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Currently working on Visual Studio Code Syntax Highlighter.

Talk about other things ... / PEBakery/WinBuilder syntax highlighter
« on: November 19, 2017, 09:12:50 PM »
This file is syntax highligher of PEBakery/WB082 language for Notepad++.
* PEBakery_Notepadpp_Highlighter.7z (1.52 kB - downloaded 9 times.)

I wrote this to ease debugging of Korean_IME plugin and development of PEBakery.
While it is not perfect, I found this highlighter extremely useful.

How to use
For install, refer to this official document.

Or you can right-click right-bottom corner of Notepad++ (Usually it is set to Text File), select define language, and import this xml.

- Editing Plugin

- Debugging Log

EDIT: Changed the subject, since vscode highlighter is now published

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:49:43 PM »
Build 20171120 : * PEBakery_20171120.7z (4024.32 kB - downloaded 13 times.)

- Fix RegMulti
- CopyOrExpand is no longer marked as deprecated
- If var name exists in interface command, Set,%Dest%,Permanent will change the value of interface, not in script.project
- Fix RadioGroup margin rendering
- Fix version compare bug on If

Known Issue
In Gena, GenaPrograms directory is generated as %ProjectTitle%Programs.

Support Log in Win10PESE is now correctly generated.
The bug was caused by undocumented behavior of Set,%Dest%,Permanent.

If command's version compare bug was breaking the build of Gena. It is now fixed in this version.
PEBakery is now able to build bootable ISO of Gena, but with some quirks.

With help of paraglider, extracting cab by CopyOrExpand is working well.
Code: [Select]
[Success] CopyOrExpand - [MSVCRT.DLL] from [E:\WinPE\Source\Win2003\I386\MSVCRT.DL_] extracted to [E:\WinPE_dev\Gena\Target\Gena\I386\System32\MSVCRT.DLL] (CopyOrExpand,%Source_Win%\MSVCRT.DLL,%Target_Sys%)

In "Gena\Basic\5 BootsectorPE.script", there is strange set commands.
Code: [Select]

As long as I know, only %Dest% or #1 forms are valid in variable name.
What is the meaning of this? I hope it is not a quick of WB077, since investigating WB082 alone consumes too much time...

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 18, 2017, 05:58:20 AM »
Yes amazing progress.

Note on Tweaks / Wallpaper on Win10PE SE X64 1709 source if I click the Browse button to the right of the text box under Use Custom Wallpaper app crashes to the desktop.

Build time is 17 minutes versus 14 minutes with BuilderSE.
I forget to mention this, that bug was fixed in Build 20171118.
If you find more bugs, please let me know.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 18, 2017, 04:32:02 AM »
I guess CoprOrExpand added. ?
Even though CopyOrExpand / StrFormat,ShorPath are marked as deprecated, it still works.

- CopyOrExpand
This command was marked as deprecated since very few plugin used this in Win10PESE.
However, the more direct cause was that I cannot properly reproduces Expand.exe's behavior.
Test CopyOrExpand in PEBakery's CodeBox to make sure the current implementation is working correctly, then I will remove 'deprecated' mark.
I myself found out in 'the rare case' Macro Library using CopyOrExpand in Win10PESE, the file was successfully copied.
But the thing can be different in Gena.

- StrFormat,ShortPath
Windows API for getting 8.3 path depends on registry value "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation". Which in some system, it will return just long path. I faced this issue myself on my old system.
Even though the registry value can be changed, it requires reboot.
So the command was marked as deprecated because this command cannot be 'trusted' to always work.
Personally it would be better to remove the use of StrFormat,ShortPath, but the current implementation does work if the registry value is correctly set.

It is easy to update such plugins for PEBakery following your active development.  :wink:

Remember Reply 2:

We need a new PEBakery command
I feel

Oh, I haven't noticed that allowing specifc plugin in Rescan can be used as great countermeasure.
I will implement this in next build.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 18, 2017, 03:49:46 AM »
Build 20171118 : * PEBakery_20171118.7z (4024.5 kB - downloaded 18 times.)

This build focuses on optimization.

- Delayed Logging
Too verbose logging slowed PEBakery's performance on HDD.
Build logs will be written to database at the point when a plugin's process is done.
It boosted lots of performance at the cost of losing on-the-fly logging.
For debugging, disable delayed logging on settings.

