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Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:28:09 AM »


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Yomi Package is ready  :cheerleader:


It is a project to add General Plugins to other projects.

An advice is, only download plugins you need, you do not have to download all.

See Tutorial topic to download plugins from Server
Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi

Index of files can be found here:

In time it will grow more ;).

Just to clear: this is not a project to hold all available plugins on internet or current forum (it would be very insane  :w00t:)
You can find some plugins on internet (blogs, webpages, forums), or quickly make your own by using
Plugin Creator:

Idea is to ease finding some valuable plugins (up to project admins, Currently Lancelot , Galapo , ChrisR).
Not a new idea, practiced by me couple of times figuring out difficulties and work on solutions for some years,
 now with bluelife's link creator, along with well organisations on projects (Special Thanks to JonF and ChrisR),
 and at last with good working Macro Library,
 with very recent Galapo server adjustments, now possible  :happy: :dance:

    How to download new plugins from Yomi Server :
Easy Method:
You will notice
Available on all projects  :thumbsup:
 Just select the plugin you want to Download, it is very easiy  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

See Tutorial topic to download plugins from Server
Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi

Old School method:

Here is a step by step demonstration at reply 1

+ On builder, right - top click download
+ at right bottom of screen you will find a button with "chain" icon (Add a new web server), click on it
+ Write
at the popup screen and click OK.
A List of plugins will appear.
Select the ones you want to download.
be sure you download script.project at the bottom of list (this is Main Yomi plugin)

How to use:
After download, at main screen of "Yomi",
Select The Project to share,
and click "Share Plugins With" button.

Than you will See plugins at "Selected Project" branch  :thumbsup:

See: "Newbie (and quite possibly stupid) YOMI question"
Check Q: Where to find other plugins ?

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Re: UNDER Contruction
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Always check Yomi Index to see Latest Plugins

List of plugins 2016.02.10 - 518  Plugins

( 2015.11.09 - 428  Plugins )
( 2015.10.24 - 399 Plugins )
( 2015.08.18 - 149 Plugins )

2016.02.10 - 518  Plugins

\AppsGS\File Tasks\a43_JGL
\AppsGS\File Tasks\ant_renamer
\AppsGS\File Tasks\HxD
\AppsGS\File Tasks\TinyHexer
\AppsGS\File Tasks\TreeSizeFreeware
\AppsGS\File Tasks\WinMerge2_12_4
\AppsGS\File Tasks\Compression\IZArc
\AppsGS\File Tasks\Compression\UniExtract
\AppsGS\File Tasks\Compression\WinRAR
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Copy\FastCopy Shirouzu H
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Copy\ycopy
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Find\AgentRansack
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Find\AgentRansack_File
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Find\FindOnClick
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Find\superfinder
\AppsGS\File Tasks\File Unlock\Unlocker
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Acronis Disk Director_WinPE
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Acronis TrueImage 2015
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Acronis TrueImage 2016
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Acronis TrueImage_WinPE
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Acronis TrueImage_WinPE_2015_14_13_12
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Active Disk Editor
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Active Disk Editor_File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_v1
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_vX
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_vX_File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\HDHacker
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\HDM85-95
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Partition Wizard Free
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Partition Wizard Free_File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\Defragger
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro10.0-File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro11.5-File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro12.0-File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro12.5-File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\OODefragPro14.0-File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Defrag\Piriform_Defraggler_Amalux
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\ATTO Disk Benchmark_L
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\Chkdsk-GUI
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\GSmartControl
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\HDTune
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\Mitec_msi
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\Mitec_wfa
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\OverDisk
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\VictoriaG
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\WD_Data_Lifeguard_Diagnostic
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\File Undelete\pc_inspector_file_recovery
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Recuva
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Restoration
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\File Undelete\UndeleteOnClick
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Imaging\DriveImageXML
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Imaging\GImageX
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Imaging\SelfImage
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Imaging\Snapshot
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\MBR\MBRFix
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\MBR\MBRWizard
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Linux_Reader
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Linux_Reader_File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Linux_Recovery
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Linux_Recovery_File
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_MapDrive
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_NTFS_Reader
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Raid2Raid
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_WAB_Recovery
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\DiskInternals_Zip_Repair
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\Partition Find and Mount
\AppsGS\HD Tasks\Recover\TestDisk_PhotoRec
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\Ammyy Admin v3
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\TightVNC1
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\TightVNC2
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\UltraVNC
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\UltraVNCViewer
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\VNC_Real
\AppsGS\Network\Remote Connect\VNC_Viewer
\AppsGS\Security\Passwords\Reset Windows Password_Trick-UtilMan_Document
\AppsGS\Supplementary\Games\Mines czeppi_de
\AppsGS\Supplementary\Graphics\Desktop Clock Plus-7
\AppsGS\Supplementary\Office\Mark Text Editor
\AppsGS\System Tools\BlueScreenView_M
\AppsGS\System Tools\DevManView_NirSoft
\AppsGS\System Tools\Double Driver
\AppsGS\System Tools\DriverView_NirSoft
\AppsGS\System Tools\Flush
\AppsGS\System Tools\jv16PowerTools
\AppsGS\System Tools\NirSoft NirCmd
\AppsGS\System Tools\NTFSLink
\AppsGS\System Tools\Pserv2
\AppsGS\System Tools\RegistryLoaderPE
\AppsGS\System Tools\RoadkilUt
\AppsGS\System Tools\ServicesPE
\AppsGS\System Tools\Serviwin
\AppsGS\System Tools\SmartDriverBackup
\AppsGS\System Tools\SwapAdd Olof
\AppsGS\System Tools\Switch Keyboard
\AppsGS\System Tools\UpdateDevices
\AppsGS\System Tools\USBDeview_NirSoft
\AppsGS\System Tools\Debug\Dependency_Walker
\AppsGS\System Tools\Debug\ProcessActivityView_NirSoft
\AppsGS\System Tools\Debug\RegFromApp_NirSoft
\AppsGS\System Tools\Debug\Sysinternals Suite
\AppsGS\System Tools\Explorer Addons\Attribute Changer_Petges
\AppsGS\System Tools\Explorer Addons\FindTarget_Lance
\AppsGS\System Tools\Explorer Addons\HashTab_olegpov_v3
\AppsGS\System Tools\Explorer Addons\HashTab_olegpov_v5
\AppsGS\System Tools\Explorer Addons\Properties_Plus_Kish
\AppsGS\System Tools\HW Info\CoolMon1_Amalux
\AppsGS\System Tools\HW Info\CrystalCPUID
\AppsGS\System Tools\Registry\Mitec_Registry_Recovery
\AppsGS\System Tools\Registry\RegScanner
\AppsGS\System Tools\Registry\RegShot1_P
\AppsGS\System Tools\Registry\RegWizXP
\AppsGS\System Tools\Windows Setup\NT 6.x fast installer
\AppsGS\System Tools\Windows Setup\OfflineSysPrep
\AppsGS\System Tools\Windows Setup\WinNTSetup1_JFX
\AppsGS\System Tools\Windows Setup\WinNTSetup3_JFX

