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Research and questions / Acronis True Image Home 2012 Notes
« on: August 27, 2011, 08:52:57 AM »
Not exactly sure where this belongs.  Feel free to move if not correctly located.

The following are just a few notes for any developers or others who may be working on scripts for the newly released 2012 version of the Acronis True Image Home (TIH) backup and recovery utility.

1) TIH 2012 uses a new and different registry [CurrentControlSet] set-up for its drivers and filters. In particular, the UpperFilters entries for Class\{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and Class\{71A27CDD-812A-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F} are now "fltsrv" instead of "snapman" and the fltsrv service needs to be added accordingly.  That new arrangement is backward compatibile with some other Acronis apps (e.g., DiskDirector 2011) but not vice versa. So you'll need to ensure that it takes precedence over any previous Acronis utility inclusions in your PE builds.

2) For creating a 64-bit WinPE build, you need to use the version-matched fltsrv.sys, snapman.sys and snapapi.dll files from an existing full TIH 2012 installation under an actual x64 Windows OS. The 32-bit files that are included in the Acronis Plus Pack (or BartPE download) won't work, of course.

3) I've contacted Acronis directly about an error on line 63 in the [SetupReg.AddReg] section of their BartPE acronis.inf file:

0x4, "ControlSet001\Services\fltsrv", "Group", "PnP Filter"
should be
0x1, "ControlSet001\Services\fltsrv", "Group", "PnP Filter"

Unless they have now corrected that mistake in their downloads, any attempt to use 0x4 (dword) for adding a registry string will result in a fatal error in the WinPE build process.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 13, 2011, 07:17:20 AM »
Hi Richard, (...) I've created an FTP account for you to use which gives root access to the domain. (... etc ...)

I have received your follow-up personal message requesting my support on your own server set-up and I'm responding in public view here to avoid any further distortions of my posted offers in your behind-closed-doors decision processes.

In view of your handling of my original offer I can scarcely believe that you would have the unmitigated gall to make any such personal request.  If you really are unable to perceive any misconduct in that handling by yourself or others, you must be one of the most obtuse and unprincipled people I have had the misfortune to encounter in a very long time.

To answer your request directly, I can only say that I would never again be so foolish as to make any effort to assist you in any way at all.  Leaving the involvement of all other personalities aside, I could never rely on your own ethical integrity.  If you swore your commitments on a stack of bibles ten feet high, it is quite apparent that you would still see no problem in overriding all of them five minutes later to put in place your own polar opposite to the original.  I would sooner trust a snake to be true to its advertised intentions.

The crowning irony, of course, is that this board is replete with postings accusing other people of lies and deceitful behaviour!

You will kindly remove from your server forthwith any and all FTP account access that you have added there for myself.  I want no such privileged access at any level.  God only knows how that situation might get distorted and misrepresented in some future "reconsiderations" under private cover!

P.S.: I will, of course, honour my own promise to provide a downloadable scripts package in due course.  You needn't worry about that.  Short of force majeure I would never renege on any such given commitment.  But I require no special access to your server for that purpose, and it will have to await final close-out action on my own set-up.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 10, 2011, 02:18:05 PM »
I'm back and have received your latest personal message --  without any clear med results yet in answer to your question.

However, your PM response is NOT a reply to my offer at all.  In fact, it makes it quite obvious, if it wasn't already, that all the previous talk about domain name choices and exclusionary closed-door discussions about "how best to accept" the offer that I made were merely flim-flam, although I'm willing to concede the possibility that it may have involved a lot of innocent naiveté in your case and ChrisR's.  And perhaps in my own case as well, for that matter, although I've had some very strong reservations from the outset for reasons I won't bother to reiterate.

What I offered was a "reseller" server set-up (without charges) whereby each "client" would be free to exercise total control over a project domain of his own choosing and all of its associated server resources commensurate with the corresponding scope of his own responsibilities.  My reasons for that very carefully considered offer were manifold, not least among which was my concern for individual freedom of action (apparently a very scary concept for some people) and easy "take-backs" in the event of the primary owner's (my own) demise or incapacitation for any reason.  At the same time, it most certainly does also include many possibilities for "consolidation" and appropriate delegation, which alleged concerns now appear to have replaced "naming" as the cover story for third party objections and obfuscation.

