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Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: Today at 12:39:34 AM »
Hi ied206,

All Main Plugins ( script.project files ) updated (Gena ALL-SE Yomi...)

Added %TargetDir% and %ISOFile% to [Variables]

Code: [Select]

no need PEBakery - Settings - Projects - Project Path Setting:
Target Directory
ISO File

Similar settings on wb causes trouble time to time.
These are settings we do not want end user play with.
Project Admins do not provide such options to end uses, but options there. (Bad Design).
But since we can not control the availability of these settings following close source, they are there....
No need BAD design continue with PEBakery.  :great:

I will do arrangements for SourceDir so the same Tutorial will be valid for all builders and projects.

In the end, we will not need "Project Path Settings" at all.

Time...... slowly .....

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: get-disk cmdlet non-functional
« on: November 21, 2017, 01:02:31 PM »
Hi Tsjippy,

Do you have updated plugin from server..... ?

Overall, It will be better If you are sure you have the latest project from server with

Utils\Update ... (Exact and Secure) plugin ---> Update button


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:57:02 PM »
Hi ied206,

%ProjectTitle% deprecated now from all projects,
following plugins updated:

Win81SE\Finals\Enable PAE on Windows PE

Gena\Basic\ProgramFilesPE (v27)

Gena\Drivers\4 Storage\DPs-MassStorageDrivers_MSST
Gena\Drivers\6 Other\Driver Import PE
Gena\Drivers\6 Other\Driver Import PE AE

Gena\Finals\1 Optimizations\Multi Processor
Gena\Finals\1 Optimizations\BootScreen

Gena\Finals\2 Create Image\BootDI
Gena\Finals\2 Create Image\Create ISO
Gena\Finals\2 Create Image\WimBoot

Gena\Utils\Share Plugins

ALL-SE\Finals\Create ISO

Gena-Yomi\Utils\Plugin News

Yomi\Basic Project
Yomi\ShellG\PE Shell Swapper
Yomi\AppsGS\Virtualization\Paragon Virtualization Manager 9.5

ALL-Projects\VirtualTest\VMWare Emulation
ALL-Projects\VirtualTest\VirtualBox Emulation

no need %ProjectTitle% on PEBakery anymore.  :great:


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:09:53 PM »
Hi ied260,

Download latest Appetizer
Gena basic builds fine now with PEBakery  :thumbsup:

\Projects\Gena\Finals\0 RegFactory\RegFactory.script file
\Projects\Gena\Finals\0 RegFactory\ folder
(To avoid PEBakery reported bug -> Level=0 plugin on build ! )

What is the meaning of this? I hope it is not a quick of WB077, since investigating WB082 alone consumes too much time...
It is long story ... , Do not worry about such things.  :thumbsup:
PEBakery do not need to be a full wb082 or wb080 or wb077rc2 replacement.
There are lots of things with wb082 wb080 wb077rc2 that only slow down builds and not required at all.

Long story to short.....

I add such lines to relevant plugins
Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

PEBakery better not be a replacement to wb082 or wb080 or wb77rc2
Idea here at is always to build Projects fine and stable.  :great:
I already update more than 100 plugins on servers to get PEBakery compatible and smooth.  :wink:

What we will ask you about commands etc. is and will be only to get Project stable and things run smooth and better.
Sadly winbuilder developers had other ideas .....

Well that was the reason we create at first 7 years ago.  :wink:

There are lots of good builder features we missed because of using closed source builder,
 now with PEBakery we can continue development also at builder level.  :great:

JFX fixed CnlsTxtsetup.exe, now you can use Korean source  :thumbsup:

Galapo Replace FileByteExtract with Call,FileByteCheck ,-> FileByteExtract command deprecated (no need on PEBakery)  :thumbsup:

%ProjectTitle%Programs replaced with GenaPrograms to ease PEBakery tests (Gena\Basic\ProgramFilesPE)

Launcher.exe -> shows error at Stage2 15/15
when first launched without any cache files
Log do not show any info about what is happening at Stage2 15/15 !

PEBakery Missing: There is no log info about things when PEBakery first start.

PEBakery  Gena Appetizer build take  1 minute 26 seconds,
Wb077rc2 Gena Appetizer build take 2 minutes, 45 seconds

already ~ %100 (2x times) faster  :great:
and without any plugin cache.  :cool:

 :clap: :thumbup: :band: :ymca:

Further It will be easier to investigate other things with PEBakery using small Gena builds.  :great:

Hi sa mo,

as far as I remember, Windows10 DPI FIX ask for "restart" after applying changes which is not possible for a PE.

--> Downloads\AppYGS\System Tools\Debug\RegShot + Utils\RegCPE may help at this point ?!?!?

Still, I do not know if it works fine after Apply ? maybe you or Mikka can update topic about progress on Win10PESE ....


