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LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:03:34 AM »
New Script: Reg2Srt Konverter V: 1.0

Converts from a registry (.reg) to the LiveSystem pro format (.Srt)
Requirement: LSP V1.1.0.3
Developer: Kare

Useful for script-developers, Support Unicode.

Download at UpdateCenter (App) under Utils.


LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: June 29, 2017, 05:24:22 AM »
Hello PE - community

A new LiveSystem pro project is ready.

What's New ?

The problem with the Explorer in Win10PE project build 15063 is fixed. The Explorer now runs error-free.
All WinXP-Win10PE projects now run on Asian Windows sources.

LiveSystem pro

- Window size is now saved
- Command: StrFormat, FilenameEx added.
- Interface element: FileBox, file filter and active section added

- Build 10563 freeze the explorer fixed.
- updated, build 15063, device manager icon was now displayed correctly.
- 7zip script updated

Win8PE, Win8.1PE
- Asia Support
- 7zip script updated

- Asia support
- 7zip script updated

- 7zip script updated


Thanks to the LSP team.

(translate with google)


LiveSystem pro / LiveSystem pro support 15063 build - update
« on: April 19, 2017, 09:51:41 PM »

On 11.04.2017 the new MS Creators Update has been officially released.
The LiveSystem pro project supports the new Windows version in version 1102.
I would like to inform you, which yesterday 2 new scriptupdates have appeared,
Which eliminate the errors in
Users who already have the version can download updates from the download center.
The LSP-Builder knows when to start again.
The other option is to reload the new project.



Google translate


Ok   :smile: Lancelot we are old friends, near 10 years.
One should not forget that


LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: April 18, 2017, 05:33:39 AM »
Hello PE community

A new project V1.1.0.2 is online.

What's New ?

Finally, it is possible to change the window size of the LSP builder.
At the request of some users it is possible to attach files to scripts.
Even with large files, the builder does not slow down.
The new Creators update (1703 15063) also runs in the Win10PE project.
Since it is the first version, is still to be seen as beta.
It can be that some things are not yet running.

LiveSystem pro

- Command: System, Macro, On / Off added
- Error macro, permanent fixed
- Attachment support added
- Image compression method changed
- Build start process optimized.
- Window Resize added.
- String, format removed
- Math, parameter Decimal places added
- LSP UpdateCenter updated.

- PEInit: Shell function integrated
- Update, projectvar, Fixed bug with permanent

Lsp editor
- Syntax highlithing improved
- Up and down button changed.
- Fixed bug with # $ x ...
- Chm file updated and improved
- Changed to PEInit Shellloader (PE mode)
- Uefi Boot, "Shut Down" and "Restart" added
- PECmd.exe removed
- PENetwork script updated (MaineCoon)
- StartisBack added (MaineCoon)

- Build 15063 1703 support added
- Changed to PEInit Shellloader
- Uefi Boot, "Shut Down" and "Restart" added
- <Ctrl + Altgr + Delete> Added support
- Added StartisBack 10 (MaineCoon)
- PENetwork script updated (MaineCoon)

- Win2003 64 bit support added
- GetCDWin.exe is updated.
- VWWare script updated
- PENetwork script updated (MaineCoon)

Thanks to MaineCoon and Team


Its a nice discussion.

WB and LSP are platforms for the development of PE projects.
When the development began in 2011, the goal was to develop a 100% builder.
During this development, I had to realize that many things at the WB are solved very badly.
Much is chaotic and it makes no sense at all to make the same crap again.
That is why I decided to go a better way.
The goal is to make simple scripts.

If you compare the WB and LSP projects, think it has succeeded.
Look at the WB scripts, they are Mega-Librarys.

WB Projectsize 4 * 200 MB
LSP Projectsize 16 MB

The Problem, even if "Ied206" program a new builder, the scripts remain the old.
Whom we now generally talk about the WB and the LSP syntax, if there would be better.
Of course, you could save it all.
You do not need to develop a new parser.
It would be enough to use an open source code in the Au3 format.
Autoit has everything you need to create a PE.


LiveSystem pro / Re: Getting started questions
« on: February 20, 2017, 11:03:19 PM »
Hello Homes32

We can also write in English. If I do not understand something, then the Google translator helps me.
To 90% it is sufficient. Reading works well, only with the letters I have my problems.
Now to your questions.

Question 1:

We discussed in our German forum last week whether we should include a function in the LSP builder
To attach files to a script.
From the program, it is not a big problem, most of the work is to find place in the Builder Gui.
It stands on my TodoList. You might prefer it.