Given my direct links to the source info, it is exceedingly difficult to account for such evident misunderstandings as have subsequently arisen except as a deliberate ploy on someone's part. Nevertheless, and despite your (and ChrisR's) earlier encouraging expressions of satisfaction when speaking for yourselves, your most recent response is, in fact, a demand for a very different server set-up -- one that departs radically from what I actually offered, and one that would place the primary server domain (or the equivalent called by some other name) entirely under someone else's control.

Once again we seem to be into some double-speak nomenclature games here.  Regardless of what you call it, it is someone else's control over the parent domain for ALL current projects and ALL potential future admissions (or rejections) and ALL of their common resources, including across-the-board censorship thereof, that is at issue.  As I have made very clear to you (and others) on numerous occasions, that is entirely out of the question.  Generosity is one thing; utterly irresponsible stupidity is quite another.  I wouldn't consider any such imposition of "full-spectrum dominance" for a moment, not even if that "someone else" were you yourself and/or your designated alter ego.  To the contrary, your own ill-judged example of domain resource (non-)management and oversight merely adds to my steadfast and unalterable determination in that respect.

In a word, my answer is NO!  The "offer" that you now say you might just possibly be prepared graciously to accept from me was never an offer in the first place.

I shall continue to await ChrisR's independent(?) reply until the end of the current month prior to taking final closure action on the existing transitional set-up, although I fully expect, based on his prior answers, that Chris will also continue to subordinate his own interests to those of the same allegedly retired ("final decisions are all Galapo's") real decision maker in all policy and other matters here.

Congratulations to the only "winner" of this sad exercise, as he will no doubt perceive it.  It may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory, however.  As history has shown repeatedly, self-aggrandisement through the vilification of others and other such myopic negativism, although its self-excusing and self-justifying aspects may temporarily attract some disciples, is seldom a sustainable power base in the long run, much to the sorrow of both the participants themselves and the victims of their scapegoating in the interim.

And that's it for me.  As a final "goodwill gesture" on my part, I would be willing to package up for you or Chris on request, to use in any way either of you may see fit, all of the PHP scripts and other transitional preparatory work that I've already done.  But, with that, more in sorrow than in anger, except with myself for being a complete fool, I'm finished with this whole sorry charade.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 08, 2011, 07:20:20 AM »
Okay.  If any further follow-up is required from me, it may be delayed briefly as some GP-ordered med procedures necessitate my absence from home base, hopefully not more than a day or two.

Sorry to hear about your wife's difficulties.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 06, 2011, 12:14:01 PM »
Well, this is very strange.  I don't normally quote people's personal messages, but the following very brief extracts from just a couple of the PMs sent to me by ChrisR and Galapo will suffice, perhaps, as general indicators of their own individual responses heretofore:

PM from ChrisR - Sent to: Arvy on: July 22, 2011, 11:50:08 AM
J'ai accepté ton offres trés généreuses et je suis trés heureux du sous-domaine que tu as proposé et construit.
(Translation: I have accepted your very generous offer and I am very happy with the subdomain that you have proposed and built.)

PM from Galapo - Sent to: Arvy on: July 29, 2011, 04:10:42 PM
(...) I am absolutely fine with whatever you decide. (...) I am happy with the setup you have done at virtech and it does everything I require for the Gena project. :happy:

Both did also indicate, however, that the mutual "co-developer" of both their WinPE projects (i.e., Lancelot) was continuing to insist in private discussions with them (from which I was excluded) that both of their subdomains should reside under a common CWCodes primary domain.  So, reluctantly, I accepted that further request from them while also making it clear that the primary domain for ANY server for which I am legally and financially responsible MUST be under my own control.

PM from Arvy - Sent to: Galapo on: July 31, 2011, 06:28:47 PM
In order to meet the "triumvirate's" wishes half way (actually I feel I've already gone much more than half way) I have today created a domain server set-up.  If you wish, you may "attach" your domain to that (or not) as you see fit, using either redirection or DNS registration entries with your registrar.

Since then, I have not received any further reponses at all from either Chris or Galapo, neither here nor via this board's PM facility.  That has left me (understandably, I think) in a quandary and very much perplexed by the role being played by their "co-developer" in all of this, especially since he had earlier announced his own retirement.  One can't help wondering if it might not be related to his closing comment in another blocked forum thread here:

(...) life goes quite peacefully here for a ~year now since there naturally can not (sic) be discussion between people who share similar goals.
Topic is now locked, At theoven we make constructive discussions that ends with decisions, fixes, enhancements etc. , Instead of forking post to annoy others or to create endless discussions. This normally do not happen here due to good nature of theoven well written above, and from now on such next attempt would be removed without notice. (Emphasis added.)

