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Hi slore,
I have a doubt. I would like to leave it as in the picture I indicated when I started Win10PE. How can I do it? To be seen in the taskbar and not with the other icons. I describe the situation because I do not know how this section is called in other languages.

I like how the first image looks. The second one that hides the indo does not like me. How can I do it?
Thanks for everything and greetings.

Hi bob.omb,

Thank you very much, I see that you are learning a lot and you are doing a very good job. My sincerest congratulations.  :great:

LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:40:35 AM »
Hi MaineCoon,
Thank you very much for answering. I imagined that it would be for something new, but asking me that way, I felt more at ease and discarded that it was an error of my configuration.  :thumbsup:

Hi bob.omb
Would it be possible to make one of the Edge browser? I like its design but I think that in the base it depends on the Internet explorer.
Regards  :thumbsup:

LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:11:36 AM »

The code is: es-ES   Spanish - Spain   0x0C0A
I would love to help you in everything I can, as long as I know how to do it. For some people, the language is a problem, and being able to facilitate this path to other colleagues would be very good.

- One more thing. (StartIsBack10) Create two empty entries in the menu. One of them called "Startup" and another "Applications". Do you know what can be wrong?
I use: Iso windows 10 x64 16299 is-ES Professional.
In StartlsBack I select: Default1 and Plain10.

-Finally: How would it be possible to add your own program? For example, driver or file recovery.

Greetings and thanks for answering my message earlier.  :cool:

LiveSystem pro / Re: LiveSystem News
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:57:15 AM »
I just saw your new tool: LifeSystem. I am writing to you, in case you need help to translate it into Spanish. I can help you, so that it is also in Spanish. If you send me a text with the "names or words" in English, I can translate them.
Thank you very much for reading my message.
A greeting greet and encourage him to continue improving his software.

es-ES locale updated without version change in plugin linked above...

Hi bob.omb
Thank you very much for including the changes. One more detail, the (Right-Click Desktop) I leave the translation in Spanish. In case you can do something to include it. I change it manually in the script, but in case you give it a spin and you get it put.

Display Settings =Configuración de Pantalla


Hi bob.omb

I congratulate you for incorporating more of Slore's work. I love it and each of the parties is integrating very well. Now, I have little time to try, but tonight I will include it and comment.

The idea of including the shell as a native I love. The truth is that once executed it weighs very little. The current shell will occupy several megabytes while it does not occupy a part of four. These days I will try to have more time in case you decide to include and test. I will be available.

Slore has done a magnificent job and I would love it to be fully included.

Regards  :great:


A few small changes in the translation to make them look good.

es-ES Shutdown botton

"Apagar" id="Power"/>

"Cerrar Ordenador"

"Apagar" id="Shutdown"/>

"Reiniciar" id="Restart"/>

"Hibernar" id="Hibernate"/>

"Suspender" id="Standby"/>

For the rest, everything works well and without problems.

Hi score,
First, thank you very much for the explanation again. Now it works. The "\\" was the necessary detail. Now I can go testing little by little. I really like the result. It works perfect.
I thank you for being so quick in your answers and helping you understand the code.
As you saw in my ISO, it only lets you select a screen dimension and I do not know what it may be due to. Know something? For me they are the perfect dimensions for the tablet but not for the PC. I think it's something of the integrated drivers. The screen rotation if you do it correctly.

Greetings and I hope to continue seeing how your great project evolves. The next step is to include the explorer that has the functions just and necessary for me. I will continue commenting here. Congratulations for your enormous work.

Hi slore,
I just tried the new configuration and it works. Thank you very much for trying the Win10PE that I sent you. I'm glad you could detect the error. I apologize if I confused you with my indications of "class" Sorry.

-After I will try again to include the execution of PENetwork. I have tried with your explanation that it is very clear, but I can not get it started. Now that you have the ISO that I sent you, could you check if the commands you indicated above work? The Network setting button appears and is underlined, but does not start the application. In the afternoon I will continue trying to change things.

Greetings and many thanks for finding the error and give so fast solution.

Hi bob.omb and slore
I apologize if it is my mistake. When bob.omb upload it, I will try and comment. When I want to add PeNetwork, it is possible that I did something wrong. I do not know.
I will comment when when I download it.
Thank you very much for the image, it looks good.

Forum Support / Re: Add install.wim to my Win10PE
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:19:18 PM »
Hi, James and bob.omb
I have always used WinNTSetup. I know it's faster and more comfortable. But I had thought about creating a simple and fast option that involved only two touches (like a shortcut on the desktop) that started directly with install.wim.
For now I have created a shortcut.
Greetings and thank you both.  :thumbsup:

Hi, slore
Sorry for my bad explanation.
That line if you eliminate it: the rectangle goes back to the lower right corner. But the rest of the functions like the WIFI list does not work as you said. Only the position is corrected. As indicated in the previous image, it appeared in the upper left corner.

All this in Win10PE. This visual failure only occurs with the boot.wim (Win10PE).

In normal windows 10, it works perfectly without touching anything, according to its download.

