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Questions on implementing 5-Wow64.script
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I'm a bit new at customizing winpe, so please be gentle.  I've been at it solid for 2 weeks and have had a lot of fun with 32-bit winpe.  Here's the situation: my environment uses Symantec Management Platform 7.5, and I would really like to add 32-bit functionality to our x64 winpe4.0 environment.  We are having struggles finding 32-bit storage and nic drivers at times, but 64-bit drivers are pretty abundant nowadays.  64-bit is the way we need to go.

I can customize the hell out of the 32-bit winpe4.0 because there are so many 32-bit apps (rocketdock, bginfo, and others).  I'd like to be able to use the same tools to customize both of our environments to keep management simpler.  We have lots of PCs to manage and would rather keep things running smoothly on those than have to take lots of time to implement a separate toolset for our 2 environments.

Anyway - I came across your script for inserting wow64 into winpe4.0 x64 here (I've inserted spaces): http:// w8pese . cwcodes . net/Projects/Win8PESE/Build/5-Wow64.script

How would I implement this?  I found that simply saving it as winpeshl.ini and throwing into \windows\system32 doesn't work (I've attached a screenshot).  Any instructions on adding this to our existing environment?  We aren't working with MS's tools - we're on Symantec's platform.  I'm still researching what Symantec/Altiris does to the ADK for w8 when it imports it.  I'd love to add other things, but for the moment I really want to be able to get wow64 working with our current toolset.  I have very easy access to the Windows and Program Files folders without having to crack open the wim.


Re: Questions on implementing 5-Wow64.script
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Change your platform to Win8PE SE,
and get your "Symantec Things" work on Win8PE SE

We already have plugins for rocketdock, bginfo, and others, driver integration etc... Many things already solved

It would be nice contibution having Symantec plugins .

We focus on devoloping current projects with available limited time,
Other than that, you already have plugin,  Good luck. :thumbsup:
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