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My question was, Before boot into WinPE, is there a way to export the key from C drive and import into WinPE.

Noone has ever done it that I have seen.  From my understanding the registry loads before anything else can run.

If you wanted to run something before WinPE runs that is a different arena, and in that arena i assume registry tools may not exist to read from one and write to another.

There is no ready solution available but if you work on something like this it would be helpful for the community..
Indeed the answer that Lancelot gave above is exactly what I was looking for. Using letterSwap solved the problem. I was annoyed that each time I boot into WinPE, The drive letters of the devices (HD/SSD/DVD ...)  were changed randomly. letterSwap was put in the registry as RunOnce at WinPE startup, Read the registry from Host OS and reassign the Drive Letters to match the host PC. Anyway, thanks for your help, it's just a misunderstading between my question and your answer.

Thank you for the solution, when adding letterSwap to the project, The Drive Letters synchronized correctly except one ie. I have a 32GB SDRAM plugged in and assigned it to drive letter Z. Somehow, letterSwap does not like this letter and re-assign it to a different one. If I went back and re-assign to a different letter ex. P then everything mapped correctly.

Thank you and greatly appreciated.

My apology that I was not clear on my question. I have no problem export the registry key and build the script to import into WinPE. My question was, Before boot into WinPE, is there a way to export the key from C drive and import into WinPE . For example, set up a Autorun, use "reg export" to read the key then use "reg import" to import into WinPE so that the mounted devices will match with the PC you boot from.

I've already told you that's exactly what I did in post #2, you did not tell me anything different. I even attached the script for you to see and you didn't even bother to look.
Anyway, thanks.

It should be fair to go on the assumption that you already know how to use a registry editor.  <=== How to export a registry key into a .reg file

As I said before what you are trying to do will not work well at all.  Try using the Letterswap Plugin or CD X: Y: plugin.
Again you misunderstood my question. It's not how to export the registry. What key are you referring to in your step  1 ????

If you put registry keys in a plugin then they are permanently inside the WIM and will load during each boot on any machine you boot the image on...  if you added them correctly, your problem is not with the keys being loaded properly, those keys are probably specific to what hardware is plugged in therefore will only work for that one machine.

Open regedit and search for the keys you added, they will be there......

What you are trying to do is not going to work, you cannot copy mounted devices and move to different hardware with it..
That's the whole reason why I created this thread and may be I misunderstood your previous post. In step 1, you said: Export the Key to a reg file,
what key are you referring to ? is it: KHLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices  from local PC ? If so then that's what I did.
What you are trying to do is not going to work, you cannot copy mounted devices and move to different hardware with it..
FYI, I did try to boot WinPE in another PC and all the HD/SSD drive mapped correctly except the Removable and DVD were not.

Here's the script, if you want to try it:

You can either mount the WIM with DISM and remote edit the registry inside the WIM, -or- you can use RegCPE in the Utils section of the project to convert the keys for use in a plugin.

To remote edit: (Example is with the SOFTWARE hive)

1.) Export your keys to a .reg file and Use DISM to mount your WIM
2.) Open Regedit.exe
3.) Click and highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
4.) Select File>Load Hive from the menubar
5.) Navigate to the hive you wish to edit in the WIM - MOUNTFOLDER\Windows\System32\config\SOFTWARE ---> use the name ---> tmp_SOFTWARE)
6.) Edit the .reg file you exported with the keys you want to add so that the key path is changed from SOFTWARE to tmp_SOFTWARE
7.) Double click the reg file to add it.
8.) Click and highlight main tmp_SOFTWARE key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
9.) Select File>Unload Hive
10.) Unmount WIM and commit changes


Second method RegCPE:

1.) Export keys to a .reg file
2.) Open your PESE project
3.) At the bottom of your project list open Utils>RegCPE
4.) Leave all the default settings
5.) Select the folder icon to load a .reg file
6.) click Goooo Reg file
7.) Copy the code and paste it into your plugin.

THat's exactly what I did. Export the Key, Use RegCPE, edit and add into the script. This works only on the PC that I am building the Win PE.
But that's not what I want. I want to dynamically export/import at boot time so it would work on any PC.

The key in question is:

By importing this Key into WinPE, All drive letters assigned in Local machine will be assigned correctly in WinPE.

So how do I do it in the script to import the whole content of this key ? and can it be done before boot into WinPE ?


Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: 1-Pins question
« on: January 26, 2018, 05:48:32 AM »
I went back and recofigure Start10 to show 10 items on start menu + 10 items on taskbar. I updated the post & screen shot above.
No, I don't want to use Add_Recent because it will overwrite what I want on Start Menu when I run a new program so I did not create any extra plugin except just copy your 1-pin and rename it to 2-pin. All credit belong to you for your hard work.
Thanks  :thumbsup:

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: 1-Pins question
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:46:05 AM »
Thank you @Lancelot.
As stated in the first post, I had 6 items pinned to Start Menu, 4 items to Taskbar, I can use Add_pin to add 6 more items to taskbar, I made a mistake not putting #$s for spaces so it did not work. So at least I can add 6 more items to the taskbar.

However, my final solution is to make a copy of your 1-pin and called it 2-pin. In 1-pin, I can add 10 items to pin to Start Menu with recent item disabled, In 2-pin I can add another 10 items for the taskbar so in total, I can get 20 items for both Start Menu and Taskbar. So at least I get a pretty clean desktop. For additional Items, I can add them to the right click context menu if needed and still have a clean desktop.
Here's a screen shot:

Win10PE SE HomePage / 1-Pins question
« on: January 25, 2018, 02:42:42 AM »
Using 1-Pins plugin, I added 6 Items to Start Menu and 4 Items to Taskbar, total = 10 and that's the limit I can do with 1-Pins.
I tried to pin some more items to the taskbar using Add_pin starting order: 5, I can see it lists in WIN10.cfg but it does not work.

Is this the max I can only pin 10 items for both Start Menu and Taskbar ???

Please advise.

Is there language definition file that I can import into notepad++ to edit .script file ? The same color scheme etc.. as seen when clicking on source tab within WinBuilder.

EDIT: Found it:

Thanks for the response.
Yes, I know desktop is not available, that's why I get a message: desk.cpl Class not Registered
and I don't know how to register a .cpl file. Under Windows 10, if you run Win+R->desk.cpl, you'd get the "Display Settings"

The reason I asked because I installed: Dream Aquarium Screen Saver and when exit, the Display is set to the default 1024X768 and my setting is 1280X800, also the taskbar disappears.

Second problem is: Recovery App. There no way to exit accept to right click->Task Manager and kill the App but then lost screen background.

However, I resolved the issue using pecmd.exe as followed:
pecmd wall X:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg & pecmd kill recenv.exe & pecmd disp DISP W1280 H800 B32 F70

And create a right click context menu (Reset Display):

Win10PE SE HomePage / Add "Display Settings" To right click context menu
« on: January 20, 2018, 11:59:20 PM »
As the title said: How ?

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Choice.exe not available in WinPE
« on: January 19, 2018, 01:54:22 AM »
choice.exe added to CMD Adds plugin.

also added to Macro Library (v43 r105 )

Download latest "CMD Adds" plugin and "Macro Library" plugin, see if all works ok ?

Great, Thank you  :thumbsup:

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Choice.exe not available in WinPE
« on: January 18, 2018, 08:05:41 PM »
Yes, you can add it to the list.

Thanks and yes, I know that you can add to the list. However, Lancelot is the author of the plugin and I think it would be easier for him to do it. If not, I can try doing it myself.

EDIT: OK, I went ahead and added  "choice.exe" in CMD Adds.
@Lancelot, Do you want me to upload this ? Thanks

Win10PE SE HomePage / Choice.exe not available in WinPE
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:19:55 PM »
I need to run a bat file in WINPESE. There's a list of commands under Components->CMD Adds and choice.exe is not included.
Can we add it to the list ? This request is for @Lancelot since you are the author of the plugin.
Would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks !!!

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Call Macro
« on: January 15, 2018, 07:29:33 PM »
The reason I posted earlier was, I was looking at Macro_library.script where all the Call's were defined
and Script.project where most Variables were defined.

For: Call, TargetAppData  =====> defined in Windows 10 as %AppData% which is consistent
For: Call, TargetLocalSettingsAppData   ====> %LocalAppData% which is not consistent and that's why I had hard time finding it.

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Call Macro
« on: January 15, 2018, 12:17:54 PM »
See Call Topic at
Macro Library
Great, That's what I was looking for. I was using: %LocalAppData%=%TargetDir%\Users\Default\AppData\Local

instead of: Call,TargetLocalSettingsAppdata

However, It would have been nice if it was defined as: Call,TargetLocalAppdata so it is consistent with Windows Environment variable.

Thank You  :thumbsup:

Win10PE SE HomePage / Call Macro
« on: January 14, 2018, 03:23:40 PM »
In some plugins, there's a macro: Call,TargetAppdata
which will load a variable %TargetAppdata%.
In my case: E:\W10P\Target\Win10PESE\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming

Is there a similar Macro for TargetLocalAppdata ?

Try these:
// Required to display menu screen
// required for System Restore.
//required for Startup Repair.

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