Greetings and apologies for confusing you.
For me, if you want to go back to the previous configuration and that the folder keeps a name fixed, it would not be a problem.

Hi, slore
Delete the version and download it again. But it looked like it was in the upper corner again. Trying to delete and put again, I realized that if I remove this line from main.jcfg:

Code: [Select]
"class": "CDUIWIFIWindow",
Line 3

It reappears in its correct position. I do not know what that line refers to but it causes Win10PE to move and can not be selected. The previous version works without problem. The new version if you eliminate that line returns to its correct position, below and right.

I have tried the previous version of WinXShell.exe old and the rest of the new version without touching anything of the main.jcfg: Everything works well except the color.

In windows all work well. The error occurs in Win10PE.

Greetings and I hope I have helped you as much as possible with the error. If you need more tests, just let me know.

PS: In the previous version I had also downloaded the trans: 190 and no problem.

Hi slore

First, thank you for your explanation. You have really explained it very well and simply for me. I apologize for my awkwardness by programming. I am a lawyer and I dedicate myself to programming in my free time, like a hobby.
I have perfectly understood your explanation. Thank you very much.

Second when I was in my Win10PE, I launched the application and this happened to me that appears in the photo. The window has opened directly in the upper corner on the left. In normal windows 10, it opens correctly. But in the different versions of Win10PE, it happens that it opens up. Do you know what is due? With the previous version this did not happen. I attached image, since it also blocks transparency and does not allow me to select anything.

Greetings and many thanks for your explanation of the code.  :smile:

Forum Support / Re: Add install.wim to my Win10PE
« on: January 10, 2018, 10:59:26 AM »
Hi James.

It is a possibility but when booting, enter directly with the setup.exe application. If I delete it, I leave after having direct access to it.
So I was thinking about copying install.wim and setup.exe in the source folder, but I do not know how to create a shortcut on the desktop to this executable setup.

Regards  :thumbsup:

Hi slore and bob.omb

Thank you very much for answering so fast slore. I will try downloading and manually adding the virtual keyboard application. The truth is that the new changes of subject I liked a lot.

The idea that you have had to separate this very well. To be the user's choice. Please, do not forget to include es-Es.xml

Finally, ask how the PeNetwork application startup could be included as a link, for when some configurations are missing?

The network cable icon, I can not prove it. I only have one tablet and it only has a wifi card.

Finally slore; I do not know if you know this. I usually use shared connection from my mobile (android) Is it possible to add the USB cable connection to this version? For now it is not possible in Win10PE. Do not worry it's just a question that came up.


Hi slore
I just tried the new version. I love that you can include the dark theme with the words (-theme darkgray) is perfect.

Code: [Select]
(maybe define a ClickAction in main.jcfg to open the PENetwork.exe will be good for PE.)

I would love that idea. With a direct button to open it for all the necessary configurations. You have had a very good idea.

Regarding the OSK button, now it opens a virutal keyboard, but in my Win10PE it does not perform the function, since the osk.exe executable is not found.

Last of all, I would like to thank you again for adding the transparent effect. That effect is perfect. A very good job that is appreciated.


Forum Support / Add install.wim to my Win10PE
« on: January 09, 2018, 03:53:55 AM »
Hi everyone.
I have my Win10PE customized to my liking, which starts in ram. On the other hand I have a windows 10 iso custom with the drivers and the \ sources \ $ OEM $ folder with my personal programs.
What I would like is to create an icon on the desktop and run the windows installer. With all the windows gui, which allows you to redo partitions visually. But I do not know how to do it.

1st I think that the executable that starts is located in /sources/setup.exe. It is right?
2nd Which files of the iso should I copy so that it works correctly?

What would you do? I know there are tools to link with iso for its installation, but I would like everything to be in the same iso. That is why I have this project in mind now that more or less I have it to my liking.

I await your answers or ideas, greetings and thank you very much for reading the post.  :thumbsup:

Hi bob.omb
I apologize for uploading the wrong file. I had so many copies of the file in folders that I went a little and got the wrong one. Here is the correct translation. I hope I did not confuse you.

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <MultiLanguage id="::Connected" value="Conectado" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::Secured" value="Segura" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::Open" value="Abierta" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::Connect" value="Conectar" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::Disconnect" value="Desconectar" />
    <MultiLanguage id="msg_enter_password" value="Introducir contraseña" />
    <MultiLanguage id="Cancel" value="Cancelar" />
    <MultiLanguage id="NetworkSettings" value="Configuración de red e Internet" />
<MultiLanguage id="NetworkSettingsMsg" value="Cambia los ajustes de configuración y tarjeta red." />
    <MultiLanguage id="Firewall" value="Firewall" />
    <MultiLanguage id="Proxy" value="Proxy" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::msg_select_device" value="Seleccionar tarjeta red" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::msg_service_unavailable" value="Servicio WLAN no disponible" />
    <MultiLanguage id="::msg_device_unavailable" value="Tarjeta WLAN no disponible" />

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