Question 2:

Troubleshooting and requests can be requested from me. Error messages are welcome to make the builder better.
Wishes should correspond to the LSP philosophy. The reason why this builder is. It should be so simple and fast we can be.
Sincere wishes are being implemented. I care very much that my source codes is cleanly programmed.

Question 3:

The development of the software e.g. LSP-PEBuilder, LSP-Update-Center, LSP-Editor, LSP-Admin and the other tools are in my hand,
And are programmed in my spare time.
The LSP basic project (WinXPE, WinVistaPE, Win7PE, Win8PE, Win10PE) is also developed by me.
Of course I have in the German forum a small team of 3-4 members who help me with the scripts and tests.
Scripts which are uploaded in the update center come from our team.
Without this team, it would not be possible.

Question 4:

The (original file) is the project script. In this script, project-specific variables, macros
And settings. This is, so to speak, the original file.
The Project.cfg (Working file) is the file by which the project stores the data when it is created.
There are then stored variables, macros which are added.
By pressing the Start button the is copied to Project.cfg to get an empty Project.
Then only the Project.cfg continues to work.

hope this help.


LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: January 31, 2017, 11:23:04 PM »
Good writing but Wrong.
 Macro Library is only another plugin that is all.
absolute wrong. if delete the Macrolibrary in WB-Project ----> nothing work.

LSP do not have feature to support a Macro plugin.
 LSP not having Macro feature make it impossible to convert plugins we wrote to "lsp scripts"
 .... and with other things, to me LSP not usable to anyone else to develop projects

Wrong. LSP support Macros on the first release.

Macros work in both Builder absolute equal. The different is only the define.
LSp does is with a command. SetMacro,...
and Wb like a variable. Thats all.

Is better you read the Tutorial.

Ex.: (only in German)


LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: January 27, 2017, 05:42:10 AM »
Thanks, now delete old mails.

LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: January 27, 2017, 04:40:12 AM »

The native syntax would not be as far apart.
RegWrite is 95% compatible.
File and directory are 80% compatible.
Small things at the if-then statement.

The problem of a port is the WB Mega-Macro-Library.
Due to the many Winbuilder errors, the native commands were replaced by macro commands.
The result, it will become increasingly difficult to convert scripts.

A 64 Bit Builder.exe was already present in an old version.
Since there was no demand for it, I did not create a 64 bit version.
It is not a problem to create a 64 bit exe.


LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: January 27, 2017, 01:07:10 AM »

Thank you for your test and the info.
The Livesystempro project is based on your good work.
Unlike WinBuilder, it is a builder that is still actively developed.
The projects and scripts are easier and faster.
For the user, it is definitely better that there are several systems.

The line for the sound is inserted into the next version.

The LSP editor is in the first version. Think that some improvements will come.
If something does not work so, please a short message.


LiveSystem pro / Re: News
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:56:34 PM »
Hello love PE - community

After almost a year, it is time again. The new project version is ready.
The main focus of this update was the Win 7 and Win 10 project.
The Windows 7 project received a new file list.
The advantage of extracting the files is now faster.
In Windows 10, build 14393 is now supported.
Sources with Multi-Mui are no longer a problem for the Win10 project.
Since this version, there is also a script editor with syntax highlighting, and a new help system.
The help function can be called with the <F1> -key or in context.
Detailed information with examples can be obtained by marking a command via the help system.
In addition, the builder now has a commandline mode.
A few minor flaws have also been eliminated.

Thanks to all involved for working on this project.

LiveSystem pro
As shown in Fig.

- Command: Txtaddline, error with spaces removed
- Faster processing of the interface elements.
- Interface variables, errors with | (Pipe) (thanks to MaineCoon)
- command, interface state, parameter exchanged and several elements possible
- Error while importing script fixed (thanks to Feelgood)
- Command: System, ProcessMode error fixed
- Variable% ProcessMode% in% BuildMode% changed
- Added Commandline support
- Command: SetReqFile Parameter CaseBack added
- Command added: GetDistLang
- Names changed from HiveLoad to RegLoad
- Names of HiveUnLoad changed to RegUnLoad
- Added LSP script editor
- new help system integrated

% ProcessMode%
-processing mode = 0 "Start" button
-CMD = 1 "Commandline" 0: -Button = 2 ">" button
- = 3 Interface element [section]

- new file list integrated

- Win10 Build 14393 Added support
- Audio-Srt, driver integration completes
- EFI Support
- Multi-Mui support capable (ex: MX-es)

Update Center V1.0.1.5
As shown in Fig.
- Determine the download size bug fixed.
- Error while importing script fixed

Thanks for TheOven based-Project.

Translate with Google

Kare (CD-RW)

LiveSystem pro / Re: News
« on: February 17, 2016, 08:05:29 AM »

A new update from our LiveSystem pro project is finished.

