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Update XXX (Exact and Secure)
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:35:40 AM »


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Big "Update" button: Updates all project plugins from server  :thumbsup:

This is the only plugin and only way you can safely update all project plugins.  :great:

Available at:
Utils\Update XXX (Exact and Secure)

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Re: Update_BLexact Plugin
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Plugin updated with
"Preserve Plugin Settings"

so when you update all plugins from server, your plugin settings stays same.  :great:

Credits to Galapo's Plugin Manager.   :thumbsup: :cool:


initial topic post ( June 29, 2011, 06:35:40 AM ) saved :
initial title: Update_BLexact Plugin

Hi all,

I was making my updates with blexact and a set of batches for a long while,
(update with blexact on a seperate folder, than projectdirectories and copy with a batch....)
I decide to make this plugin for my confort, but it became quite good I use it a lot... so decide to share adding some nice cosmetics.....

what it does:
"Start Download" button:
downloads - updates exact copy of project server.

"Copy Project Folders" button:
(I call myself reset)
Deletes all project folders
than restore from download folder

Tip: if you already have a copy of project, click "Open Dir" and copy PE project's "Projects" folder inside

I made 2 plugins for Gena and Win7PE SE ( later Win8PE SE) , it is quite easy to increase number.....

Available on your "Utils"  :rolleyes:  folder

Along with above simple instruction, there are quite nice features which would be easy to figure out  :great:

Do not use "Project folder" ( ex: \Projects\Gena ) for your personal plugins,
 since this procedure make project folder full syncronised with server, any other stuff bye bye,

For your personal plugins use
Gena\Utils\"Share Plugins" or Win7-8PESE\"Share Plugins"
and / or "MyPlugins Add"

January 23, 2013

Edit: 2015.10.24
now all projects have
Utils\Update XXX (Exact and Secure)

available  :smile:
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Re: Update XXX (Exact and Secure)
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Replied here :

Just to my better understanding:
plugin have its own topic

If I perform a "Utils\Update (Exact and Secure)" then WinBuilder checks if there are differences between the existing files
Wrong winbuilder does not check anything.
BLExactServer.exe utility checks differences between files.


in \Projects\ and the available XXX_PC.Script on the remote (WinBuilder) home servers.
wrong, all project folders checked, not only plugins.
wrong, there is no winbuilder server. Servers organised using genVirginLocalFolder.exe utility

If there is a difference then the (Exact and Secure) procedure ALWAYS overwrites the current local XXX_PC.Script file with the remote version.
Wrong logic. If there is difference, there is newer version on server.

There is no check by (Exact and Secure) if the local XXX_PC.Script is newer (and then skip the overwrite).
Wrong, Only new files downloaded after check.
Wrong, You can not have newer file than server.

And there is no other kind of write protection for the local XXX_PC.Script
Wrong logic, you do not follow instructions, Personal plugins are under \MyPlugins_Direct\ folders .

Update (Exact and Secure) only updates Project folders.

As a result, There no need of any kind of write protection for the local XXX plugin.

Procedure is simple:

As Default:
Plugin with BlexactServer get exact copy of server on folder B)
Than plugin optionally saves plugin setting with PluginManager
Than plugin deletes Project folders
Than plugin copy B) to  Project folders
Than plugin restores plugins settings with Plugin Manager

Same things one do manually during an update of a project, only automated by a plugin.

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