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I have a idea: create a UI stuff to configure some settings for builder, and call a batch file to create a pe wim file.

there are lots selection to create a UI, but I thought if the UI create with base JS,VBS,HTML skills,
more people can contribute to the builder, not just send request and waiting others to do that.

here is a simple demo for verificating some capability of building a wim PE file.

  • access the file system to list the project folder(s)/file(s).
  • load "plugin/patch" config files.
  • call dism.ex,7z.exe,xcopy.exe,reg.exe,etc to modify the files and registry.


HTML+jquery+vbs/js+css=>HTA (all of them are text file, so the builder UI just in 41.0 KB)

* (41.07 kB - downloaded 21 times.)

Here, I want to get some advises or some Cannot be solved/endured defect, to appraise how far should I do with the work.

What is me?
a portable shell program(desktop, startmenu, quick launch, taskbar, notifyarea, clock), whitch can run in Windows XP, 2003(need rebuild),
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and the Windows Preinstallation Environment(WinPE), and both x86, x64 environment.


How to use?
in normal windows:
1. terminate the origin shell.
hold CTRL+SHIFT and right click the taskbar, select the "Terminate Explorer". (or force end in taskmgr.exe)

2. run "WinXShell.exe"

in PE:
press SHIFT+F10 to startup cmd.exe,
just run "WinXShell.exe -winpe"

this will a). auto terminate the origin "shell" - wallpaperhost.exe,
and b). set the environment variable USERPROFILE to X:\Users\Default if USERPROFILE is X:\Windows\system32\config,
and c). handle the shutdown/reboot button in startmenu with wpeuitl.exe(see WinXShell.jcfg).

2018-01-10 RC2.7.1 releae:
* (1162.57 kB - downloaded 139 times.)
* (1040.72 kB - downloaded 63 times.)

  • new:add "trans" option(jcfg), make the window UI with transparent effect
  • new:add "theme" option(jcfg & command line), show the window UI with diffrent theme style(see:UI_WIFI, UI_Resolution)
  • new:add a WLAN button on UI_WIFI, to start or stop then Wlansvc service
  • improve:show "wired" icon on tray, if the wired lan is connected
  • improve:add scrollbar, and Alt+A(apply),Alt+C(cancel) shortcut for UI_Resolution
  • improve:move font definition  to locales files
  • improve:use the English definition file(en_US.xml), if ěžocales definition file is not exist
  • improve:add "class" option(jcfg) for identifying wireless network connection UI, so now can change the "UI_WIFI" folder name to something else you like.

  • new:add "bartitle" option(jcfg), to change the display title on the taskbar(should be done in RC2.7.1 :()
  • new:battery power tray icons
  • new:volume control UI and sound volume tray icons

In some PE the new version will starts in left-top corner and freezes, because the PE's
network component is not full functionally, when detecting if there is a wired connection to show the wired tray icon instead the wifi icon.
(if you open control panel->network settings also freezes.)

issue report in Reply #62, the fixed version is in Reply #74, if you have the some issue, try that version.

2017-12-26 RC2.7 release:
* (1160.91 kB - downloaded 87 times.)
* (1037.07 kB - downloaded 54 times.)


  • fix some app show two same window button on taskbar
  • use DELAYLOAD technology, make WinXShell.exe can run again in the origin boot.wim which one don't have the wlanapi.dll file
  • MOVE tray network status icon implement to the UI_WIFI part from the SHELL part, so that, the WIFI connection settings can run in Windows or some PE with origin explorer shell
  • The new -hidewindow parameter allows the UI_WIFI to display only the tray network status icon for the first time and does not pop up the wireless network connection interface
  • After changing the resolution, the UI window can be automatically adjusted to the right position of the center or lower right corner (to prevent the problem of larger resolution gap when the interface is displayed to the screen area, we must restart the UI program)
  • The multilingual processing of text information in UI is improved, moving to the "locales" directory, zh-CN.xml/en-US.xml and auto load with system locale setting
  • ID in multilingual xml file, now can direct use of English words(before, which must be digital number)

Code: [Select]
WinXShell.exe -ui -jcfg UI_WIFI\main.jcfg
WinXShell.exe -ui -jcfg UI_WIFI\main.jcfg -hidewindow

* (to-do)WIFI like normal Win10. (I think the PENetwork should do this.)
now the PENetwork beta version has a easy connect settings window :thumbsup:
I don't know it is or not relevant whether if I said this :)

# wimbuilder
a tiny framework which for editing the wim file(mostly for making Windows PE)

##What's me?
Based on the BAT batch file and the VBS script, use the system Dism command to update the WIM file.
Can be a key to generate a custom PE, or streamlining, modify the Windows 7 or above system installation image (install.wim)

just put definition files will `ADD FOLDERs/FILEs` `DELETE FOLDERs/FILES` `UPDATE REGISTY` to the wim file.