What's New ?

the Windows 10 project is included. Based on the project of SPSTAR and ChrisR. Thanks a lot for this.

In almost all areas, there were changes.
For example, The Update Center would improve.
Now to each Script descriptions displayed.
PEInit scored No extra commands and parameters.
PE2USB can now also format FAT32 partitions.
Projectname from Multi7PE_SE to Win7PE changed.
The complete package with 4 projects only has a size of 22 MB.

LiveSystem pro
- Read interface variables, variable resolution removed
- Eliminated InireadPos error.
- Internal Variables% Year%,% month%,% day% removed
- Command: Time, Hour, minutes, second removed
- command: system GetDate / GetTime added
- command: CopyFile / ReqFile, parameters, 2
- PE2USB, FAT32 is supported


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Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Winamp in Win10PE x64
« on: December 08, 2015, 06:02:50 AM »

you are right. WinTypes.dll help to work Winamp in Win10PE x64. Thanks


Win10PE SE HomePage / Winamp in Win10PE x64
« on: December 07, 2015, 08:26:00 AM »

First thanks for the great project.
I tested audio on win10pe. Build x86 work great but build x64 have problems with audio player winamp.
The audio driver install without problems on x64. the musicplayer show the message  "direct sound driver error...".



Win7PE SE HomePage / Re: Adding DotNet and Shadow Explorer
« on: June 26, 2015, 08:14:44 AM »

Do you like show shadowcopies in PE. Try my RestorePointPE-App.
It works without Dontnetframework and is development for PE-Systems.
Supported WB and LSP-Projects.


64 Bit Version is possible.

Here the LSP-Script. Simple to convert to WB Projects.

Code: [Select]
Title=Restore Point PE
Description=Analyse Tool
pcheckbox1=False,Run from ram (boot.wim),0,3,12,5,150,18

Description=Analyse Tool
pcheckbox1=False,Starte vom Ram (boot.wim),0,3,12,5,150,18

Echo,Kopiere Dateien..
set,%ProgramTitle%,Restore Point PE



LiveSystem pro / Re: News
« on: May 03, 2015, 02:21:34 AM »
Dear LiveSystem pro user

It's that time again. LiveSystem pro V is ready.

In short, the most important new features:

The last LSP project had many virus messages. In the new version has been taken,
that virus scanners no longer often strike. .exe Files had to be changed for this reason.

PE2USB is now available in version Various message boxes when creating a stick no longer occur.

In WinXPE project there is a new hive-sif.exe. This file has been further optimized.
They needed instead of the 22 seconds Processing time only 8 seconds.
The basic project is now completed in under a minute.

The Win8PE project now copes well with Windows sources that involve a Install.esd.
The file is processed directly, and another convert not needed.

Live system per
- Bug RegWrite MULTI_SZ un EXPAND_SZ
- Command: System,GetFreeSpace added
- command: System SetPeinit added
- Command: System GetDriveType added
- Command: System GetFreePEinitNo removed
- Command: WebGet, added parameters for unknown file size

WinXPe project
- Eliminates virus messages in Hivesif.exe
- PE2USB.exe updated to version
- PE2USB script updated

Win7PE project

- WimLib updated to
- PENetwork script updated.
- Base File Extra script updated
- PE2USB: updated to version

Win8PE project
- bug in audio script fixed
- WimLib updated to
- Win8.0 Startup init bug fixed.
- Win8.0 SidebySide integrated
- PE2USB, updated to version
- PENetwork script updated.
- Support Install.ESD added
- Variable %InstallWim% added
- Driver Integration Win81 64-bit Fixed
- Fixed TCP / IP Registry Compatibility, Error fixed
- WOW64 script macros removed 6-10 seconds faster.

Thanks to MadMax, MaineCoon, Bazii and FeelGood for their tireless efforts.

Translate with google.


Talk about other things ... / Re: The future of winbuilder
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:44:56 AM »
You know I 'm not the English powerful. Therefore, I understand only 20 % and the rest must I together tight to me .
It may be that we misunderstand us .
Builder :
We discuss this topic since years.
Some like the builder and some may not .
So it is with all in life . Personally, I 'm not unhappy about it.
In any case, it makes a lot of fun who comes out a finished PE after pressing the start button.
Of course I agree with you . The project Gena he can not build .


Talk about other things ... / Re: The future of winbuilder
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:55:06 AM »
Hi Chris
Your improvements I've looked at . You can release the Select the source manually.
As you have noticed , the LiveSystem provides a lot of opportunities per builder to get to goal . The new Builder covers many needs that are not present in ancient builders .

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