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Java v1.8.0.66
« on: January 17, 2016, 03:30:03 PM »

Gerhard S.

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Java v1.8.0.66  64-bit & 32-bit - at present tested with Win10PESE

[2016-01-24]News from :nuke: -center: Next plugin revision is planned.
Some of you may have encountered little problems.
None or even none problems occur with this system configuration: Win10PESE & PaleMoon Browser plugin.
Main application/viewer for Java content is and remains -for Win10PESE- the Firefox and it's related.
This Java script is still bound to Pale Moon (based on Firefox ( Plugin Site )).
==> So, I want to unlink to Pale Moon. Then the popular standard Firefox (plugin) -or the 'FF Light' (KYHI), too- should work with Java.
[2016-01-25] Good and "bad" news:
It's possible. I installed in running/booted Win10PESE the 32-bit Firefox over regular Firefox Setup 43.0.4.exe, link:
 - (FF reads Registry for installed Java). <-- ^^ Needs to create new Firefox plugin.
 Favorable side effect: New Firefox plays Flash ( YT tested) and shows PDF (tested:great:
- Folder X:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\ is 88.6 MB large.
In Java plugin, I checkmarked 32-bit as well as 64-bit version. (have to find out, which of both is necessary)
 - If only 32-bit Java is necessary, I'll probably have to revise the [Registry] section in Script.
[In case of FF 43.0.4] The folder where file 'exception.sites' is located, has changed:
Code: [Select]
Screenshot Win10PESE_________________Windows Control Panel\All Control Panel items
ila_rendered ila_rendered

Plugin GUI


[Executetd in Win10PESEx64] Verify Java and Find Out-of-Date Versions:

ila_rendered<== They publish every month about 1 or 2 update(s); and now our v. is "outdated"  :wink:

First impressions:
Java-applets in WebSites are handled very restrictively. In most cases you have to add a exception for a spezific (the just opened) WebSite - in Systemsettings/Java Control Panel/Safety. (next time you start browser - changes will take affect)
For example:

Edit: This^^ made me think of an idea for next plugin revision: Script/Interface, add a INI-FileOpenBox - one should have the possibility to import? / create text-file with Java-exeptions.

Code: [Select]

ila_rendered ila_rendered

[In case of Pale Moon Browser] Put the attached exception.sites.ini into folder X:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Sun\Java\Deployment\security\
Rename then exception.sites.ini to exception.sites (delete/overwrite the old one)
=> from then these 8 URL's (from above codebox^^) will show Java content.

Script updated 2016.1.18, 12:09 AM (without x86 section)
Script updated 2016.1.18, 02:13 AM (with x86 section, bugs fixed)
Script updated 2016.1.19, 02:23 AM (replaced all 0x1 -> 0x2)
Script updated 2017.4.02, 02:08 PM (count=151. Corrected line 149 only, as user sirjaymz has mentioned it at April 30, 2017, 06:46:18 AM. (not further tested!)

At this time I'm not able to produce a stable PE. For example: Copy & Paste text/files from anywhere to anywhere in PE ==> Exeption error and execution halted. I'm at the beginning of examination computer's problem(s). LiIon BatteryPack is defective.
So, until solution - no Plugin developing activity.
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Re: Java v1.8.0.66
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Please update line 149 ,

    ShellExecute,Open,%Tools%\7z.exe,"a -t7z -r #$q%ContainerFile%#$q #$q%TargetDir%\%ProgramsFolder%\Java\*.*#$q"

to a corrected syntax to allow the 32 bit version to work

    ShellExecute,Open,%Tools%\7z.exe,"a -t7z -r #$q%ContainerFile%#$q #$q%ProgramFilesDir%\Java\*.*#$q"

I would have put it in a 'code box' however, the site says 'You/I can't post external links.


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