It would appear that he regards at least some "discussion between people who share similar goals" as annoyances, and exercises complete authority and control over this domain to deal with such "annoyances" in any way he sees fit.  If that is the vision for any server domain or resource for which I am responsible, let me make it abundantly clear here and now, if it isn't already, that it's entirely out of the question.  If any such broad absolute admissions, rejections and censorship control has now been introduced as a condition for acceptance what was to be a very simple server resources offer on my part, I guess the deal is off.  But, to give Chris a chance to speak for himself, I'll continue to await clarification until the end of vacations in France.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 05, 2011, 02:50:10 PM »
Recently, it begins to appear that the two people to whom this initial offer was made are no longer posting here.  Nor does either of them reply to any of my recent attempts to contact them directly via this board's PM.  The reasons for that total lack of response are not entirely clear and may be perfectly innocuous.  (I know that Chris has been absent on vactions for some time now.)  On the other hand, the abrupt curtailment of communication with no follow-up at all inevitably creates some concerns regarding site security on the new server setup, not to mention their own status and wellbeing.

In the circumstances, I have deemed it advisable to suspend administrative access pending clarification from them.  If it's just to tell me to forget the whole thing that's fine, but it has to come directly from the parties themselves speaking on their own behalf.  If, for whatever reason our prior means of communication are no longer available to you, alternative direct contact information is available on my own web site.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 04, 2011, 08:53:55 AM »
I do not know …
Maybe we should just let some things just go and start over.
Yesterday I moved over 99 gigs of old PE stuff. Then I was upset I had lost some things.
Why am I saving 99 gigs of stuff anyway???? :w00t:

I have no idea why.  If people want it, I'll try to accommodate it if possible, but it's really up to the holders of the subdomains to decide what they want there in each case.

Side note
On the Win7PE CWCodes site where is the
 Addon Packages:  Realtek High Definition Audio driver x86/x64
I could not find it …… on

There's a link on the win7pe subdomain's home page where it says: "Additional Files: The Win7PE SE project base includes only a minimum of applications. For some suggested optional addons click here."  Just click that and it should pop up for you.
Suggestion - When I go to and click add to favorites the default name is always Home page .. how about (cwcodes home page ) Download page saves as downloads page how about (cwcodes download page) This would save me from being more confused …. Just a suggestion  :wink:

Under the current "shared server" arrangement, each of the subdomains ("gena", "win7pe" and my own "pebuilder" subdomain) has its own home page and so does the primary "cwcodes" domain identified in each case by its own logo (top left and right).  I suppose the name of the subdomain could also be added to each of the page names and center banners as well, but until I know where we're going with this (if anywhere) I was trying to avoid all that extra design work that might not suit the individual subdomain owners.  I'll fix the browser bar (favourites) page names themselves, but I'm a very lazy slob when it comes to "art" work.  :wink:

Thank you for your work  :smile:

You're welcome.  And thanks for your comments.  I'll keep them in mind, but it's going to take a while longer to get everything sorted out.

P.S.: The page name (add to favorites) issue should be fixed now.  You may need to clear your browser cache.  Thanks again for the suggestion.  Should also make the search engine people happier.  :smile:

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: August 03, 2011, 06:13:13 PM »
Personally, I'd be happy to oblige, but, so far, the two people to whom I made the original offer can't seem to decide what they want to do about it, if anything.

For the time being, I've provided them both with subdomains on my own server, but that setup was intended as a transitonal arrangment.  It wouldn't really be suitable for any major expansion of the total loading.  So, with Chris still absent on vacation, things reamin in a "holding pattern" until I can get a clear decision from him.

Win7PE SE HomePage / Re: Win7PE SE Release
« on: July 30, 2011, 09:54:30 AM »
Mea culpa.  :sad:

Not sure why that download link is different from the one Chris posted elsewhere.  No doubt he'll fix it when he gets back.  He has been on vacation for some time now and, when my hosting service threatened me with suspension of my entire account unless certain files were removed "forthwith" from the downloads, I had no choice but to comply in his absence.

Since my automated on-server "packaging" script can't handle 7-zip format (only zip and gzip) that's the only way I could re-create that download package in the circumstances.

