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So far sounds good.  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

For logging, I intend to use SQLite database.

I believe with main log file as SQLite database,
 this also can be converted to simpler and smaller html or txt .

Another idea is:

when PEBakery.WPF.exe starts,
it creates list - order of plugins

when you add new plugin you need to use refresh button
---> with increasing number of plugins, it becomes a bad idea. :thumbdown:

when PEBakery.WPF.exe starts,
it creates list - order of plugins
and save at a database (SQLite database or txt or ini or whatever)

when PEBakery.WPF.exe again starts, it reads list from databse
=> PEBakery.WPF.exe startsup faster, refresh is required rarely,

Also keep in mind.
we will need a syntax to add new plugin to available list:
- copy a new plugin to project folder
- than inside codebox or plugin a command like:
- will add new plugin to list quickly (without need to Refresh)

This is what I am planning:
1) Implement WB082 compatible builder <- Current status
2) Propose new PEBakery file format and grammar
3) Write converter, and convert all plugin into new format
There can be easier 1b) in future.  :wink:

and 1) does not have to be full, enough to run current SE projects is good.  :thumbsup:
 We already do not use many features, you do not need to implement.

and feel free adding new syntax to 1)

I wish my best luck, sad I do not have any free time.

I hope JFX , Galapo , ChrisR and others have free time to give more hand.

See You

Hi mobile_pe,

.net is something mostly not preferred on a PE so do not take much my interest.

Plugin created with support of contributers and added to projects.

so far nobody yet interested to .net 4.5 inside Win7PESE

so it is on your hands now.  :thumbsup:


Plugins / Re: .NET Framework
« on: March 25, 2017, 08:46:59 PM »
Above mobile_pe post continues here:

Hi ied206,

I wish my best luck.  :great:

First of all, winbuilder is a batch engine, not a script engine.
It is like cmd.exe ---> blabla.cmd

name changed to "winbuilder" to catch "popularity" on internet, that is all.

Do not worry about license,
 comma based script or batch was popular at old times ,
 See AutoIT v2 help file

 and winbuilder developers re write manythings in pascal to avoid license issues,
  you write on another languages so you avoid too.  :wink: :thumbsup:

Think current projects that way :
 You are creating a project with lots of .cmd files
 -> Than you think it will be better to give GUI for some options (old pebuilder users had such demand)
 --> With GUI You can have internal editor
 --> With GUI You can have download option
 -----> ..... evolution  :wink:

Is there any opinion about language improvement?
A looooot.

To me most critical,
winbuilder use wrong kind of memory management,
 very wrong log file which cause big log and + with bad memory management cause winbuilder hang ...

also winbuilder can not ignore encoded files during read of a plugin + bad memory management = cause slow down of big sized plugins during execution and during interface edits.
=> we use workaround with File Container plugins.
===> but initial execution of winbuilder cause too much time with increasing number of plugins following bad plugin management with bad memory management.

I think some commands should be deprecated or redesigned.
Some commands already deprecated.  :thumbsup:
 When you search current project files, you will notice some commands (and some variables) never used.

I believe
can also be depricated.

Any information and opinion about variables system is also helpful.
It is very same like cmd.exe

+ There are internal variables (int1)
you can see them at log file. (side by side with script.project variables)
 --> lots of them deprecated since they are redundant.
  ---> search project files, you will notice lots of internal variables never used.
   -----> design bug of winbuilder, developers add so many variables they cause slow down of process. (redundancy)

+ There are internal variables during execution of a plugin (int2)
 %ScriptFile% %ScriptTitle% %ScriptDir% -> after executing a plugin automatically created
 %RegDataType% %ExitCode% -> during some operations (%RegDataType% not used inside plugins as far as I know)

+ and other variables up to projects, some stored inside script.project and Macro Library.

....... Lots of to write ....

Keeping in mind, you are creating a batch engine like cmd.exe, rest is long to write but simple:
 batch.exe starts and gets internal variables  (int1)
 when you select a project at left tree, batch.exe gets variables from script.project
 when you big blue, all batch files executed one by one following execution order.
  during batch file execution
   -> for each batch file internal variables created (int2)
   -> for each batch file [Variables] and than [Interface] values add to variables temporarly
   -> than start at [Process]
   -> after batch finishes, all batch variables cleans from memory,
   -> at start of next plugin there is (int1) + script.project variables (+global variables if used inside project)

Above is simple summary,
 there is global variables (only used by MacroLibrary) declared at script.project
 there is also plugin Macros defined side by side with variables

I hope summary gives you a better picture on your design.  :great:

1. Button control
According to WB document, button control has operands up to 11.
However, in production, it has various length of operands.
documentation not updated regularly in past.
 some interface elements have tooltips ,
 executing a section to button added (only used at SE special plugins due to incompatibility)
 and winbuilder automatically adds empty values.

You need to test things to figure out.

ps: during execution of a plugin, not all [Interface] elements adds to variables, only the useful ones.

2. UI Controls to be deprecated
I cannot find usage of CheckList in Win10PESE.
If there is no demand for this, can this be deprecated?

