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did you add "wirednetworkicon":false, in UI_WIFI\main.jcfg?

>All versions prevents desktop icons loading (none of the desktop icons loads if the program runs)
that sounds new issue, but odd :confused:

How you start the winxshell.exe?

What if:
after the explorer.exe have been loaded(the desktop icons showed), then manually run the command:
Code: [Select]
winxshell.exe -ui -jcfg UI_WIFI\main.jcfg

winxshell.exe will auto get the desktop area, and move to the right-bottom corner.
it been the zero corner maybe have some relation with no desktop icons.(get the desktop area rectangle failed)

1.try winxshell.exe in your normal windows 10, to see if it showing in the right corner.
2.try to kill your explorer.exe and run:
Code: [Select]
winxshell.exe -winpe
rem wait 1 second
winxshell.exe -ui -jcfg UI_WIFI\main.jcfg

more details of your PE base.
which version of Windows 10?

Hi, vvurat

quick answer:
see Reply #74, download that version and set
"wirednetworkicon":false, in UI_WIFI\main.jcfg.

same issue was feedback in Relpy #62.
your PE's network component is not full functionally,
It freezes on the left top corner when
detecting if there is a wired connection to show the wired tray icon instead the wifi icon.

as only teik report that issue, I think it was the PE is not correct.
as you also have the problem, I will make this fix in next release version.
for now, I updated a description to link the direction to Reply #74 the first post.

Hope that will fix your problem.


Thanks for testing it.

The icon can't define in WinXShell.jcfg. it will make the config file being mess.
Like normal Windows, in the  %USERPROFILE%\Desktop folder(for most PE it is X:\Users\Default\Desktop),
create a shortcut for your program, then it will show on the Desktop.

for more information:
the StartMenu shortcut in %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
the quickLaunch shortcut in %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

good to see you make progress in bit :thumbsup:

I am good in coding than tracing.(I hope I can do it)
as I develop some Windows program,
the SYSTEM session also called as LOCAL SYSTEM ACCONUT(LSA).
in the session has high file privilages but no NETWORK service access privilage.
so this make IE , printer work hard.
teamviewer need Administrator account.

I hope there is a way to have a option for runas Admin not to
switch to Admin session.


another 3rd_filemanager is in JS_QUICKLANCH section,
it is for the explorer button on quicklauch.
mainly some file manager will start in last folder,when you want to always open "my computer", you can set some paramater for that.

auto refresh thing, can't work with winxshell, unless hook the API or change one byte of shell32.dll.
(different version will be different position, make it hard)

you means others shell can work, actractly thet are not "shell".
they don't have desktop are they?
GetShellWindow() return false for them.

your windows 7 PE is work ok?
right click desktop, the context menu show after freezing 1 min,
the shell block in 1 min.

I was fix that issue, I will upload in weekend.

thanks for the feedback.


in winxshell.jcfg,
there is a "3rd_filemanager" option can be set to X:\\Program s\\Q-Dir\\Q-Dir.exe.

but the auto refresh function issue will remain.
for the global hook, there is another way --- change a byte of shell32.dll's code for GetShellWindow() got failed.
but different language version's shell32.dll maybe different.
so that is not a good solution.

my research was in 2016 year, so I test the chartv.dll on v1607 and it works.

v1709 must be something changed.

I make a file diff with which one can have the progressdialog, and remove device manager(dmd*.dll), mmc*dl,

with my wimbuider, quickly found(1 hour) the require file is:
chartv.dll and a new one --- OneCoreUAPCommonProxyStub.dll

and export the registy(CLSID,INTERFACE) of this file, it worked.(reg file can be merged in booted PE, no need import in offline mode)

the patch --- ProgressDlg

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00













with this research I finally figure out the minimal registry items of the INTERFACE.

try yourself, I have no time for uploading a gif animation this time.

Hi, Lancelot

I hope I could explain.

Sorry I will not be able to post more about this stuff, very very busy at current part of my life.....

OK. take your time.  :thumbsup:

I got it.

assoc with custom extension for this.
this is not  hard part, can adding a simple laucher.vbs(/install /uninstall /otheroption) for the feature.

thanks for the idea.

my baby  is going to be born, next will be my very busy part of my life,
before that I have little time to make the demo, and I post it for collectiing advises,
I will far from computer some months, so the coding thing will be hard, but my mind can take time to think about the design....
so this thread been posted.

Hi, Lancelot

Sorry, I don't understand your image.
Do you mean you want make different plugins selection when the GUI loaded?

just put a config file, when the GUI open, with loading the settings.
    build1.config(JSON format, key=value format ini-like also OK.)
             "pCheckBox5" : false
                  "CheckBoxB" : true,

GUI can save as ... the plugins selection to file.
one project can have many build playbooks.

GUI -> batchfile
and, the selection value,can be set to the environment variable table,
and cmd.exe will got the value.
or write to temp/build_87281.config, the batch file load the file to build.

I have a idea: create a UI stuff to configure some settings for builder, and call a batch file to create a pe wim file.

there are lots selection to create a UI, but I thought if the UI create with base JS,VBS,HTML skills,
more people can contribute to the builder, not just send request and waiting others to do that.

here is a simple demo for verificating some capability of building a wim PE file.