Win7PE SE HomePage / Re: Win7PE SE Release
« on: July 22, 2011, 01:33:32 PM »
The upload scripts in are up to date.  By the cons, the On-site index listing is out of date.

I generated brand new index.html and updates.ini files directly from your Projects folder on the server.  So they should be consistent with the actual contents now located there.  Did it not pick up the current versions correctly?

Ooops!!!  Sorry.  I see what I did wrong.  Entirely my fault.  Should be fixed now.  And I changed those table colours to match the  rest of the site better.

Do you want to allow people to browse the contents of the project folders when they click the folder links in the index?

Win7PE SE HomePage / Re: Win7PE SE Release
« on: July 22, 2011, 01:05:43 PM »
In addition to updating your package downloads page on the subdomain as promissed, I also made one minor correction for your new setup under the Projects folder there.  You had added an extra subfolder so that all of your project's contents were located in a /Projects/Projects subfolder of the subdomain.

Assuming that wasn't what you actually intended, I bumped that subfolder's contents up a notch for you.  And I also used the winbuilder tools to create an on-site index listing for the project which can now be seen at

P.S.:  The links to the project files listed in that index work fine.  (And folder browsing can be permitted too if you want it.)  But, if you have no objection, I think I'm going to modify the CSS style for those ghastly purple table backgrounds.  Sheesh!  No puke icon here, but :hmm:

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 22, 2011, 08:03:34 AM »
Ça fait plaisir.  Bonnes vacances.   :surfing:

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 22, 2011, 07:18:42 AM »
Yes, of course you can announce your download package update wherever you wish and your announcement can certainly include a link to that current download package file in your subdomain.

NOW GO ON YOUR VACATION, for heaven's sake, before your wife becomes violent. :lol:

P.S.:  Problems with Dropbox on internet servers don't surprise me too much.  I think it's mainly intended for home (local area) networking and mobiles.  You really will need to try to get over your aversion to FTP.  Once mastered, it's really quite easy and very versatile.  In the meantime, at least you have other file mangement options on your new server subdomain.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 22, 2011, 07:15:27 AM »
Hi Chris.  I answered your PM and hope I covered what you asked there.

Please don't worry about any of it right now.  There's nothing that can't wait.  I'll update your package downloads page for you and we'll definitely get everything else sorted out AFTER you've enjoyed a well-earned vacation.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 22, 2011, 05:32:48 AM »
Interesting, I didn't know WebDav could be utilised on shared accounts.
I have to admit that I haven't actually tried setting up a WebDav account for subdomain administration, but the HostGator cPanel options seem to indicate that it's possible and they've never led me astray yet.  In fact, I find that HostGator's "unlimited" hosting service provides many capabilities that others don't.  I've been very happy with it and (I'm sure you'll be happy to hear) not a single whisper of complaint from them about any of the recent server loading due to all my playing around setting up the new subdomains.  Whatever you and Chris need or want, I don't expect any problems at all with providing it.  But that is defintely NOT a WebDav recommendation for anyone.  :wink:

Between 2 holiday periods and a quick look, thank you for ALL that was done  :good_job:  :yahoo: is really beautiful   :thumbup:, I would look at all the tools offered for the administration after my vacation  :surfing:.
Glad that you like it okay.  You'll probably need a little help at first to get the automated packaging and transfer options working with your existing server setup.  So please don't hesitate to ask for any assistance you require whenever you get to that point.  Once the initial setup is complete, however, I think you'll find it very easy to maintain.  After that, packages can be generated on-site and the transfer option is no longer needed at all.

In fact, in several ways, I think the changeover will actually benefit your current circumstances more than Galapo's, even if we decide not to set up primary domain servers for each of you right away.  That decision is entirely up to the two of you.  My only concern is ensuring that you have a smooth "take over" path when the need arises, as it inevitably will some day.  :cool:

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 21, 2011, 08:15:05 PM »
Forgot to mention that I can make "WebDisk" accounts available for either or both of you.  It's the cPanel hosting implementation of WebDav.  (Video here.)

Personally I hate it, and it doesn't work properly (yet?) with Win7, but it's just one more "non-ftp" option that Chris might like.