##This framework's features:
* SMALL and VERY SMALL, the script is less than 15KB with compression.
* The use of native support BAT, VBS script and the system comes with the command to support the mainstream Windows platform and the corresponding PE production.
    * of cause you can extend with ruby, python, autoit what any script if you installed them on your machine.
* Build platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x86, x64)
* Build PE versions: WinPE 3.x, WinPE 4.0, WinPE 5.0, WinPE 5.1, Windows 10 PE (x86, x64)
* Build Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x86, x64)
* The script is completely free. Without any form of encryption, anyone can copy, modify, re-publish, without any restrictions.
* Original i18n script component, support multiple languages.
* Simply place the file, define the file list, do not need any programming skills to facilitate the construction of their own PE.
* Each patch is a separate folder for the re-use, add functions to modify the independent and clear, can also be published to reduce the volume of updates released.
* Build the project No matter who machine, any platform can always generate the same from the boot.wim PE, and modify the reversible traceability.
* Just press the space to continue, you can quickly build a personalized start PE. (Up to 1 minute)
* Can be just press a key to build their own PE / Windows system.

##How to Use?
###STEP.1 Preparing the build environment (need just for the first time and it's easy to do)
**A**.Unzip the attachment to the root directory of the local disk drive(like D:), and get the following structure (only the files or directories that need attention)

  + Mnt\
    + Build\
      + ISO\
  + Projects\
  + WIM_Builder\
    + Config.ini

**B**. Copy the system ISO boot directory, bootmgr file to mnt \build\ISO, and create an empty sources directory.
  (The above is the default boot CD template, can be modified according to their own circumstances)

###STEP.2 Configure the parameters in the config.ini file to define the initial settings for all projects (settings can be overridden by the config.ini settings for each project).
* Mount directory (required)
* Install.wim for copying the original system files
* Building PE based WIM (boot.wim or own / others do wim)
* Mount image's index number (default is 1)
* output path (required)
* If need to access the full access to the file (use the system boot.wim need to be set to 0, it may take 2 to 5 minutes)
* If need full access to the registry
* etc.

###STEP.3 Projects directory to create a project directory, which stored a variety of Patch (* follow-up example shows)

###STEP.4 Double-click WIM_Builder\PE_Builder.bat, choose to build the project, no abnormal way to output a wim format PE.

###STEP.5 Double-click WIM_Builder\MakeBootISO.bat, wait a few seconds to get the start of the self-PE PE file.

On the STEP 3 can be downloaded for reference Mini10PE attachment.
The following explains the structure of ***Patch***.

**Patch for a directory, is a kind of streamlining, or a function update, the structure is as follows:**

Patch_Sample \
  + INIT.bat
  + KEEP_ITEMS.txt
  + DEL_DIRS.txt
  + DEL_FILES.txt
  + ADD_ITEMS.txt
  + X\
  + *.Reg
  + LAST.bat

* `INIT.bat`

  optional file, before the application of the patch, the initial custom script (to generate a list of files to add or modify, or other COPY operations, etc.)

* `KEEP_ITEMS.txt`

 optional file, the definition of a directory need to retain the file, the remaining files will be deleted

* `DEL_DIRS.txt`

  optional file, the directory to be deleted is defined, for example: Windows\SysWOW64

* `DEL_FILES.txt`

  optional file, define the file to be deleted, for example: Windows\System32\app.exe

* `ADD_ITEMS.txt`

  optional file, define a list of files or folders that need to be copied from the install.wim file
* `X\`

  optional folder, X folder, place the need to copy/update files in the PE, for example: X:\Windows\System32\XShell.exe

* `*.Reg`

  optional files, can be imported by default to the PE system registry file (the registry does not need to modify the project path for the PE_SOFT after the mount and so on, please keep the PE under the registry key name)
* `LAST.bat`

  optional file, custom scripts for additional processing needed for finalization (other than the above registry fix, such as dynamic creation of shortcuts, etc.)

***Note 1: The first line of the KEEP_ITEMS.txt file is the path of the folder that needs to be retained, and must be followed by "\" at the end. The following is a subdirectory or subfile that needs to be retained.***

***Note 2: The various catalogs under the project directory in alphabetical order. If a file is copied to System32, if a Patch is in the form of KEEP_ITEMS.txt, it may be deleted again.***

The solution is to change the order in which patches are applied, for example, A_TEST, B_TEST2, or 0_Patch1,1_Patch2. Use LAST.bat custom application of the order, will have the order of the Patch into any subdirectory (Package),
  Writing in LAST.bat:
    Call PB_APPLY_PATCH% ~ dp0Package\PatchB
    Call PB_APPLY_PATCH% ~ dp0Package\PatchA
  Note Patch name should not be set to X, because the Package directory is actually a Patch when dealing with, but the use of X directory other than the directory does not have any mechanism to achieve the purpose of custom patch order of purpose.

just post the here, for nice look you can visit:

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