfügbar.
Was sehr erfreulich ist: Das Win8PE-Projekt unterstützt nun Windows 8.1 und Windows 8.1update Versionen.
Der Builder läuft auf sämtlichen Hostsystemen von Windows XP bis Windows 81

Unser LiveSystem pro Builder verfügt nun über viele neue Funktionen und Befehle.
Erfreulich ist, dass die neue Builder-Version komplett ohne Dism oder Waik auskommt.
Das Bearbeiten der Wim-Dateien übernimmt jetzt die WimLib-Librarie.
Sie wurde komplett als fester Bestandteil über interne Befehle in den LiveSystem pro-Builder
Vielen Dank an Eric Biggers für das Umsetzen unserer Wünsche.
Neu ist auch, dass der Builder die Texte der Benutzeroberfläche in Deutsch und Englisch ausgibt.

Da 64 Bit heutzutage Standard ist, gibt es unseren LiveSystem pro-Builder jetzt auch in 64 Bit Version.
Die erste Version ist in diesem Beta-Projekt enthalten.

Da es sich noch um ein Beta Projekt handelt, kann es sein, dass sich zur Finalen-Version einige Dinge

verändern können, bzw, dass manche Features vielleicht noch nicht funktionieren.

Vielen Dank an MadMax, Bazii, MaineCoon und Feelgood für die unzähligen Stunden, die für das Testen investiert wurde.

Dank auch an TheOven/Martt für die gute Vorlage und an JFX für seine tollen Tools.

LiveSystem pro

- Deutsche Sprache hinzugefügt
- Treeview/Skript wechsel: Prüfung bei laufenden Skripten integriert
- enable script hinzugefügt

- Befehl: Wim,Info hinzugefügt
- Befehl: Wim,InfoEdition hinzugefügt
- Befehl: Wim,Extract,Image hinzugefügt
- Befehl: Wim,Extract,File hinzugefügt
- Befehl: Wim,Extract,FileList hinzugefügt
- Befehl: Wim,Create,hinzugefügt
- Befehl: retrieve, resstring, Fehler behoben
- Befehl: SetReqFile hinzugefügt
- Befehl: ReqFile hinzugefügt
- IniWrite unterstützt ab sofort #$x
- tVar unterstützt nun kommas
- copyfile hinzugefügt
- ProcessElement und Progressbar Fehler behoben
- Befehl: CopyFile hinzugefügt
- Befehl: System,GETFREEPEInitNo, Parameter für Sektion hinzugefügt
- Befehl: FileSetAttrib, erweitert und Parameter für rekrusive hinzugefügt
- Befehl: pack,decompress, hinzugefügt, .Zip und .7z wird unterstützt
- Befehl: pack,compress, hinzugefügt, .Zip wird unterstützt
- Variable %os% für Win 10 hinzugefügt
- Variable: %ProcessMode% um Parameter 2 erweitert
- Befehl: Interface, Fehler behoben


Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on October 10, 2014, 12:03:56 AM
Google Translate:

Hello dear users

It's that time again.
The new Live system per project V1.0.4.2 (beta) is out.

The long break was used to completely rework all projects.
All scripts have been optimized, streamlined and are now available in German and English.
What is very pleasing: The Win8PE project now supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1update versions.
The builder runs on all host systems from Windows XP to Windows 81

Our live system per Builder has added many new features and commands.
It is encouraging that the new Builder version manages completely without Dism or Waik.
Editing the Wim files now takes over the WimLib-Librarie.
It was completely an integral part of internal commands in the live system per-Builder
Many thanks to Eric Biggers for the implementation of our desires.
Also new is that the builder outputs the text of the user interface in German and English.

Since 64 bit is standard these days, there are our live system per-Builder now available in 64 bit version.
The first version is included in this beta project.

Since this is still a beta project, it may be that the finals version some things

can change, or that some features might not work.

Many thanks to MadMax, Bazii, MaineCoon and Feelgood for the countless hours that went for testing.

Thanks also to TheOven / Martt for the good template and at JFX for his great tools.