- Disable logging on Interface
If a section is run by button in interface, PEBakery generated verbose logs.
It slowed down performance in HDD, so logging on interface is disabled by default.
Notice logging on interface can be turned on again in settings.

- Command ProgressBar deleted
Command ProgressBar did not work well as I intended, and frequent UI updates takes up CPU and GPU.
For performance, command progressbar was deleted.

- AddVariables
Do not use cached section from memory when AddVariables is called.
Caching caused some variables to malfunction, notably %MuiLangAll%.
(Remove [MuiLang] section in script.project and build in last version of PEBakery reproduces this issue).
So in Build 20171118, AddVariables will always fetch values directly from file.

- Performance Boost
While WB082 took 14min to build Win10PESE x64, PEBakery 20171118 took only 7min on SSD.
On HDD, WB082 took 53min and PEBakery took 45min.

Caching Plugins to Memory
PEBakery preloades plugin files into memory at startup, solely for performance.
For test, I disabled memory plugin caching and it slowed build down to 24min.

It means if a plugin file is modified on-the-fly on build, PEBakery cannot recognize the change.
Is there any plugin uses modify-on-the-fly pattern in SE?
If not, PEBakery can use memory-cached plugins safety with very fast speed.

Current PEBakery's behavior:
- AddVariables : Always read from file
- Run/Exec/Loop : If the plugin is contained in Projects folder, the section will be fetched from memory. Elsewhere it will be read from file.
Ex) Run,%BaseDir%\Projects\Win10PESE\Build/Korean_IME.script,HelpTxt_TopicLink -> Fetched from memory
Ex) Run,%BaseDir%\Temp\Win10PESE\DirDeleteE_Folders.ini -> Read from file
- Ini/Text commands : Read/Write is done directly to/from file

Testing Gena
I tried to test Gena with PEBakery, but getting weird error.
When I try to build Gena, I always get Error 7 from saydin77 core in WB077.
This error pops up consistently on various Host OS, XP, 7, 10.
Is there any known bug related to CJK XP source?
(I used MSDN-provided Korean Windows XP source, Windows XP_x86_cd_x14-92431.iso.)

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 17, 2017, 07:50:29 AM »
when I put project (plugins) to ramdrive,
Interface change works in both cases.  :wink:

But still, I can reproduce interface change bug on normal disk.
Figured out why PEBakery worked too slow on HDD.
The SQLite 3 database used for logging was the bottleneck, since it caused file write too often.
However my system's SSD was too fast to find out this problem myself.
Delaying writing of log into database will fix this issue.

Also I think the Command Progress progress bar could be removed. It flashes so much it almost makes you feel sick.
The command progress bar was not working properly, so I was considering about removing it.
I will add on option to hide command progress bar.

Also a cosmetic issue. I don't like the black folder icons in the script tree. The light brown folder icon in the original builder was much more pleasing to the eye.
I am using black icons for simplicity of development, currently powered by MahApps.IconPacks and Google Material Icons.
(And in my personal opinion I prefer google material icons, it gives me UWP-like look)
I want to add an option to let user choose theme, but I am very clumsy at design and times are being invested on compatibility.
So please propose preferred icon set for buttons.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 16, 2017, 03:51:35 AM »
TestBuild 20171117 : * PEBakery_20171117.7z (4026.57 kB - downloaded 15 times.)

- Support Set,(...),NIL
- Experimental HTML log format support

The build date was deliberately set to 1117, to flush existing plugincache.

To support System,SaveLog command, HTML log format support was added.
Samples : * FirstLog_20171116.7z (534.27 kB - downloaded 7 times.)

System,SaveLog command was extended to give freedom of choice:
- System,SaveLog,%Dest% -> HTML export
- System,SaveLog,%Dest%,HTML -> HTML export
- System,SaveLog,%Dest%,TEXT -> TXT export

You can manually export system log / build log from LogWindow, too.
More work is on the way.

I investigated Lancelot's video.
However, those operation are done very fast in my system.
I am testing PEBakery on SSD, so I suspect File IO may be the unsuspected bottleneck.
This is my video and logs: * Troubleshooting.7z (774.75 kB - downloaded 7 times.)

