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Win7PE SE HomePage / boot.wim size and 0xc0000017 error
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:23:52 AM »
I've been successfully building a WINPE system but because of the large number of drivers and the plugins I have been including and the size of the boot.wim file, I am getting a "Error Code 0xc0000017, There isn't enough memory available to create a ramdisk device " immediately on boot.  I'm trying to build a bootable USB that has several utilities but because I am using grub4dos as the boot loader, I have to use the "run from RAM" option for my plugins. This also increases the size of the boot.wim file. What I am looking for is some way to avoid the RAMDISK error by increasing some parameter but I'm not really sure where to look. I tried changing the SCRATCH space which appears to be 256 but changing to 512 didn't help.
Anyone have any ideas?

I used to use BartPE to build custom ISOs/USB back in the XP days, and now I am looking to build a custom Windows 7 ISO for my Alienware 17 R3 laptop. Unfortunately windows 7 is not really supported as Dell/Alienware really wants to try and force everyone to go to Windows 10. I really don't like Windows 7 and I managed to install Windows 7 x64 after following some others guides on including the necessary drivers via integrating them via NTLITE. The custom USB I created boots up and sees all of the necessary devices and drive after adding lots of missing drivers. I tried using the same custom ISO as the source for WinBuilder but it either blue screens almost immediately on boot complains about a missing CDROM.SYS. I used RUFUS to copy the ISO built by WinBuilder which seemed to work ok without errors. I"m not really sure where to go from here as I just assumed a custom ISO from NTLITE with added patches and drivers, would work correctly with WinBuilder as the source. More details to follow with specific errors.
Two of the main drivers that I had to integrate into the customized ISO were a driver for the M7.sata drive and the USB 3 ports which can not be disabled or forced to be USB 2 ports.

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