Live system per

- Added German language
- Treeview / script change: Testing integrated in current scripts
- Enable script added

- Command: Wim info added
Wim added, info Edition: command -
- Command: Wim, Extract, Image Added
- Command: Wim, Extract, File added
- Command: Wim added, Extract, File List
- Command: Wim, Create, added
- Command: retrieve, resstring, Fixed
- Command: SetReqFile added
- Command: ReqFile added
- IniWrite now supports $ # x
- TVar now supports commas
Added copy file -
- Process element and Progressbar Fixed
- Command: Copy File added
Added system GETFREEPEInitNo, parameters for Section: command -
- Command: FileSetAttrib, expanded and added parameters for rekrusive
- Command: pack, decompress, added .Zip and is .7z support
- Command: pack, compress, added .Zip is supported
Added variable% os% for Win 10 -
Expands%% Process Mode to Parameter 2: Variable -
- Command: interface, bug fixes



put a google translate Kare, it will work  :wink:

First Time  :tongue: , build work fine out of box  :great:

See You
Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on February 12, 2015, 11:00:15 PM

This is it. The official version of the live system pro V is out.
Numerous improvements have been incorporated as well as error has been eliminated.

Many scripts and tools are now up to date.
The new version of Wimlib is also included, it is again 15% faster than the old version.
Some tools have been completely rewritten.

A new PENetwork script from MaineCoon now adorns our Multi7PE and Win8PE project.
There are now many adjustment possibilities. Thank you for your work.

The whole base project is now very slim and only has a size of 27 MB.
Thanks to MadMax, MaineCoon, Bazii and FeelGood for improving the projects.

Live System pro
- Command: Error accessing rights RegRead fixed.
- StringRemoveSpace function enhances
- Fixed a bug in script imports
- Progress indicator Fixed bug
- Fixed update, project, problem with Icon -
- Regexists, Error with permission.
- Fixed command if-then mi problem with "character

Translate with Google  :wink:

Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on February 13, 2015, 01:41:13 AM
A new PENetwork script from MaineCoon now adorns our Multi7PE and Win8PE project.
There are now many adjustment possibilities. Thank you for your work.

The whole base project is now very slim and only has a size of 27 MB.
Thanks to MadMax, MaineCoon, Bazii and FeelGood for improving the projects.

And Thanks to Holger for new Penetwork, and Thanks to Chris for Penetwork 0.58.2,
and Always Thanks to Chris, JFX for Multi7PE SE, Win7PESE, Win8PESE, Win81SE
............... ah Kare ......

I will test this things when you start to support extracted wim folders at preconfig (Follow Win81SE),
 till than, looks nicer than before  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on May 03, 2015, 02:21:34 AM
Dear LiveSystem pro user

It's that time again. LiveSystem pro V is ready.

In short, the most important new features:

The last LSP project had many virus messages. In the new version has been taken,
that virus scanners no longer often strike. .exe Files had to be changed for this reason.

PE2USB is now available in version Various message boxes when creating a stick no longer occur.

In WinXPE project there is a new hive-sif.exe. This file has been further optimized.
They needed instead of the 22 seconds Processing time only 8 seconds.
The basic project is now completed in under a minute.

The Win8PE project now copes well with Windows sources that involve a Install.esd.
The file is processed directly, and another convert not needed.

Live system per
- Bug RegWrite MULTI_SZ un EXPAND_SZ
- Command: System,GetFreeSpace added
- command: System SetPeinit added
- Command: System GetDriveType added
- Command: System GetFreePEinitNo removed
- Command: WebGet, added parameters for unknown file size

WinXPe project
- Eliminates virus messages in Hivesif.exe
- PE2USB.exe updated to version
- PE2USB script updated

Win7PE project

- WimLib updated to
- PENetwork script updated.
- Base File Extra script updated
- PE2USB: updated to version

Win8PE project
- bug in audio script fixed
- WimLib updated to
- Win8.0 Startup init bug fixed.
- Win8.0 SidebySide integrated
- PE2USB, updated to version
- PENetwork script updated.
- Support Install.ESD added
- Variable %InstallWim% added
- Driver Integration Win81 64-bit Fixed
- Fixed TCP / IP Registry Compatibility, Error fixed
- WOW64 script macros removed 6-10 seconds faster.

