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I will put a list together by tomorrow, I started to post here but want to make sure first. but Teamviewer alone is worth it.

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: get-disk cmdlet non-functional
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:24:28 AM »
Plugin has been updated on the server by Lancelot.  Update tested and working perfectly. Thanks JFX and Lancelot!  :thumbsup:

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Logon as Admin - AutoLogin
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:11:14 AM »
It did not produce the same result for me. When I select 0 from timer, when booting, a command window pops up and sits there for a second or two.  When I do it the way described above no command window appears and is seamless.  The way above looks a bit cleaner, I am super grateful for the plugin to begin with, just trying to help with snips for anyone trying to get that result. 

Tried to update earlier when server was down for a few minutes (502 error) and exact and secure failed because the connection was down.  Now I am getting the attached error, tried manually navigating to file and it doesn't exist.  Is something wrong with my builder or the server?

Code: [Select]
WebGet -  [] to directory: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Tools\Win10PESE\x86\AU3381.exe] HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

* log_20171015_194500_blupdate.7z (18.97 kB - downloaded 0 times.)

Luckily I have a backup and this issue was worked around, but it is localized to my builder that couldn't connect to the server. Is that easy fix or should I just delete that builder?

For those who wish to have Administrator account auto-login (without the command window), replace your SwitchToAdmin.ini with the attached file.

It is a combination of exact(current as of 1709 -10/15/17),  SwitchToAdmin.ini, and SwitchToAdminPrepare.ini, and it bypasses SwitchToAdmin.cmd

Shortcut, Text-on-Top, and username,options will still function as usual, but countdown options will no longer work because it will automitaclly log in!  :wink:  I would love for this to be an option (checkbox) for LogonAsAdmin plugin but until then we can use this.  :great:

Shown in codebox and attached as 7z:
Code: [Select]
//   Switch to Administrator Auto  //

LOGS %WinDir%\System32\SwitchToAdmin.log

CALL PreShell
CALL workgroup
CALL RenameAdmin
CALL Registry
CALL Services
// KillExplorer only for Shortcuts, explorer is not loaded with Auto-Logon
//CALL KillExplorer
CALL OpenSystemMenucmd
CALL Disconnect


LOGO %WinDir%\web\wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg
TEXT System configuration, Please Wait...#0xFFFFFF L59 T39 $20*
// TIPS  System configuration, Please Wait..,,1,#1

_SUB PreShell

// Mount media USB, ISO to drive Y: Hide Wait
EXEC !=%WinDir%\system32\MountPEmedia.exe

// Fix display screen problems and Show Desktop. Run it once before changing the screen resolution or load a graphic driver.
EXEC %SystemRoot%\system32\FixScreen.exe

//DEVI %WinDir%\inf\xxxxx.inf

// Install external drivers, load external program
LOAD Y:\PecmdExt.ini
INIT IU,3000

_SUB workgroup

// Join a workgroup WORKGROUP, use startnet.exe from PENetwork, to get some network support.
// We must first join the working group, otherwise Administrator can not log in
TIPS  Switch to administrator, set up workgroup......,,1,#1
EXEC != startnet.exe -wg WORKGROUP

_SUB RenameAdmin

// EXEC  = Wait, @background, ! Hide. ex: EXEC =WaitNoHide.cmd, EXEC @!=WaitHide.cmd, EXEC NoWaitNoHide.cmd, EXEC @!NoWaitHide.cmd
// Rename localized Administrator account to Admin
EXEC != secedit.exe /configure /db %WinDir%\security\database\unattend.sdb /cfg %WinDir%\security\templates\unattend.inf /log %WinDir%\security\logs\unattend.log

_SUB Registry

// Disable sihost.exe to speed up the logon. Already done at build time
//REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\EnableSIHostIntegration=#0

// Administrator user logs automatically
TIPS  Switch to an administrator, set up automatic login......,,1,#1
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\AutoAdminLogon=#1
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultUserName=Administrator
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultPassword=""
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultDomainName=WORKGROUP

// GUEST do not need to use the login screen
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList\Guest=#0

// Launch Pecmd SwitchToAdminLogon.ini after logon as As Admin
REGI HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\Init=PECMD.EXE Main %WinDir%\System32\SwitchToAdminLogon.ini

_SUB Services

TIPS  Start the service to switch to administrator, ......,,1,#1
EXEC !=sc start gpsvc
EXEC !=sc start ProfSvc
EXEC !=sc start seclogon
EXEC !=sc start ShellHWDetection

_SUB KillExplorer

//TIPS  Switch to Administrator, disconnect current user......,,1,#1

// Existing current users and automatically switch to Administrator with log enabled, it will automatically execute Pecmd admin.ini
// Kill explorer is not necessary for Auto-Logon but required for Switch to Admin shortcuts
KILL Explorer
KILL *Explorer

_SUB OpenSystemMenucmd

// Auto-Login
EXEC !=PECMD.EXE Main %WinDir%\System32\SwitchToAdminLogon.ini

_SUB Disconnect

EXEC !%WinDir%\System32\tsdiscon.exe


Confirmed working ReFS read/write without ability to format in 1709 PE.  Supposedly product policy change allows formatting, but we are already enterprise? does proforW policy work? (I will try to figure this out)

Initial VM test = positive results. Switching from Pro to Pro Workstation instantly added ReFS format capability to diskpart. Below, I change the Product Key and you can see that diskpart instantly offers ReFS format. EDIT: Plus, I then formatted the volume as ReFS.

from bottom of page 10 below:

I see that this is explained in the comment section of the Direct X Plugin but the syntax of the current fix doesn't appear to be working.  Error still persists with 1709 source.  It can be ignored but maybe IfExist instead? I should've put this in the 1709 build thread, rather than a new thread, but cannot delete.

