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"Ad Muncher you're free now"
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Ad Muncher, I launched you 15 years ago, and since day one I've felt slightly uneasy for charging people for the faster, safer and more pleasant browsing experience you provide.

 Anybody that knows me knows that I apologize a little too much, but I honestly felt the need to apologize to every single user for making them pay their hard-earned $29.95.

 Charging this way though has allowed me to fund development myself, and I never needed investment or other revenue sources that could interfere with my goal of an influence-free ad blocker.

 But now, with the financial support provided by over 100,000 people, I've decided it's finally time for you to be let free.


 Ad Muncher is normally available for $29.95, plus $19.95 per year after that, but will now be available in the same form as a completely free product.

 All users will receive filter list updates. Weekly to begin with, then daily if our hosting can handle the load.


 Yes, nothing has been changed, we're just moving to much higher capacity hosting, and removing all the anti-piracy rubbish we needed previously.

Re: "Ad Muncher you're free now"
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Blocking ad sites with hosts file is the most effective ad block method. :D


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