Plugins / Re: Double Driver Plugin - Crashing
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:35:31 AM »
Thanks sa mo

added 4.0 to plugin and plugin now adds both versions as default

Downloads\AppsYGS\System Tools\Double Driver


Plugins / Re: Plugin Creator
« on: November 18, 2017, 01:17:55 PM »
Hi bob.omb

I feel you could figure out by now ???

Out of topic: I wonder If you can figure out where donate button is
Where is the donate button? =)
Tell them, If you find it :wink:
better respond donate button to  :wink:


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 18, 2017, 01:12:22 PM »
Hi ied206,

I need to work on Korean support.... probably on another topic later...

For now, since we are here to support PEBakery,
Test with: W2003 Enterprise English x86 (x13-05665)

Gena\Utils\Download Source
1) W2003_Enterprise_English_x86
2) Set Source CD
( this will download x13-05665.img and extract )
3) Play

BuildGena.exe with W2003 Enterprise English x86 (x13-05665) works fine here.
Than with PEBakery I get mouclass.sys not found -> halt

Further test this:
Code: [Select]

wb gives Success
PEBakery gives Failure

I feel you can figure out faster than I can.....?

We can deprecate StrFormatType,ShortPath in future.
 But for today I do not have time to check and update all related plugins.
Just put warning saying "StrFormatType,ShortPath will be depracted in future" to log
so we will remember, update plugins and remove in some far future.  :thumbsup:

We must keep this...
Long story to short:
 It is a result of evolution starting with FileCopy,
   Evolution now can continue with PEBakery  :thumbsup: to get faster SE builds...
 First things first, CopyOrExpand.  :great:


Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: gimagex
« on: November 18, 2017, 12:24:44 PM »
Is it possible to get a plugin from the utils directory to the working directories?

You can start to create your own Gimagex plugin with
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed)


Plugins / Re: Double Driver Plugin - Crashing
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:18:20 AM »
Hi bob.omb

That is one of the reasons we include Procmon plugin on ALL projects.
Apps\System Tools\Debug\Sysinternals Process Monitor (Procmon)

Tip: there are some ready Filters

I only check application work fine before put to server, additional options of applications requires feedback.

When you figure out, Let us know missing dependencies with Double Driver to get "self extracting executable" work.


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 18, 2017, 04:13:24 AM »
Hi ied206,

send me Windows XP_x86_cd_x14-92431.iso through pm

and send me log of failures so I can compare..

I guess CoprOrExpand added. ?

It means if a plugin file is modified on-the-fly on build, PEBakery cannot recognize the change.
Is there any plugin uses modify-on-the-fly pattern in SE?
If not, PEBakery can use memory-cached plugins safety with very fast speed.

There are some rare cases......

It is easy to update such plugins for PEBakery following your active development.  :wink:

Remember Reply 2:

We need a new PEBakery command
I feel


so when a plugin changes other plugin etc. , we can add line:
Code: [Select]
or when we add a new plugin to project we can add same line
\Downloads\ComponentsY\PXE Support - Plugin Download
after Line 77 :
Code: [Select]

or when we add a new set of plugins to a folder we can use:
Code: [Select]

System,ReScan --> add/remove/reload plugin(s) to project tree (+cache)
So shortly, it is a command to add/remove/reload things to database (memory, sql etc.)

===> This way "memory plugin caching" always enabled with PEBakery  :wink:

for all cases, it is faster than wb System,RESCANSCRIPTS which scans all project folder  :wink:

Such command is something we miss due to closed source ended development with wb  :wink:

I can not test for now, I have to go. Tonight or Tomorrrow....


Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: MBR2GPT
« on: November 18, 2017, 03:12:39 AM »
Hi All,

New plugin on server.

Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi
1a) Update \Downloads\ - Update Download list

Thanks snabel93 for the news.  :thumbsup:

Thanks bob.omb
nice tutorial
I just add link to PC Packed page Create Empty Blank plugin: Create New Empty plugin:

After getting "New Plugin" work fine:
9) Rename plugin filename (Ex: MBR2GPT_snabel93.Script )
10) Change title inside plugin: [Main] Title= (ex: Title=MBR2GPT snabel93)
11) Than press Refresh button on top right of builder

Thanks APT for the weblink.  :thumbsup:


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:42:50 AM »
Hi ied206,

I just updated Macro Library (v43.r91) to avoid warning with DirDeleteE  :wink:


I am using black icons for simplicity of development
I agree.  :thumbsup:

Let cosmetics be last, I am sure others (ChrisR, JFX, Galapo and public) can participate more about icons etc. when things work better and faster.
I have lots of ideas for many tests to be made....

Sadly this is the lowest free time I have through year...... Still I will try to catch as much as I can.  :thumbsup:
Maybe Summer time coming to Galapo..