Lancelot, what is your testing environment? Are you using HDD, or SSD?

We need to figure out which command hangs PEBakery.
After running buttons, can you go to LogWindow -> Build Log -> Log (Detail) and investigate timestam?


Another bottleneck can be CPU power...

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:55:58 AM »
Build 20171116 : * PEBakery_20171116.7z (3854.77 kB - downloaded 11 times.)

- Fix IniRead bug
- Support directory-level link (folder.project)

Known Issue
- System,SaveLog not working.
  PEBakery currently can export logs into only texts.
  It seems that it is the cause of Support Log being not generated by Win10PESE.

There is still Shellexecute bug ? IniRead bug
Test this

It was caused by not trimming whitespace correctly.
Fixed in Build 20171116.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:57:37 AM »
Build 20171115 : * PEBakery_20171115.7z (3857.64 kB - downloaded 18 times.)

- Win10PESE x86/x6-4 can be successfully built.
  I could not find any difference between WB082-built ISO and PEBakery-build ISO.
- Subtle UI refinement.
- Compability settings for legacy WB082 bugs and hacks
  Ex) You can turn on/off WB082's DirCopy,(...),* bug

Code: [Select]
If,ExistVar,%EngineVersion%,Exit,"PEBakery Test Build - Chief PluginCache Auto-Disabled for now"

This will hopefully help on beta tests.

Test to see if it works. ?

%EngineVersion% seems not work


line not working

Build 20171113's If,ExistVar implementation was faulty.
Fixed in Build 20171115.

you seem to fix weblabel partially
see Apps\File Tasks\Q-Dir Nenad
--> this works fine on interface now

WebLabel_Plugin="Plugin Page",1,10,338,4,55,18,
--> this only shows Plugin on interface
It should be Plugin Page

I feel you miss quote support on WebLabel

I debugged PEBakery after your report, but PEBakery was parsing the caption properly.
Giving more width to WebLabel_Plugin can address this issue.
It is because DirectWrite, the key API for super-fast text rendering, tends to render texts with a little bit wider width.

.Link file
True False not working.

Downloads\Yomi\Halt L3
\Halt L3 Plugin
I can not enable
Win10PESE\Halt L3

Fixed in Build 20171115.

small thing about

It seems not work with multiInterface ([Main] Interface=)
a button

sometimes (not always) it does not work with other multi Infarface plugins
0 - PreConfig
a button
than <-- Basic Interface button

When I tested, those two plugin's interface changed well with System,RefreshInterface.
Does this bug still appears in lastest version?

small thing about

If a plugin use "System,RESCANSCRIPTS" during build,
at the End of build builder rescan all plugins  :wink:

I tested these codes with PEBakery's CodeBox (Utility Button -> CodeBox Tab), and found RescanScripts working before message "3" is displayed.
Code: [Select]

Does this bug can be reproduced in lastest version?
In which case? Project Build? Plugin Interface Button?

Code: [Select]
While testing Tweaks\Watermark.script, I found a bug in Win10PESE\Utils\Resource_Hacker.Script.
Smaller branch condition requires two argument, but that line only provides one argument named %ResHackerCompareVersions%.
Seems an argument was omitted by mistake.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:33:05 AM »
Build 20171113 : * PEBakery_20171113.7z (3852.31 kB - downloaded 17 times.)

- Fixed DirCopy bug
- The first version able to build bootable Win10PESE

Known Issue
- Shortcuts are not being pinned to taskbar in Win10PESE

Tested Environment
Host : Windows 10 v1709 x64, .Net Framework 4.7
Source : Windows 10 v1709 x86 (ko-KR)
Basic PluginCache : Disabled

In my system, the build took about 10 min with debug binary.
Code: [Select]
- PEBakery Build <Project Win10PESE> -
Started at  2017-11-13 1:57:21 AM
Finished at 2017-11-13 2:07:41 AM
Took 0:10:19

<Log Statistics>
Success  : 21130
Warning  : 343
Error    : 0
Info     : 21482
Ignore   : 9484
Muted    : 21

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 12, 2017, 02:06:20 AM »
Build 20171112 : * PEBakery_20171112.7z (3851.99 kB - downloaded 15 times.)
This is a build of

Notable Change:
- Lots of bugs are fixed.
- UIRender now recognize optional <SectionToRun>,<HideProgress> properly in Button, CheckBox, RadioButton.
- Variable system works almost flawlessly.
- RegRead and RegWrite was rewritten.

