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Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Critical Process Died
« Last post by mbb on Today at 07:27:09 AM »
I attempted a very basic build using the new Creator's Edition (10.0.15063) on DVD and the latest tools from the matching  Microsoft Automated Deployment Kit.  WinBuilder processed everything flawlessly, however the result on boot from flash drive was BSOD with "Critical Process Died."  Using the same configuration model, scripts, Win10 RTM with matching ADK tools missing from the default Tools folder, resulted in a perfectly usable WinPE10 SE. Can anyone suggest an approach for detecting what is missing in configuring Creator's Edition that would result in Critical Process Died error?  Thanks.
Questions and Support / Active Partition Manager 5
« Last post by VeeDub on Today at 01:19:52 AM »

I have installed this plugin on Win10PESE and while the plugin does not report any errors in the log.

The partition resize option is greyed out in the application.

I can resize partitions on the test system with Acronis, so I think it's something to do with Active Partition Manager.

I was wondering whether anyone else has Active Partition Manager 5 installed on their build and can advise whether resize is available

Thank you

Gena Support / Re: msscript.ocx is not registered in "Scripting Support MS"
« Last post by Galapo on May 21, 2017, 09:18:26 PM »
'Basic\Shells\Core\1 System\05CoreScripting.script' is for the RegFactory set of plugins. The author fxscrpt was amazing, but unfortunately he disappeared and we do not know what has become of him.

Under 'Shells\Core' you will see 'CoreMain'. This is where the RegFactory group is enabled. We haven't tested RegFactory for a long time now.

Gena Support / Re: Error with "iso in iso" in "Creat ISO" plugin
« Last post by Galapo on May 21, 2017, 09:11:20 PM »
Thanks again for reporting - you are the new bug catcher! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I have uploaded an updated version with your fix.

Gena Support / Error with "iso in iso" in "Creat ISO" plugin
« Last post by ZYX on May 21, 2017, 06:21:51 AM »
There is an "invalid condition" error when creating ISO in ISO in the [Gena_ISO_ISO_Process] section, because the If condition has missing Equal. It should be:

If,%Gena_ISO_ISO_patch_setupldrbin_Checkbox%%Gena_ISO_ISO_CAB_compress_Checkbox%,Equal,TrueFalse,Call,Echo,"CreateISO-Gena_ISO_ISO : You must enable 'Patch setupldrbin' with 'CAB image'",Warn,,Message,,Exit
Win10PE SE HomePage / Re: Critical Process Died
« Last post by VeeDub on May 20, 2017, 10:49:50 PM »
OK it looks like the build might be the problem

I've seen a post which says that 14393 is supported - and 14393 = Redstone1
Gena Support / msscript.ocx is not registered in "Scripting Support MS"
« Last post by ZYX on May 20, 2017, 10:19:30 PM »
I am using one program that is based on scripting which I want to use in WinPE. I have Components\Core\1 System\ScriptingMS enabled, but when I start the mentioned program I still get the error saying that msscript.ocx is not registered, so I need to do that manually using regsvr32.

By the way, I searched all .script files in the project for "msscript.ocx" and found that string only in the mentioned plugin, which is visible in GUI, and also in Basic\Shells\Core\1 System\05CoreScripting.script, that is invisible. That second file has a line that registers msscript.ocx, but it seems that that second file is never executed during build. I am wondering now why there are two scripting plugins, one user-selectable and another invisible.
Win10PE SE HomePage / Critical Process Died
« Last post by VeeDub on May 20, 2017, 09:34:44 PM »

So when I test my first build in VirtualBox I get Critical Process Died

I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to troubleshoot this error.

One question that I have is that I'm not sure if I'm using the correct ISO (which I have extracted) for the build.

The release page recommends using which I have done. But when it runs it's not entirely clear (or at least it wasn't for me) which ISO I should download.

So what I have used is:
Windows 10 - Redstone 2 - March 2017
Home / Pro
64 bit

If I have stuffed up here, where should I have looked, because I did spend sometime trying to find instruction on which version I should be downloading.


I wanted a easy way to enable/disable network connections.

SetIfaceState here :

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Warning : this program may not work for non-English Windows. It also has a few 'bugs'.
Using %ScriptDir% in Flash_Add.Script leads to an error with plugins that are not in the same folder. Here is the relevant part of log file:
Code: [Select]
Run - Processing section: [FlashPlayer] From file: [Projects\Yomi\AppY\Network\Mozilla Firefox_KYHI.script]
 [Success] SetVar - Sucessfuly changed the value of [%t%] to: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Gena\Apps\Network\Flash_Add.Script]
 [Success] IF - File exists: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Gena\Apps\Network\Flash_Add.Script] evaluated string: [If,ExistFile,%t%,Run,%t%,Process,%t%]
 Run - Processing section: [Process] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Gena\Apps\Network\Flash_Add.Script]
 [Parameter] with parameters: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Gena\Apps\Network\Flash_Add.Script]
 [Success] SetVar - Sucessfuly changed the value of [%t%] to: [Projects\Yomi\AppY\Network\Flash_Add.Script]
[Failed] Run - Failed to find section [Add_Flash] in file: [Projects\Yomi\AppY\Network\Flash_Add.Script]
[Warning] Halt

It works Ok with Mozilla_Firefox_CR.script that is included in Gena, but not with Mozilla Firefox_KYHI.script downloaded from Yomi.
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