Thanks to MadMax, MaineCoon, Bazii and FeelGood for their tireless efforts.

Translate with google.

Title: Re: News
Post by: CD-RW on February 17, 2016, 08:05:29 AM

A new update from our LiveSystem pro project is finished.

What's New ?

the Windows 10 project is included. Based on the project of SPSTAR and ChrisR. Thanks a lot for this.

In almost all areas, there were changes.
For example, The Update Center would improve.
Now to each Script descriptions displayed.
PEInit scored No extra commands and parameters.
PE2USB can now also format FAT32 partitions.
Projectname from Multi7PE_SE to Win7PE changed.
The complete package with 4 projects only has a size of 22 MB.

LiveSystem pro
- Read interface variables, variable resolution removed
- Eliminated InireadPos error.
- Internal Variables% Year%,% month%,% day% removed
- Command: Time, Hour, minutes, second removed
- command: system GetDate / GetTime added
- command: CopyFile / ReqFile, parameters, 2
- PE2USB, FAT32 is supported


Translate with google

Title: Re: News
Post by: ChrisR on February 18, 2016, 12:25:16 AM
Hi Kare,
I thought to see it earlier. Well done, nice rewriten for LSP :thumbsup: even if I prefer the original PESE.
Some things seen:

In english [Interface], it remained Win8, you can change with:
Code: [Select]
ptextlabel1=Press the "Start" button to run the project and enjoy.,10,0,Default,7,18,480,20
pTextLabel2=You need some good MULTI-PE-COMPATIBLE scripts with more options that you may customize? Share your ideas with us or do it by yourself. WinPE scripts are easy to build and to use with LiveSystem pro!,10,0,Default,9,51,524,60
pTextLabel3=Official Website:,11,0,,7,130,110,20
pTextLabel4=Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation:,11,0,Bold,10,180,250,20
ptextlabel5=Developer: ,11,0,Default,7,290,80,20

//English (United States) LTSB x86:
//pWebLabel2=,Windows 10 x86 English,0,Web,10,240,250,20
//English (United States) 10586 x86:
pWebLabel2=,Windows 10 x86 English,0,Web,10,240,250,20
//English (United States) LTSB x64:
//pWebLabel3=,Windows 10 x64 English,0,Web,10,220,250,20
//English (United States) 10586 x64:
pWebLabel3=,Windows 10 x64 English,0,Web,10,220,250,20,Kare-net,0,Web,90,292,60,20

ptextlabel6=Based of Win10PE_SE (TheOven),8,0,Bold,330,330,180,16
pcheckbox1=True,Updates messages on,0,0,7,330,180,18

In WowWin10-I.txt, you should replace \de-DE\ by \??-??\

In PreConfig, it seems to me that extracting en-US must be more complete for some localized Windows 10
eg: en-GB, it uses many en-US .mui files that does not exist in en-GB folder.

And for working audio, I think it lacks some drivers registry keys in Driver hive

Title: Re: News
Post by: Lancelot on February 18, 2016, 01:06:54 AM
Hi Kare,
I thought to see it earlier. Well done, nice rewriten for LSP :thumbsup: even if I prefer the original PESE.
I feel after lots of pm  :lol:
 Open topics Kare, no need pm on development or rewriting.  :wink:

On my side, I follow rewritten duplicate of organizations  :tongue:

For example, The Update Center would improve.
nice to have an option at Utils\  :thumbsup:

- Internal Variables% Year%,% month%,% day% removed
- Command: Time, Hour, minutes, second removed
- command: system GetDate / GetTime added
I see you catch up recent updates, also follow old advices.
 I told you not to include % Year%,% month%,% day% ... when you start writing lsp   :tongue:
   Anyway, it is nice to see after 4 years   :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Still, following organizations:
to get lsp side by side with SE and Gena safely on same folder about 3 years.   :tongue: Follow:


(also hardcoded tools assignments)


(all your projects can use same sub folder %BaseDir%\Temp\LSP ...  this will unite LSP special)

and a cosmetic:

Well years pass slowly.  :wink:
 In the end I am sure all above will be, maybe after 4 more years  :tongue:

Good luck :turtle: