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Sadly, previous syntax and codes had troubles:
* not compatible to all active wb versions, working slow, and does not give expected result on some cases.
a better (au3) implementation asked, but not responded by Homes32 ....... (so we have to improve things again)

Checking Macro Library syntax deeply on weekend, I had more and more hesitations for future......
In the end, Macro Library syntax changed, and au3 implemented with great help of BlueLife  :hi:
* quite fast now and giving expected results, and will not require syntax change in future.
( Idea initally by Homes32 here )

to write or read:

[Element] =>Value | State | Position
more elements can be added in future IF required
ex: Title , PosTop , PosLeft , Width , Height , ToolTip , SectionRun , ProgressShow , Size , FontSize , FontType , PositionLeft .........

Currently it seems most demanded are Value and State (State=visible or not), and to keep things simple better continue this way.

using ChangeInterface,Read , result will be %var%
If you use ChangeInterface,Read,.....,MyVariable  ---> result will be %MyVariable%

Position also added,
I personally advice not use extensively since Macro Library development can not hold responsibility for position,
currently wb have first 7 position stable, and rest is jumping around (requires au3 etc.),
my advice, use positions max. 7 - 8 to keep stability on your scripts, further up to you.....

a note for future developers, be carelful (currently) for radiogroup, radiobutton and CheckList
ex: reading/writing 2nd value of a checklist may require additional parameters asides Write/Read.... or read/write 3rd elements title of a radiogroup...
I believe we do not need these examples...., If someone have a looot free time a complete au3 which has all editorial features of wb can be written, and can be implemented to "Macro Library", I hope you benefit from current au3.

Use following, exagarated test package to see what can be done with ChangeInterface,
(includes updated reply 2 ChrisR test plugin)
it will be quite fun and nice practice having simple examples.  :grin: :lol: :great:
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Excellent work! Nice implementation.  :transformer:

AU3 comes to the rescue. :super_hero:

Very good work by BlueLife as always. :thumbup:

Thanks indeed,

Re: ScriptInterface
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Great, it works very well  :yahoo:
Beautiful Blue :) reconstruction in AutoIt with a syntax much more readable and a simplified API  :happy_dance:.

Careful also to the value of CheckBox and RadioButton (True/False) may be a further control or to the developer caution.
Thank you very much Blue Life and Lancelot, your work together remains always good  :thumbup: :happy:.

Another simple example script with 2 interfaces for fun

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