Win10PESE Test Result:
- Build is done without errors.
- Generated file tree and registries are almost identical.
- ISO is halfway bootable. (pecmd tries to load envrionment, but stuck in black screen)

WB082 takes about 7 minutes to build, while Unoptimized (Debug Mode) PEBakery takes 8min ~ 10min.

Current Obstacle
Built ISO freezes after pecmd is run.
I cannot determine the exact cause.

EDIT : Using System32\catroot, System32\DriverStore from WB082-produced Target solves problem.
Seems DirCopy command implementation is faulty.

Note for Testing
I personally test PEBakery on my main system without using isolated sandbox.
I hadn't faced data corruption, so I assume there are no critical issue which can harm system.
However, it is still highly recommended to backup your files in case of unknown unrecoverable error.

Thanks for Lancelot's update and information, Win10PESE can be built without any error.

Shell\0-Shell Loader
[1/1] Invalid argument [True], must be integer [RadioGroup_ShellLoader="Choose Shell Loader",1,14,5,20,140,79,Pecmd,PeShell,"Custom Pecmd",0,_Shell_Choice_,True] ()

let PeBakery support old button format:

is under
it should be opposite

Order of Folders are wrong:

it should be:


Fixed in Build 20171112.

WebLabel_Plugin="Plugin Page",1,10,338,4,55,18,
Interface only writes

Interface only writes

Sadly, it is not fixable on PEBakery's level.
WB082 uses old GDI API for drawing, which is slow and cause flickering.
PEBakery uses DirectX for drawing, that is why PEBakery's UI is very smooth.

However, GDI and DirectX (DirectWrite) render fonts in different ways, causing minor difference in interface.
Trying to achieve full compatibility in text rendering will take too much resource, and result much slower UI.

See this picture, first text is from DirectWrite (Visual Studio) and last text is from GDI (Notepad++).

Same font with same size (D2Coding, 12pt) are rendered differently.
Notice that DirectWrite tends to render texts a little longer.

PEBekary Log viewer -> Log (Detail)
 ---> I follow things when I press buttons.  :thumbsup:
(ex: Download Plugin button - Advanced Interface buttons on plugins (ex: 7-zip plugin))

Buttons works BUT VERY very slow for now.  :wink:

In my system, following log on-the-fly causes 30-50% GPU usage in Intel HD Graphics 630.
Maybe I should optimize log window to be updated in interval of a few seconds.

Apps\System Tools\Debug\Sysinternals_Process_Monitor
Auto Syntax Checking only checks 94,1%
Section Coverage : 94,1% (16/17)

Auto Syntax Checking gives warning, still plugin is ok. Only informing.

The reason why section coverage cannot reach 100% is this:
Some sections cannot be determined as a CodeSection at parsing time, but only on runtime.
This is a limit of static analysis.

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 07, 2017, 02:55:49 PM »
Build 20171108: * PEBakery_20171108.7z (3847.68 kB - downloaded 19 times.)

- Lots of bugs are fixed
Using default Win10PESE setting, PEBakery can build entire project with under 50 error.
Most of the error is caused by syntax error like typo.

Most critical typo resides in yy_1-postconfig.script:
Code: [Select]
If,%pCompressionGroup%,Equal,0,ShellExecute,%ShowWimlib%,%WimlibImagex%,"capture #$q%BootTMP%#$q #$q%TargetImage%\sources\boot.wim#$q #$q%ImageName%_%SourceArch%#$q #$q%ImageName%_%SourceArch%#$q --boot --flags=9 --compress=XPRESS --verbose
If,%pCompressionGroup%,Equal,1,ShellExecute,%ShowWimlib%,%WimlibImagex%,"capture #$q%BootTMP%#$q #$q%TargetImage%\sources\boot.wim#$q #$q%ImageName%_%SourceArch%#$q #$q%ImageName%_%SourceArch%#$q --boot --flags=9 --compress=LZX --verbose

There are no doublequote in the end, causing parsing error.
As a result, no wim file will be created in PEBakery.

So to ensure compatibility, all of the typos should be found and fixed.

