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Folders Organisation
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Above picture summerize meaning of folders ;)

Logic goes this way:
Gena plugins and tools (=Gena Project) used to create ..\Target\Gena
During build, for tasks that requires a temporary folder, Temp and Cache folders used.
In the end, Final .iso file (Gena.iso) created under ..\ISO

Here are more details.
Temp and Cache folders are temporary places used during build to get some tasks done.
Cache folder is a reserved place for project specific plugin, leave its organisation to Project Administrator(s).
If you need a Temporary folder for your plugin, use %ProjectTemp% which means ..\Temp\Gena

some tools are in tools folder, ..\Projects\Tools\Gena
If you need to use one of these tools in your plugin, use %Tools% which means ..\Projects\Tools\Gena
not all tools used in Gena build here, we try to keep this folder tidy and use many more tools within plugins to be used mostly at %ProjectTemp% ....

..\WorkBench\Common ( %GlobalTemplates% )
Plugin repisotory folder is the most used folder by end user, where end user provide some files for some plugins.
Mostly, relevant plugins have an "Open Dir" button on their interface, when you click this button a subfolder under this folder will open pointing you the place to put files.
%GlobalTemplates% is same for most projects, hence same common plugin work for all projects easly. :thumbsup:

Having some years of experience  :cool:, Same organisation used by many projects successfully, do not try to alter these settings, better learn.  :thumbup:

Have fun.  :cheers:

for more variables info check reply 4 here
for green button info ->
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