Ideas about new UI control is also good.
CheckList very rarely used,
here is last time I see:
Downloads\AppYGS\HD Tasks\Runtime Software ALL

3. Encoded File Format
as long as you can decode, I do not think there will be problem for compatibility.
 during evolution lots of formats tested,
  at that time there were programmer contributers, but like project developers they were kicked out from development.

JFX and Galapo may help better during internal development of builder since they know better about internals and annoyed about bugs.

And at last JFX can better touch plugins with new builder...

It would be good to see a good working open source builder with a good evolution to better.
 Something we sadly miss and mostly workaround during development of projects.
 At least we designed projects and plugins in a way to be compatible to a new builder which will help to a new builder development.

I wish my very best luck. :cheers:


Well hehe520,

As a Chinese user,
 let us know when you figure out so we can add to FireFox plugin.  :thumbsup:


you can not copy or move a project plugin to another and expect it work.

Win7PESE have its own .net plugin.

Trouble seems to me,
There is no contribution to Win7PESE project for .net 4
Maybe there is no .net 4 on Win7 cd  :cool:

you can get ideas from other plugin of other project,
 but in final you need to create a .net 4 plugin for Win7PESE
  and better contribute around  :wink:


Test with
Tweaks\Korean IME
plugin enabled

maybe helps


Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Update Plugin cannot download problems
« on: March 24, 2017, 06:04:36 AM »
Update Plugin
works fine

I just extract latest zip and use Util\Update

all downloaded and updated fine.

Check your internet connection.


Hi ErikW,

I just updated Network plugin, so these 3 drivers (inf+sys=6 files) only copied from driverstore.

Network Plugin v52 available on all servers now.

You can create new empty plugin by using
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed) --> small "e" button at bottom right of plugin
This will give you same template with all plugins available on servers.
You use a bad template  :wink:


You seem to be stubborn like me  :great:

Well I like "shortcut" arrows along with "symbolic link" arrows so I do not disable this personally.

If your theory missing resolution blackbox is right,
 than providing an ico with all resolution should fix problem better.

maybe ex:

If you are interested on such test, since you can reproduce, let us know results.


Win10 / Re: I can not see the mouse cursor before the shell
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:13:01 AM »
I solved it temporarily by another method ~ ^^
(Adjust order in pecmd.ini)

Good , yet another mystery.

unlike other normal users who feedback:

I admire your wit and constant secrets.  :cool:

Thank you ~
Have a nice day ~

Hi Tony4219 ,

I added your transparent.ico workaround to explorer plugin on server. (now v46)  :great:

You can create new empty plugin by using
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed) --> small "e" button at bottom right of plugin

This would help you to add such things to projects,
 and share without any confusion . ex: modified old version - new version on server.


Questions and Support / Re: AOMEI Partition Assistant
« on: March 18, 2017, 08:48:11 AM »
Hi Paolilla,

Thanks for feedback.

I do not have "Load Driver" failure but I get "Loading please wait..." failure on my tests.

I made some tests to figure out what is missing on plugin,
 but could not figure out with limited time.

   If you can specify which file missing let us know.

ps: Pro and Std version have same set of files,
 and both cause error with "Loading please wait." here.

See You around

Talk about other things ... / Re: Driver Updater
« on: March 18, 2017, 07:36:56 AM »
Hi Prz42,

trashy works on driver things these days,
maybe trashy tools can help you, or you can feedback for new features.


Welcome ErikW,

I added your vwifimp.sys addition to Network Plugin  :thumbsup:
Network Plugin v52 available on all servers now.  :cheers:

I hope this leads to next step on a better fix.

I wonder if those files are really necessary.  Maybe they are installed in some other way on the old Win7PE SE project.

There maybe 3rd party driver on your old Win7PESE probably via "Driver Integration" plugin

You can figure out which driver used for wi fi on your Win7PESE with "Double Driver"  :wink:

Let us know when you can test.

You can create new empty plugin by using
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed) --> small "e" button at bottom right of plugin

See You around

Provide .net 4.5 application that does not work.

Provide : give link or whatever

iernonce.dll must exist on your source.

use official source when using project.

Plugins / Re: Plugin Creator
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:11:53 PM »
Hi clsven,

Default settings made to easily create new plugins with a simple Plugin Creator interface for new users.

I can add more options following your request in future :thumbsup:
 but it requires development time I do not have these days.

I feel you are creating many plugins at once, at least you can do:
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed) plugin

+ Enable Do NOT Rescan

--> create all your new plugins quickly,
--> once all finished
--> and you organize to your personal folders

--> move your plugins with personal file names

On "Plugin Creator Packed" , Hit green "Rescan Plugins" button.  :great:
--> You will get all your plugins visible on builder now


Hi Zee,

why not use 3rd party ?

\Downloads\AppYGS\Network\Remote Connect\

I use "VNC Real" - server - nicely for years ,
 And Ammy Admin and TeamViewer served me well during emergency,
  In one case, I even once used "Smart Phone" -> TeamViewer -> PE

Talk about other things ... / Re: Driver Updater
« on: March 08, 2017, 09:53:46 PM »
PE base driver updater.

Can you clarify:

Do you mean -> Adding a driver
from PE
to windows on disk

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