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If,#3-,Equal,-,Echo,"Download File - Parameter Missing%,Warn

One of the doublequote is missing in Echo,"Download File - Parameter Missing%,Warn.
I found this error while testing Macro Library with PEBakery, WinBuilder seems to ignore this.

I guess I misunderstood your question.

Thinking you work on IF syntax on PEBBakery,

I only remind IF syntax used double inside plugins since supported by wb.

And gave more info about that.

Win10PESE\Main Configuration
Code: [Select]



I am not sure what you are after.
Sadly I can use very limited time to feedback these days....

- I386 folder packed to BootDI.wim and Program Files folder packed to Program Files.wim, both .wim files inside ISO or directly placed on USB.
As far as I can remember, you can not mount Program Files.wim inside iso (cd) to another folder.
Not sure about removable USB (Usb flash disk)

I hardly remember VMDK container is there to workaround mount to folder
 and writable folder. ( some utilities (Program Files) requires writable environment)

- After boot, I would like to get both I386 and Program Files folders on X: drive, or alternatively on two drives, B: and X:. I would like to avoid use of VMDK container and Z: drive.

Let us know when you find a way to success.

Do not worry about drive letters.
There are optimized reasons for default settings.

When you get B: X: Z: , you have top optimized settings. We do not occupy drive letters just for fun.  :wink:
- To me , not necessary, but there should be even Y: to get boot device letter for wimpack+wimboot , just to remind Y: is special.

You can disable B: hence you lower your %Temp% and other Temp area and limit yourself with fbwf.

See FAQ:
How to build Gena without ramdisk ?


Good part is , such organization is complex and hard to organize with normal batch files or scripts (vbs, autoit) and harder to maintain,
 Instead as a new user you get all these done nicely  :wink:
    and decide to make more and more experiments to get things for your taste.  :great:

I guess only missing feature at WimBoot (and BootDI) is
 get Program Files out of .wim/.img inside .iso
 with other words
 "Do not pack program files"

Or there is already such feature but no tutorial about it.
 If you are interested let us know.

Well Personally I only use CreateISO alone :tongue:
 So far these are info as far as I can remember with limited time without tests...


Gena Plugins / Re: WimBoot: SETUPLDR.BIN missing
« on: Today at 12:03:24 AM »

Thanks for feedback.  :smile:
Just updated WimBoot plugin.

See if it is ok now.  :great:


Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Directory name is not valid
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:55:55 PM »
First make your build following instruction on Main Plugin of Win10PESE

Using plugins standalone is valid only after first build.

Thanks for feedback ZYX,

new "XPE - pnp multimedia" plugin on server.  :cool:

I do not use "XPE - pnp multimedia" on my personal PE so far, this development so far continues with feedback,
here are tips as far as I know.

You can use yellow compare button on "XPE - pnp multimedia" plugin to see changes of plugin on server
Finals\1 Optimizations\"Post Processing Tools" plugin also have "Update Infs" and "InfCacheBuild" --> see related links on this plugin
Drivers\6 Other\"HWPnP" may be required for some devices to work.
See info at
Downloads\DriversY\"Driver Add"
to understand more about 'UpdateInfs' "HWPnP" and other driver related things on PE.

See You

Macro/Command Support / Re: Syntax error in Section [Download_Files]
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:43:01 PM »
Thanks ied206,

Macro Library updated to v43r76 with your fix.  :thumbsup:


keep in mind, there is rare double if inside plugins
There is NO 3 or more if inside plugins
In history due to winbuilder bug reasons,  we intentionally avoid 3 or more If - Later in time we clean most of double if.

For your builder, We can convert all "double If" to "single If" ?  :great:
just let us know.    :thumbsup:


Plugins / Re: PluginManager - for managing project plugin selections
« on: April 17, 2017, 11:02:38 PM »
Hi Galapo,

Since you are busy,

I updated
Utils\Update XXX
on servers with disabled and hidden preserve settings checkbox

when you update PluginManager.exe
Also update
Utils\Update XXX
--> Psrv_Plugin_Settings_CheckBox visible , default true


Plugins / Re: Internet Explorer 10 Script
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:37:45 PM »
Hi Yoshi-X2

Follow steps at FAQ topic

with title:

My Build Fails (or Halt or BSOD or any other trouble) - What to do

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Error report
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:36:12 PM »
Follow steps at FAQ topic

with title:

My Build Fails (or Halt or BSOD or any other trouble) - What to do

you have a plugin creator tool..

There is:
Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed)

play with it to learn syntax about creating shortcut.

there is also help document...

There is:
Macro Library

spend some time to learn syntax side by side with Plugin Creator Packed.

I assume you will follow feedback.


If you compare the WB and LSP projects, think it has succeeded.
Look at the WB scripts, they are Mega-Librarys.

