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Frequently Asked Questions
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Other FAQ than current topic at main FAQ page:

How To Start Gena Build:
Extract to an empty folder (D:\Oven or maybe E:\Oven ...........)
and double click the executable
on the screen, Click "Big Blue Play" button at top-right
this will get you a screen asking source-cd folder
choose folder :).
Using soucefolder on harddisk recommended to get faster & nicer builds.

Gena Support Which sources ?
How to update xpsp2 source to xpsp3 ?
Check here

Disk Space Requirement:
Gena Recommended with Default Options requires ~1GB Free Space on disk to get successfull build.
Gena Complete with Default Options requires ~1.8GB Free space on disk to get successfull build.
let's say, better have  2 - 3 GB free space  :thumbsup:
Number can increase or decrease to verrry small due to selected plugins and options....
Windows pagefile used enormously by current builder, be sure your pagefile has enough space.
Tip: With default settings Windows use pagefile at C:\ , be sure you have enough space for your pagefile to expand freely.
(This is also "Common Sense" advice to ALL Windows user)

Select-UnSelect Plugins:
Follow picture that demonstrates how to enable-disable A43 plugin

Select-UnSelect Plugin Groups:
Follow picture that demonstrates how to enable-disable plugin Groups:

To get your LAN network work on Real Hardware Check reply 1 here
To get your WiFi network work on Real Hardware Check reply 10 12 here

Small Gena:
Leaving Basic plugin Group Default with only using Create ISO will give you a very small Gena.iso

Boot CD/DVD?
Gena\WriteMedia=>ImgBurn ---> Here click "Start ImgBurn ISO" button to write

Boot USB Flash Disk?
Gena\WriteMedia=>Tutorial Gena Disk Boot ---> Click "Read ME" button and follow instructions.

How to add Custom Plugins?
VERRY Highly Recommended, Follow:
Utils\Share Plugins-->Click "Open 'My Plugins' Folder" button
add your plugins inside a subfolder at ....\Projects\MyPlugins\AppsMy
Tools\Share Plugins-->Click "Get Links From" button where "MyPlugins" selected
you will find your plugins under Gena subbranch  :thumbsup:

I see new folders created, What is the meaing of folders?
Check topic here:

General Advice:
Plugin interfaces talks themselves which are Very mostly easy to understand and follow without requirement to tutorials etc...
Some options requires you first get some familiar with Gena builds.
Basic Group Plugins are for advanced users, or better say for users that get used to Gena :)
Starting with checking plugins other than Basic Group (Components, Apps .... ), spend some time to check plugins and options they provide

Happy Gena Builds.   :hi:
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