Line 343 in DirectX 11 plugin:
Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: get-disk cmdlet non-functional
« on: October 15, 2017, 11:56:07 AM »
Is this caused by a script that runs after powershell.script that changes those files? (Need to move powershell fix to end of build process?) - Or is this just an overall fix on the script itself that needs to be done?

The problem with doing it this way is your using the same amount of effort you could be using to learn how to do it the correct way... It's only easy once you learn it, but so is properly creating a build.. This is a bad habbit.  I highly recommend learning how to use the builder rather than rely on someone else's build if you plan on making enough modifications that you would need this tool.

Research and questions / Re: WinNTSetup
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:20:13 PM »
I missed that! Didn't see  :grin:

Thank you! Will update soon

just wanted to show some of WinNTSetup's power!!!

I know it is pretty sweet!

Research and questions / Re: WinNTSetup
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:33:29 PM »
How are you getting the available editions to populate your dropdown after selecting the ISO? I can hardcode "Windows 10 Pro" and other valid names to the wimindex drop section of the wrapper (Basic MBR Install mode) in the dropdown, but if someone downloads an ISO that doesn't have that edition it will error out I'm pretty sure, and very sure it wont work even if it doesn't produce an error.  Is it easy to explain where it can be read from?

*** EDIT

Nevermind I found it here:

But what are you doing do mount the iso? DISM would take a long time, is there a simpler way you use? I appreciate any guidance and will try to keep the questions to a minimum and simple.

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: get-disk cmdlet non-functional
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:54:21 PM »
I get an "Invalid Class" error for get-disk in powershell.  Are you running the powershell script off of the server or have you made your own/changed the provided script?

I have had no success, with ReFS on Pro for Workstations, but I have had very little time and have been making updates to my current PE build. Activation Required for ReFS? *MS_4ALL*** activates ProW then immediately rediscovers and switches version over to education (from MDL).  Hoping its just an activation issue or a problem with my source, will sort it out when I get back home later this evening. It installs fine and shows version correctly but no ReFS visible OOB on first attempt.

I did find this however: <-- For issue with Storage Spaces in VM
From web - "I had the same problem when i tested it in VmWare.
Going from 2 disks to 3 disks.
I resolved it by cleaning the 2 disks with diskpart before creating the new storagespace"

I'm sure you will have to use the above keys, but maybe cleaning with diskpart will break you through problem the rest of the way

Can not delete the storage space. Error 0x00000057

For this error(PE):
Code: [Select]


For this error(Normal):
Code: [Select]
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Did not notice this was the same value as before  :embarrassed:

Research and questions / Re: WinNTSetup
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:32:40 PM »
If I make something to do this, is "-wimindex:1" where it gets edition? index:2home, index:3pro etc?

Can command line WinNTSetup use iso or does it have to be mounted first?

I am not trying to hide WinNTSetup if possible I want people to see it.  I currently have written instructions already prepared for new people, I was trying to simplify for them. If I make wrapper I will show you and get your approval before I do anything with it..

Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Basic iso
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:10:44 PM »
Curious, what does that mean your connection restart at 4gigs? For the month? Or you just can't get files larger than 4gigs at a time? Win10 Install Media (3.5gig) Win10PESE (~270mb)

There is also the FAQ. It has a lot of helpful info too.  Use the one ChrisR linked to get started, if you get stuck check the below link first, if you dont find answers there, come back here. :thumbsup:

Yes, with 15063, it works fine but I do not have ReFS proposed with 16299.15 and Format /fs:ReFS does not work

Are you just confirming this for regular pro edition? Or is this with [01] 07en-US x64 10.0.16299.15 Windows 10 Pro for Workstations | ProfessionalWorkstation ??

From my understanding there will be no keys needed in ProW (except to prevent auto upgrade, which you are saying may not happen) - I am converting ESD to ISO now and checking normal install's ReFS behavior for ProW...

I always want to run current releases but starting to wonder what is involved in porting 3.3 back to 1703.(Most likely not possible)  Having a USB you can boot and access drives on a dead machine is a long time feature of PE would be a shame if can't be incorporated into build for ReFS and MS puts a wall between some of us and our data...Sorry for so much ReFS in this thread it seems to be the biggest change

Forum Support / Re: this site and EDGE
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:53:02 PM »
I was unable to get the captcha entered to register the site with edge I needed to use chrome...  There very well may be an actual issue with edge.  When creating an account. (Win10Pro v1703)

I tested last night ReFS, there is no worries in Win10PE.

Otherwise, I had no success with the previous registry keys for the optional creation or format ability in PE.


Side note: ReFS formatting works perfectly fine with the registry keys provided

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