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Problem with %CDDRIVE%
« on: July 06, 2015, 08:18:29 PM »


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Have been gone for a year, extremely dense cataracts left me nearly blind.
Last eye surgery was in March, I can see again!

I was updating my DISM Gui script, has to be run from root of system drive.
Get waik tool download directory structure changed and a few minor changes to dism gui.

Mind you everything worked perfect in Win7PE_SE_2014-02-03 build but in Win7PE_SE_2015-02-20 I had problem.
Build runs with no errors, shortcuts created OK but click on a shortcut and get error.
Windows searching for Dism6 click browse to locate. (Program name is Dism6.2_Gui.exe not Dism6)
Removed all extra "."  from file and folder name and %CDDRIVE% works fine.
New folder name Dism6-2 (not Dism6.2)
New file name Dism6-2Gui.exe (not Dism6.2_Gui.exe)

Something has changed in %CDDRIVE% macro will not allow any extra "." in file path.


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