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Re: bug fix/enhancement proposal for "shared" script script...
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Having a bootable final iso using exbuilder-81 does not mean things are running ok, it only means you have not noticed things yet.  :w00t:

I'm interested to see if bugs we know about will be caught before the (so-called) stable release. My guess is no. No one is really looking into real testing of functions, and the test project which Nuno said was supposed to automatically do this is simply a farce (done, as we know, to distract attention away from other things at the time it was proposed). I know because I even contributed a script or two!

I must say, it's a lot better watching than having to worry about all the bugs (known and unknown) which will have to be fixed or worked around, and especially not have to worry about updating scripts to conform to WB syntax changes made at the whim of Psc (some of which done to sabotage other projects, as we know).



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