- Auto Syntax Checking
So auto syntax checking feature was added.
Open the plugin, and watch the color of small check button on the right.
Click the orange check button to see which command is causing the error.



Syntax checker cannot detect all of the codes (Ex the section called by other plugin, not itself), but it is still useful to catch typos.

Below is my answer to Lancelot:

1. UI Parsing
I test Compare button on plugin (yellow), it did not work:
Code: [Select]
[2017-11-08 01:14:02 AM] [Error] Invalid argument [0], must be [True] or [False] [Process_Button="Run ISO with Best Available Virtual Machine",1,8,21,23,298,75,Process,virtual-desktop4848.bmp,0]

Interface parsing need more polishing, and some of them are undocumented.

For example, according to WinBuilderN.chm:
Code: [Select]
cmpButton : Caption,Visibility,Type,X,Y,Width,Height,SectionToRun,Picture,[ShowProgress],[Tooltip]

However, many interface commands has more arguments than spec:
(Which seems to be duplicated, especially section and showProgress)
Code: [Select]
Button_Download=,1,8,403,21,24,24,DownloadXXX,DoubleJDesignRavenna3dArrowDown0016016.bmp,False,False,_DownloadXXX_,False,"__DOWNLOAD Plugin"

At least in compare button, the command is just using different notation (0-1 vs False-True), it will be fixed easily.

2. System,RescanScripts
Utils\Downloads -> Update\Downloads\ button work  :thumbsup:
but 1 missing:
Code: [Select]
did not work.

System,RescanScript command was fixed in recent build.

3. View log on-the-fly
Log :
If we can have an active log screen (line by line - maybe like debug log) to see what is going on during process,
 So we can feed back for bugs and other related things

PEBakery already have this, just click the Log button in upper right, and click Build Log tab while buliding.
LogWindow is capable of displaying log on-the-fly.

4. PEBakery-specific variable
A PEBakery system variable would be nice
what you think ?

Variables like %PEBakery% (True/False) will be useful.

In fact, PEBakery already have its own-defined variables.
%Version% is always 082, to assure compatibility with this line in 1-files.script:
Code: [Select]

Instead, %EngineVersion% for integer version (Ex 090), %PEBakeryVersion% for string version (Ex 0.9.0 alpha) was added.
In current version, it is recommend to use %EngineVersion% to detect PEBakery.

If 1-files.script is patched not to make an assumption of "%Version% is always 082", then %Version% can be patched to have value of 090 or higher.

5. System,Rescan
Code: [Select]

I theoretically invent System,Rescan syntax to give a PEBakery special command example.  :wink:

System,Rescan command is good idea.
Just for information, in current build, using System,RefreshInterface will reload plugin internally.

6. Buttom Image transparency
.bmp files on plugins prepared to have transparent background


It seems white and black is interpreted into tranaparent color in WB082, am I right?
While I think using png or svg is more suitable for transparency, I will try to fix this if I have time.

7. Plugin Cache Database
Restarting PEBakery is very nice and VERY FAST  :cool: :great: :great:

Note that change of the PEBakery version will flush the cache.
It is to prevent plugin corruption by internal change.

8. Variable in command name
In some plugin, variable is used in command name.

Code: [Select]

PEBakery does not support this grammar, since it parses plugin before execute.
That is why PEBakery can auto check syntax error even though it is not building.
Supporting this will take too much time, but with too low reward.

Fortunately, this method is used only in few plugins (notably in VirtualTest).
I propose this line should be changed like this:

Code: [Select]

What do you think?

Here is a Korean translation:

Code: [Select]
REM chcp 949
REM -------------------------------
Set ___DistLang=ko-KR

::Set ___Accessibility=접근성


Set ___File_Tasks=파일 관리
Set ___Compression=파일 압축
Set ___File_Copy=파일 복사
Set ___File_Find=파일 검색
Set ___File_Unlock=파일 잠금해제

Set ___HD_Tasks=디스크 관리
Set ___Defrag=디스크 조각모음
Set ___Diagnostic=진단
Set ___File_Undelete=파일 복구
Set ___Imaging=이미징
Set ___MBR=MBR
Set ___Recover=복구