  • access the file system to list the project folder(s)/file(s).
  • load "plugin/patch" config files.
  • call dism.ex,7z.exe,xcopy.exe,reg.exe,etc to modify the files and registry.


HTML+jquery+vbs/js+css=>HTA (all of them are text file, so the builder UI just in 41.0 KB)

* (41.07 kB - downloaded 21 times.)

Here, I want to get some advises or some Cannot be solved/endured defect, to appraise how far should I do with the work.

I download the en-gb_windows_10_multi-edition_version_1709_updated_sept_2017_x64_dvd_100090819.iso,

and do nothing change for this, it also works.

I don't know how you adding the two file to new wim file. maybe you should try with my wimbuilder.

(just simple dism.exe mount/unmount wim, and xcopy some files batch script, I don't know why your process didn't be worked.)

again, I upload the animation and use hash.exe to confirmed the MD5 value as yours.

DD_feature_WINRE(en_gb).gif   size:2MB  animation time:03'30

try to switch to the Administrator session.


I upload the worked process with winre.wim.

only add dcomp.dll,DataExchange.dll(others already in winre.wim) and explorer++.exe, and dd.reg.

yes, using the the x64-bit ISO and files.

MD5 Checksum: 76E39748CBE29EDC274D474B557A29FB
SHA-1 Checksum: 23E33347BE67242E7A95EF34502070A2C6CCA46F
SHA-256 Checksum: C835324A6B229B02B2095858B03A9A1A99ECDC838A53ADBD630F5A0FDE818946
SHA-512 Checksum: 86A00A336A3B75B6401E5EFF3C70905264B9318006B776B65A5BB02D3B9AF1700D77D05A71DB5960475362D04B48D6F088A5A00C8AA9A5272D098C12258F8205

no need your wim, because I use

to replace the boot.wim and remake the BOOTPE.ISO, this doesn't work as you said.

if I have time I will compare the files,regs in winre.wim with boot.wim see what need be added.

add DD feature with the DLLs and reg works fine.

add dlls and copy regfile to make boot.wim.
* (1520.21 kB - downloaded 8 times.)

test the DD feature in PE.

* (1249.79 kB - downloaded 9 times.)

they are GIF animation, please save as ... to your PC, and watch they.

EDITED(upload animations to github):

you can watch them in github.

the dlls and registry tested on setup boot.wim(Windows 10.ISO), not the ADK.
you can try if it works on the boot.wim.

if it works fine, try to compare the orgin setup boot.wim with your ADK PE.

and for the progress dialog, someone tell me the WinRE.wim is already have it.

when I test the setup boot.wim, I find out it need:

Code: [Select]

and Interface\* registry.

60,000 Interface registry items I deleted and test, and safety remove 40, 000 items.
make a 180kb interface items for the progressbar.

but I didn't make the clear items. and all the 60,000 Interface items is only 600kb in compressed.
needn't waste the time for that.

I hope this will help you.

Hi, noelBlanc

if you make the flayout UI work in PE, that will be more excited.  :lol:

Hi, teik
winxshell will list the available dimensions. you need integrate the drivers.
I run your ISO in Virtual Machine, it list 800x600~1600x1200 dimensions, and works fine.


 I figure out why you can't do it work by yourself. There isn't any sample about a little details for JSON format.
the "\" character need to be escaped with another "\".

for bob.omb's main-modi.jcfg, do next change will startup PENetwork.exe when click the Network Settings.

Code: [Select]
      "command":"X:\\Program Files\\PENetwork\\PENetwork.exe"

also without any change, It should open the Network Settings Window, but I tried it,
and the explorer window be BLOCKING... so, your PE has some issue with LAN stuff.
(maybe same issue source for UI_WIFI be BLOCKING.)

HERE is another issue, when I change it to PENetwork.exe.

It worked for first clicking, but after that will no any effort when you click it.
when I clicked the PENetwork shortcut in startmenu, It also don't show the
main setting window but left tray icon on the right bottom tray area.

if you know there is some option for show the main window of the PENetwork when PENetwork.exe is already runing,
 you may change the main-modi.jcfg like:

      "command":"X:\\Program Files\\PENetwork\\PENetwork.exe",

notice that there is added a comma after the "command" line.



I figure out why the new version can't work on your PE.
not the "theme" stuff, or the "class" stuff.

I detect if there is a avalible wired connection, so show the wired icon on tray.
but in your PE it BLOCKING in few minutes, so wifi window blocked on the initialization phase,
the trans thing and adjusting the position operation didn't run, also no wifi connections.

maybe in some PE leak wired LAN services or some support file will be that, I will try other way to detect the wired network state.
for now, I just make a temporary fixed version for you, you can add a line
Code: [Select]

in UI_WIFI\main.jcfg to avoid detect it.

if someone got the WIFI window BLOCK, try this version for that.if the WIFI window work fine, no need to download this.
* (857.96 kB - downloaded 32 times.)
* (735.93 kB - downloaded 16 times.)


sorry about the delay I'm on limited time this week but should be focused this weekend(today)

you are doing good things(share for the others), but don't be so rush, take your time.

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