Plugins / Re: Acronis TI & DD Scripts for x64 & x86 PE Builds
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:53:33 PM »
(all i can say "Acronis script sux!":)

And the organization of their PE packages sux even worse.  If their PE package arrangement of files and folders had some more sensible relationship to their intended destinations in PE builds, about 90% of their scripting of all that individual file copying wouldn't be necessary at all.  :thumbdown:

Based on my own experience, dera, for whatever that may be worth, I ultimately gave up trying to use ANY environment variables for handling ANY component path entries into the registry.  I finally just went with RegAddBoot 0x1 for ALL of those Acronis component path entries, regardless of which WinPE project I was using.  It's not exactly an elegant solution, but it was the only way that I could get TI and DD to work consistently under all PE1, PE2 and PE3 builds for both x86 and x64 architectures.  Otherwise, even if you get one subversion release to work, the next Acronis "update" release may not.  :frusty:

Plugins / Re: Acronis TI & DD Scripts for x64 & x86 PE Builds
« on: July 20, 2011, 06:47:12 AM »
Wish I could be more helpful, but never having "graduated" beyond Acronis' so-called "home" TI products to their big league backup and recovery enterprise stuff, I can't actually test it for you.  Just looking at the script itself, however, I can see where a problem might arise under some circumstances due to Acronis' unfortunately inconsistent support for the use of environment variables for locating components.  In many cases, their products can't even handle %SystemDrive% as a component locator, let alone anything else.

I see that you have very carefully followed all of the individual file copy entries in their BartPE acronis.inf script; so there should be no problems at all in that area.  (I was lazier and just re-organized things so I could use DirCopy for everything except the snapman.sys and snapapi.dll files.)  So, if you're running into problems, I would suggest looking very carefully at your use of reg_add versus RegAddBoot for different builds, keeping in mind that you just can't depend on Acronis stuff to handle REG_EXPAND_SZ (0x2) stuff consistently -- not even for their subversion update releases.

I was almost tearing my hair out by the time I got mine working.  Hope you have better luck, and happy scripting.   :thumbsup:

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 18, 2011, 09:44:55 AM »
I logged in to take a quick look at the file manager -- looks good, I must say! I think it provides anything we'd need.

Hope so.  We'll see what that FTP-hating French beach bum has to say about it whenever he gets back from the Riviera or wherever he's vacationing.  :wink:

I've suggested several possible auto-sync options for him.  I sometimes use the last one (Scooter's Beyond Compare), but it uses FTP also.  I suppose I could set up rsync on my server, but it's a bit of a pain and one of the client-side options should surely be adequate unless and until we decide to move to separate servers for each of you.

Anyhow, if there's anything else you need, please don't hestitate to let me know, especially if you need any on-server help getting your Projects folder set up as you want it.

Talk about other things ... / Re: New Host Server
« on: July 16, 2011, 03:32:30 AM »
Naming to 'compressed' would be good if it's not too much trouble.

No trouble at all.  Done.  It's "Compressed" (capital C) to match the existing set-up BTW, and that does matter on *nix servers.  The change also provides unaltered continuity for any previously posted external links when you redirect

As you know, weekends are busy for me. But in a day or so I hope to investigate and test your uploader. Sounds really good and it should provide ChrisR with another easy means of maintaining his project.

Well, it's not a complete non-FTP file management solution.  We'll need to discuss some further options in that area with Chris when he's available again.  But I think you'll both find the flash uploader handy for a lot of your minor updating operations.

For your assessment as the first of several possible options, I've given you and Chris accounts under one of my own GUI file managers for the domain server.  The same login names and passwords as used for access to your subdomain admin folders will take you to the file management roots for your own subdomains.

You'll find links for the File Manager under your subdomain's navigation menu Administration heading (moved from under Downloads to under Home Page for obvious reasons).  Occasionally, for reasons I've not been able to discover to date, that file manager throws errors on the initial login attempt.  Just ignore them and try again. (Now fixed, I think/hope.) If you and Chris decide that you don't like that one, I've got another (uses CGI instead of PHP) that you may like better.  But it's harder to set up for multiple accounts, and I'm lazy as you already know.  :wink:

P.S.: PLEASE don't tell the WB "bosses" that I'm letting you both use file managers as well as FTP and flash on your own subdomains.  :blowup:  :lol:

There should be no permissions issues within your respective file management scopes as PHP runs as the owner account (SUexec) on my server and needs no 777 chmod settings anywhere at all.  (In fact, for security reasons, it refuses to run PHP scripts under 777 permissions.)  But I haven't actually checked your "Member" accounts set-ups thoroughly.  (Upgraded to special "SubAdmins" accounts.) So, if you do happen to encounter any permission issues with write ops, let me know and I'll fix 'em for you.

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