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Gena Support / Re: ExpEnvVar, MEDIA.DRIVE & BootDI HDD image.
« on: August 18, 2017, 10:35:18 PM »
Used Create ISO. These plugins:

G4D menu :

System Intel Haswell + Z87.

g4d 4.6a and no usb thumb drive attached - BSOD 7B
g4d 4.6a and usb thumb drive attached - BSOD 7B

g4d 4.5c and no usb  thumb drive attached - boots OK
g4d 4.5c and usb  thumb drive attached (first boot after starting up system) : BSOD 7F
g4d 4.5c and usb  thumb drive attached (subsequent start ups) : boots OK.

That is, if the system was shut down and then I start it up and try to boot from the ISO with a UFD attached  I get a BSOD.
But the system was booted OK from another windows or pe, then I restart the system and try to boot the ISO with a UFD attached , then it works OK.
Both the above with g4d 4.5c.

Gena Support / Re: ExpEnvVar, MEDIA.DRIVE & BootDI HDD image.
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:00:51 PM »
haven't had the time, I'll do it this week end.

... as much as I do :

- download Ribbon Disabler from here :

- boot to Win10PE SE and run that program

- save file explorerframe.dll from system32

- include that file in future builds ( I use Additional Files )

Since you will using the same ISO in future builds, this is a one time job.

I noticed that when I run Win10PE SE I can access/delete/rename any file on any partition.

I can't do that with regular Windows, lited windows, even Win7PE SE or GENA (I think).

Can I duplicate that 'feature' on a lited Windows 10 ?

Gena Support / Re: ExpEnvVar, MEDIA.DRIVE & BootDI HDD image.
« on: July 08, 2017, 01:17:49 AM »
with WinVBlock and  v0.4.6a 2016-12-24 of grub4dos, using wimboot I get the "Error: no tag file found". I need a small ISO thats why I use wimboot.


I'll try with createiso later.

Gena Support / Re: ExpEnvVar, MEDIA.DRIVE & BootDI HDD image.
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:27:16 PM »
If you use grub4dos to boot a GENA ISO and you get the "Error: no tag file found" message it could be due to grub4dos.

I was using v 0.4.6a 2016-12-24 of grub4dos on one of my systems and got that error. In fact GENA could not read the contents of the WinPE (CD) drive - it said unrecognised file system. I could not understand why. It worked OK on another system. Then it occured to me it might be grub4dos. When I installed grub4dos-0.4.5c-2016-01-18 it worked OK.

In fact the problem I mentioned here : might also be due to that.

grub4dos download :

I was getting the BSOD even without USB 3 drivers.

I'll try what you reco.

I had a GENA that was made from and it works OK in the Intel system. So I made the GENA mentioned above with that build. Only used the plugins mentioned above plus USB3 with small build. It works OK.

So, maybe, the Removable devices combo and/or DPs Mass Storage drivers are the cause. Can't be 100% sure :-) Edit : Or USB3.

I got a nice small 50MB GENA with ghost that I wanted. Thanks to The Oven. I boot to memory from a USB 2.0 UFD - larger ISOs take longer to load.

btw :  Removable devices combo is v23
 DPs Mass Storage drivers is v73
 USB3 is v9

I'm making a small wimboot Gena with only Ghost. Only plugins are :
 Removable devices combo
 DPs Mass Storage drivers

The PE was made on a AMD system where it runs fine. I boot from memory using grub4dos.

On a Intel (Haswell) system it runs OK. But if a USB flash drive is present when booting I get a BSOD 7F. Happens when booting from HDD or UFD.

What could be the reason?

Gena Support / Re: Reducing size of system32\MUI folder.
« on: June 21, 2017, 06:53:48 AM »
Because small build breaks some other programs.

Gena Support / Re: Reducing size of system32\MUI folder.
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:11:13 AM »
Ok, thanks. Forgot that.

Gena Support / Reducing size of system32\MUI folder.
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:13:00 AM »
Is there a way to reduce the size of the system32\MUI folder in GENA if the user only wants a English lang PE?
Just noticed it is 42MB. Trying to make a small GENA.

EDIT : If the PE is going to be used on relatively modern hardware, is it worth using the DPs Mass Storage drivers plugin?
EDIT1 : Yes DPs needed.

I wanted a easy way to enable/disable network connections.

SetIfaceState here :

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Warning : this program may not work for non-English Windows. It also has a few 'bugs'.

Is it better disable access to the internet when booting from a PE?

Is there any tool to indicate if your system is vulnerable to such malware ?

Plugins / Re: Still a new Mozilla Firefox plugin
« on: February 26, 2017, 03:13:59 AM »
I just updated the Win10PE SE I have and built a new Win10PESE_x86.ISO. Thanks.

I added the Firefox plugin v14 (v51.0 FF). If possible, please add a option to associate files ( .htm etc) with FF - like the Opera plugin does.

Sendto works OK.

Version 2.1 (23 Sep 2016)

    Minor modifications to the user interface.
    New action: Clear file list.
    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Plugins / Re: The BOOTICE thread (latest v1.3.3.2).
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:05:33 AM »
There appears to be a update v1.3.4 here :

If any one is a member there, please download and post links please.

◆ 2016.06.17 v1.3.4 test:
1, an emergency amendment under BCD intelligent editing mode WIM boot option to save the wrong question.

◆ 2016.06.01 v1.3.4 test:
1, Syslinux update to version 6.03.

◆ 2016.05.29 v1.3.4 test:
1, when the first amendment to restore MBR sector number error and not adjustable;
2, USB-HDD +, USB-ZIP +: fully consistent with UltraIso 9.6.5;
3, in the above system Win7 can drag and drop the normal;
4, the amendment BCD advanced editing mode, if not previously set a default item, the default setting error term;
5, Grldr.mbr, grldr.pbr updated to version 2016-4-26
6, Wee to update 2016-1-30
7, does not support the modification of grldr menu, and will not collapse;
8, changing the GPT partition hidden logic, using OEM way to hide;
9, if a GPT disk partition management will display its partition type;
10, if a GPT disk partition management can be modified and GUID partition properties;
11, to improve the BCD editing in smart mode SDI can edit files on the device and the path PE boot entry;
12, to improve the BCD editing functions, you can select the boot partition boot from VHD file in the editor VHD;

EDIT : might be a beta

not sure if this is a solution. long back when parted magic was freeware. i remember a similar error.

did you see a "vmalloc should be 32 mb greater than ..." error message  ?

i increased vmalloc=nnnMiB in syslinux.cfg and it worked. i had to rebuild the iso, i was booting via grub4dos.

Is Gena v2014.12.24 available on the server ?

( does not work  :smile:  )

The Wimboot of a Gena I made on 5-1-2015 seems to be more universal.
ref :

Works without memory mapping ( no --mem ). MEDIA.DRIVE not found though.

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