WB Projectsize 4 * 200 MB
LSP Projectsize 16 MB

Hi Kare,

Since you copy projects here on code level, you already know projects here includes packages ready to be used out of box.
Flash is 20 MB
FireFox 71 MB
And you pretend not to know, and compare and say wb mega library....
Come on...

Your builder-project not containing such packages is your decision.
Success is you own your builder-project that is all.

and lsp can not support wb syntax is not about wb code written bad,
 it is because you could not design and code lsp that way.
  Well it is your words you wrote me when you start coding lsp.
  Now Today You like to excuse lsp inabilities with wb known bugs
    Come on.....

I can write more comments to your Spam Advertisement post, I do not have time, Enough is enough.

We suffer from Spam Advertisements in the past,
 Where winbuilder developers jump to topics to advertise their projects,
   with bended logic kind of advertisement,
    The exact way you do here.
     Time proves someone who codes a builder with project jump to topics to spam advertise.   :lol:
      Now same as winbuilder developer psc, LSP developer Kare - CR-RW jumps to spam advertise after 8 years.....

One of reasons we open forum is to suffer from such stupid childish activity we faced more than 8 years ago.

We first open LSP section for your project and builder here,
we support your project this way, we do not tolerate childish activites.
Play Fair at TheOven.

Current topic is not about lsp wb compare, it is ied206 designing wb compatible builder.

So Kare, stop such thing, NEVER Again.
 I do NOT tolerate Spam Advertisements  :horse:
  Next time you will be banned.

2 posts here
Writing 'WB Compatible Builder', questions about WinBuilder language
will be moved to LSP section..


Hi Martt,

Time ( 8 years) prove your suggestion simply sabotage any existing development  :wink:

Instead we develop projects and improve to better since 8 years time instead of starting everything from begining.  :wink:
 Development forward gains big free time than development circle.

Still, javawinbuilder, LSP goes that path having their own foreseen troubles....
There is also builder independent batch files (Powershell , CMD) on internet, or project special builder I saw in the past. (closed source exe)

To me as written before:

Free Limited Time Evolution should go step by step since there is no programmer team that can transfer all projects and all plugins with new syntax.

or give me big money, I can do all in 6 months on Silicon Valley by hiring a set of programmers at a newly created company.  :tongue:

So natural path should be first rescue with compatible builder (partial compatible is enough as written on current topic),
 than this will open big gate
  + to develop new syntaxes even with new extensions (than your suggesions may count by developer)
  + or even support using known extensions (.cmd, .ps) out of box...
  + and many things....

Kare (CD-RW) Spam Advertisement moved here

Anyway, too many things to do with Free Limited time

Let's see what ied206 will do in time.


Win7PE SE HomePage / Re: BuilderSE.exe halts on 62/63
« on: April 17, 2017, 09:07:31 PM »
Follow steps at FAQ topic

with title:

My Build Fails (or Halt or BSOD or any other trouble) - What to do

I just think it would be really cool to have a OS RAM Windows with a PE sidemode  :cool:
Win10PE SE have such option via

Win10PE SE\Finals\Logon as Admin



Gena Support / Re: 2017-02-04 doesn't allow a root of drive as Source
« on: April 17, 2017, 09:01:23 PM »

Thanks for the feedback,
Main Plugin (script.project file) updated.

You can download new Main Plugin via small green download button
You can use
Utils\Update Gena (Exact and Secure) -> Update button


Hi Prz42,

version - filename mismatch with your plugin.

Since you do not only update but make many changes inside plugin,
Till ChrisR decide to put your changes to plugin on server,
better you change plugin: Prz42

and hide du buttons.  :wink:


Plugins / Re: AOMEI Backupper Standard
« on: April 09, 2017, 09:23:43 PM »
Hi clsven,

to download Prz42 plugin, use :

\Downloads\AppYGS\HD Tasks\A0MEI Backupper Standard & Pro

Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi

Hi pstein,

I guess you find bug with PluginManager
I just report to PluginManager author :

Plugins / Re: PluginManager - for managing project plugin selections
« on: April 04, 2017, 01:36:50 AM »
Hi Galapo,

following this topic:

There is a problem with plugin manager and here is the way to reproduce:

+ download any project (082 used during test)
+ Utils\PC Packed -> hit "Example 7z" button
+ Utils\PC Packed -> hit "Gooooo" button
+ See AppsMy\2Prepare\FS_Capture plugin on builder
+ Utils\Update XXX --> Update button
+ After update See AppsMy\2Prepare\FS_Capture plugin on builder
--> you will get error "List index out of bounds (0)"

Reason behind:
PluginManager changed this:
pTextBox1=,1,0,1,43,75,21,,"__'Start Menu' Folder"
-- to this --->
pTextBox1=,1,0,1,43,75,21,"__'Start Menu' Folder"

Maybe there is other faster way to reproduce ....

Keep in mind, Utils\Update -> have PluginManager.exe inside
so when you update PluginManager.exe
update and TEST both plugins :


I hope easy to fix, without having free time I leave rest to you.


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