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Arch -- Arch,x86
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( Architecture )

Command very mostly used quickly after [Process] with Arch,x86

Code: [Select]

means, plugin requires 32bit capable Project,
 Generally used with 32bit application Plugins.

When Project do not support 32bit applications,
 during build, plugin exits without adding anything.  :great:

Since JFX created Wow64 plugin, and later with support by ChrisR , yamingw
 All current projects support 32bit applications  :cool:

ps: At a time, Win10PESE not having Wow64 plugin,
 When Building Win10PESE-x64
  all x86 plugins exit without adding any x86 application,
    Success  :great:

Arch also can be used to broadcast other architectures:
Less popular for now, maybe in future, well syntax developed and ready :)

plugin designed for only x64 capable builds.
=> if source not x64, plugin exits.
 (for now there is no WOW for x64 on x86, IA64, arm64.... os ==> only x64 source is x64 capable )

plugin designed for both x86 and x64 capable builds.

Coded by The Great Galapo  :cool:

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