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Re: Wanna run a VM in a VM in a VM...
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Hi JonF,

we are watching silent virtualization war  :wink:

like Netscape vs MS (IE) war you would remember  :smile:
this time Vmware vs MS

MS after failure with Virtual PC (bought from Connectix ) ,
 which to me nice with some features,
 but compared to VMware and VirtualBox very slow ... than MS decide not to improve that.....
  sill was useful on Win7 to get XP-Win7 step with XP virtualization (depricated after Win7)
ps: Better if they did not bough from Connectix  :lol:

Later - During ....
Xen research project at Cambridge University came up,
 which speed up virtualization development
   since based on totally another technology vmware uses ..... (no law suit etc..)
   both MS and Intel brothers jumped in, with big $ power.....
   Even at 2003, Xen was available for XP, which never published ;)
    ms have other plans:
       to develop more and publish on later windows editions (Hyper-V on Windows8)
       with the idea to end XP
       and my guess not letting any other 3rd party to use that on its own os ! or whatever...
       ( remember certification , xen requires special kernel, ex: ms can give certification only to its own application to use that special kernel, etc.... )

ps: Xen needs special kernel modifications, XP kernel patch for Xen never published.....

See vmware respond, starting from at the end of page 9

And race continues.. ,

I am still watching for years now, as a regular user  :cool:

Thanks for news   :cheers:
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Re: Wanna run a VM in a VM in a VM...
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I think you can do that as long as your server can do it.
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