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Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: 10PESE in German C't magazin #21-2017
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:50:45 AM »

had a look at the project. Nothing really exciting except some special apps like 1 year licensed versions of drive snapshot or speed commander.. They talk about a .NET problem they had last year, where the build process obviously modified .NET paths of the host system you built on. This should be fixed in ctnotwin2018. I have never experienced such issues when I built Win10PESE.

The did not "verschlimmbesser" it ;) It is working OK but as mentioned, I also do not see anything they improved.

As mentioned they gave credit to ChrisR and the other team members, and explicitely mentioned that it's not their tool,

Just make sure you uncheck the option "Lite version:...." before building. This is at least how I am using it. Attached 2 screenshots.

You can then simply double click a bitlocker encrypted drive and enter the password (in case you used that option during encryption) or specify the recovery key (also load from usb).

Win10PE SE HomePage / Default Internet Browser Associations
« on: March 23, 2017, 04:58:22 AM »
I tried several browsers meanwhile but experience the same issue with each of the plugins.

File associations work fine (url, http, https), after answering the "how do you want to open this file dialog". (BTW, is there a way to avoid this popup and just go ahead and use the program associated?)

Here is my problem now. There are some programs (for example Ransomeware File Decryptor, Virustotal Uploader) which also try to open a browser to navigate to a Website.

They obviously try to invoke the browser in a different way, As for example clicking the link in the Ransomeware tool does not seem to do anything. The uploader is also not able to open the browser to show the result website.

I played with the default programs settings a bit, but could not resolve this. I know this worked in the past, but am unsure what step made this fail. I am running with German Win10 Source, no admin login.

Thanks for your help...

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Win10PE SE across network
« on: March 23, 2017, 03:03:18 AM »
I think what happens is the following:

When you boot local from CD/DVD you should see 2 drives.

X: - RAM DISK OS (PE, based on BOOT.WIM in sources folder on CD/DVD
Y: - Full content of the CD/DVD - including the sources folder and programs folder on the CD/DVD. Drive Y is assigned based on a tag file on the CD/DVD I think.

By default, most of the tools are not embedded into the RAM DISK (boot.wim), but are located in the programs folder on the CD/DVD (plugin option "RUN from CD")

When you boot over network, you will only see drive X: (RAMDISK OS based on sources\boot.wim) as described above. As the CD/DVD itself is not available after boot to the machine, you wont have drive Y -> hence you are
missing the programs folder and therefore all the programs located outside the RAMDISK will not be availalbe.

What you could do is use the plugin's option to "RUN FROM RAM". This will put the files into the RAMDISK instead of the programs folder. However, this will increase the BOOT.WIM size and there are limits in how big that file can be when booting over the network I think... May be others have better ideas.

Win10PE SE HomePage / FYI - Win10PE SE on German CHIP magazine
« on: October 05, 2016, 05:31:11 AM »
I know there were some discussions about licensing and (re-) distribution rights of Win10 PE SE for a German magazine called CHIP.

Just got the new magazine (11/2016) and there is indeed an article about this great project. I just had a brief look and it looks like they really did nothing special in the sense of adding anything custom...They provide the Project "as is" on the CD. The article itself briefly explains how to prepare and build an ISO, and how to download and add additional tools using the downloads option for the different project servers. They mention this forum here ( in one sentence.

If anybody is interested in more details, let me know and I will take another look.


I am wondering what is needed to enable printer support. Background is that we use Win10PE SE from time to time to open incomming attachments from unknown sources in a secure environment. I am talking about Office documents (using libre office) or PDFs (Opera as viewer). The reason we use Opera and Libre Office is that we can re-render the documents as PDFs... and eliminate any scripts or dangerous code by using the built in PDF Printing method. However, it would be handy to just print to physical printer and hand the prints out to the end users, instead of transfering them back to USB, then transfer to production network and send via email or file share, just to have the users then print them themselves...

Also tried to install a PDF Printer in PE... to be more flexible regarding the applications we print from. But this fails due to print spooler server.

So long question short... do you guys see any chance to add printing support? Or is it there already and I missed it? (via Plugin maybe?)


Thanks for sharing. I was playing with a vbscript and some external tools to capture mouse Position...but your solution works perfectly.

Also think it's the Win10 network default security. I had issueswith my NAS.

The PENetwork Component has a small button named advanced. Click that to expand the list, make sure to check "change default security" and enable the older protocols. I attached a screenshot.

Win10 PE is great and I love this project... just have a quick question:

For me (only?) the show desktop function in Win10PE SE is not working, while the peek desktop works fine. It is also not possible to enable the show desktop option by right clicking the bottom right area (peek desktop shows enabled and works).

I searched the forum and the only hit I had was a note from August last year saying that this "would still now work"... nothing since then.

I know this is kind of a cosmetic issue, but as I am used to minimize windows using the mouse, I stumble accross this again and again.

I am very willing to help troubleshoot but am kind of lost on where to start from. Is there any chance that this will be addressed somewhen?

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