Set ___Network=네트워크
Set ___Remote_Connect=원격 제어
Set ___Firewall=방화벽

Set ___Portable=무설치

Set ___Security=보안
Set ___AntiSpyware=악성코드 제거
Set ___AntiVirus=백신
Set ___KeyFinders=키 확인
Set ___Passwords=비밀번호
Set ___Unlockers=잠금해제

Set ___Supplementary=유틸리티
Set ___Forensic=포렌식
Set ___Games=게임
Set ___Graphics=그래픽
Set ___MultiMedia=멀티미디어
Set ___Office=오피스

Set ___System_Tools=시스템 도구
Set ___Debug=디버깅
Set ___Explorer_Addons=탐색기 부가기능
Set ___HW_Info=하드웨어 정보
Set ___Registry=레지스트리
Set ___Windows_Setup=Windows 설치

Set ___Virtualization=가상화
Goto :eof

Non-unicode CJK encodings (such as EUC-KR, Big5, Shift-JIS) uses its own 16bit encodings, and it is not compatible with european 8bit encoding (ISO 8859-1).
In fact, CJK encodings themselves are not compatible with each other.

I could not get .cmd files work fine here with unicode, unicodebom, utf8 ....

Add your taiwan support with
Call Local_Apps-Win10pese_zh-TW.cmd
As long as I know, Windows consoles always default to system legacy encoding.
So if you want to avoid "chcp 65001" the UTF-8 directive, the batch file should be split per encodings.
(For example, [ko-KR] or [he-IL] section of [Build\Format.script] plugin uses this method.)

Talk about other things ... / Re: PEBakery Test Build
« on: November 05, 2017, 07:18:52 AM »
Build 20161106 : * PEBakery_20171106.7z (3850.22 kB - downloaded 21 times.)

Many bugs has been fixed.
Most notably, Infinite loop at 1-files.script was resolved. (Caused by faulty Exec command implement)

- Plugin syntax check feature was added.
  Click the new check button under plugin refresh button.

Known Issues
- When building Win10PESE, it crashes at 1-Explorer.script.
  It is caused by circular reference of variables.

Talk about other things ... / PEBakery Test Build
« on: October 31, 2017, 03:58:01 AM »
I need your help to support Win10PESE correctly in PEBakery (a WinBuilder 082 alternative).

Build 20171031 : * PEBakery_Alpha_20171031.7z (3848.4 kB - downloaded 33 times.)

In theory, all commands used by Win10PESE had been implemented in August.
However, there are so many bugs, so I have been writing unit tests for months.

The biggest problem is the infinite loop in "1 - Copy Files" plugin.
When PEBakery builds Win10PESE, the program will cause infinite loop in "Build\1-files.script."

Log File : * LogDebugDump_20171031.7z (225.89 kB - downloaded 13 times.)

(Note1: This log is written in PEBakery text format, not in WB082 html format.)
(Note2: If build is force-stopped, then 1-files.script will set to "Selected=None", and should be changed back to "Selected=True" manually.)

I noticed some parts of plugin are designed to try again if failures are detected, but could not trace exact cause.
Can anyone figure out this problem?

Source (Licensed under GPLv3):

How to test
Extract PEBakery.exe and Binary directory into the root directory of Win10PESE (aka %BaseDir%).
Run PEBakery.exe with administrator privileges.
.Net Framework 4.7+ and Windows 7 or upper is required.

You can export your own log into text format.
After build, press Log button, goto 'Build Log' tab, choose the correct build, then export.

It is strongly advised to backup your files, a single bug can corrupt your system!

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Korean IME Support for Win10PESE
« on: October 22, 2017, 09:11:19 AM »
Korean IME is updated to v25, to catch up Fall Creators Update.

While v1703 required inputhost.dll, v1709 requires mtf.dll.
Code: [Select]
// Additional dependency for Windows 10 v1709
Echo,"Copying additional dependency for Windows 10 v1709"

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Install .NET Core 2.0?
« on: October 04, 2017, 02:40:38 PM »
Currently .Net Core is not supported in Win10PESE, and not in plan.

Many efforts are invested in following Windows 10 update, so it would be better to research yourself.

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: AMD/nVidia drivers?
« on: August 26, 2017, 05:46:18 AM »
You should use "Drivers\Driver Integration" to integrate custom drivers.

Or, try "Drivers\Double Driver"'s "Export Host Drivers" function.

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