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:36:38 PM »
Hi ied206,

CopyOrExpand - Command [CopyOrExpand] is deprecated

We need CopyOrExpand command for Gena.....

In fact it is a simple command,
%99 this used
%0.8 this used

very rarely (%0.2)
Explorer Plugin.

ex1 explanation:

copy %Source_Win%\WINLOGON.EXE if there is such file
if there is no such file
expand %Source_Win%\WINLOGON.EX_ to %Target_Sys%

If there is no WINLOGON.EXE OR WINLOGON.EX_ --> Error

CopyOrExpand -> Expand command uses same internals with windows expand.exe (extract cab compressed files)

During a cheated Gena test other things I notice:

Warning            StrFormat - Command [StrFormatType,ShortPath] is deprecated

ShortPath is rare command required to extract some .msi files on some plugins....

I feel it is easier to implement to PEBakery than we creating a replacement Macro ?

Set also used (rarely) to add Macro
Set - Invalid variable name [MenuAdd_GRUB]

ex macro: Add_Shortcut,

logic is same with variables.  :wink:

Add Macro to [Variables] or do with a command

Build\1 - Copy Files

should both work.

Error              Exec - The given key was not present in the dictionary. (If,ExistFile,%PrepPEGenScript%,Exec,%PrepPEGenScript%,Process

If Exec, not implemented to PEBakery, here is the explanation:

Different than Run, command:
Exec, first reads [Interface] and [Variables] of target plugin and Runs...
After Exec, all variables during process of other plugin deleted.
ex: You can not get variable of other plugin.

With other words:
Exec, do exactly same thing builder do during build of each plugin, only section selected.
(and keep in mind, both builder and Exec, reads [Main] Interface= value to decide reading [Interface] section)

We rarely use Exec since I discovered Exec, is very slower than Run, ... Still sometimes we must use it.

command do not end plugin, it wait to the end of plugin.
Halt should stop build without processing next line.

Download latest Gena Appetizer

\Projects\Gena\Finals\0 RegFactory\RegFactory.script file
\Projects\Gena\Finals\0 RegFactory\ folder
(To avoid PEBakery reported bug -> Level=0 plugin on build ! )

see how things go....
(you will get mouclass.sys not found since CopyOrExpand not working now)

Gena Basic (Appetizer) is very small and build is very fast compared to any SE.
I always use Gena during some development tests with my available low free time.
It will be much easier and faster to Debug PEBakery with Gena......

For now, waiting for next version....

See You

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:21:17 PM »
Hi ied206,

when I put project (plugins) to ramdrive,
Interface change works in both cases.  :wink:

But still, I can reproduce interface change bug on normal disk.

after pressing the button (or after pressing "Build") ,

PEBakers waits a lot of time before starting.

See Movie:

I move mouse over circle ..... when clicked first time to only show PEBakery waits a lot time before starting....

ps: I used only Utils\Downloads plugin on movie since it should be very very fast to change interface of Utils\Downloads plugin when pressing "a" button.


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:47:47 AM »
Hi ied206,

small bug,

enable .link file do not work when clicked "Build"

ex: halt plugin on one of previous post

ps: I will continue posting when things found...

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:45:55 AM »
Hi ied260,

My Laptop:

Asus N56VZ S4402H Notebook

Intel Core i7-3630QM
# of Cores 4
Max Turbo Frequency 3.40 GHz
Processor Base Frequency 2.40 GHz
Cache 6 MB SmartCache

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000  (2112 MB)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M  (4 GB)

HGST HTS541010A9E680  (1 TB, 5400 RPM, SATA-III)

Total: 16 GB
+ 6 GB used for RamDrive
+ 5.7 GB always free

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language - x64
Version 10.0.15063

+ No AntiVirus (Defender Disabled)


Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:35:42 AM »
Hi ied260,

Asus laptop hd ( hdd 5200 rpm I guess) ,
 i7 cpu
Win10x64 host (1706 I guess...)

I will give more info and more test
 (project at ramdrive , cpu check ...) when I get back home.

It maybe good idea to see ms ( miliseconds ) between each command on PEBakery log window to figure out such things...


Plugins / Re: Genie Backup Home 9.0
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:12:43 AM »

That is the reason of many plugins available on servers and topics.
People spend time on Apps they like, create plugins, and share....

You need to spend some little time to learn plugin syntax through other available working Apps plugins.

PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed) and other Development Plugins only give you a good start providing working plugin.
Rest is on your hands.

Have fun.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 15, 2017, 11:32:46 AM »

we always instruct users to click "Big Blue Play" button

It will nice to have a "Big Blue Play" button instead of "Big Dark Build" button so we do not need to update tutorials.  :wink:

Good Night.....

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