\AppY\Accessibility\Onscreen Keyboard_Paf_Mini_US
\AppY\CDVD\Active IsoBurner
\AppY\File Tasks\Dos Navigator DNS
\AppY\File Tasks\Dos Navigator Necromancer
\AppY\File Tasks\doublecmd
\AppY\File Tasks\doublecmd_Files
\AppY\File Tasks\ExamDiff Free
\AppY\File Tasks\ExamDiff Pro
\AppY\File Tasks\ExamDiff Pro_File
\AppY\File Tasks\FAR_Manager2_10_Lite
\AppY\File Tasks\FAR_Manager2_60_FULL
\AppY\File Tasks\FileMan_Ewayne
\AppY\File Tasks\FreeCommander_L
\AppY\File Tasks\F_File Manager
\AppY\File Tasks\Gyula Navigator
\AppY\File Tasks\WinExplorer_EH_Assembler
\AppY\File Tasks\WinMerge2
\AppY\File Tasks\File Find\AgentRansack_Amalux
\AppY\File Tasks\File Find\AgentRansack_Amalux_1
\AppY\File Tasks\File Find\EveryThing_saydin77
\AppY\File Tasks\File Find\SwiftSearch
\AppY\HD Tasks\Acronis-DiskDirector10
\AppY\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_v2
\AppY\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_v2_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_v35
\AppY\HD Tasks\Active Partition Manager_v35_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\AOMEI_Backupper_Professional
\AppY\HD Tasks\AOMEI_Backupper_Standard
\AppY\HD Tasks\AOMEI_Backupper_Standard_G
\AppY\HD Tasks\AOMEI_Partition_Assistant_Professional
\AppY\HD Tasks\AOMEI_Partition_Assistant_Standard
\AppY\HD Tasks\Check Flash_misha
\AppY\HD Tasks\dd for Windows
\AppY\HD Tasks\DMDE free
\AppY\HD Tasks\EaseUS_Backup
\AppY\HD Tasks\EaseUS_Backup_x64_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\EaseUS_Backup_x86_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.2.1
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.2.1_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Pro_Demo
\AppY\HD Tasks\EASEUS_Partition_Recovery
\AppY\HD Tasks\EasyBCD
\AppY\HD Tasks\FAU - Forensic Acquisition Utilities
\AppY\HD Tasks\FTK Imager Lite
\AppY\HD Tasks\FTK Imager Lite_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\gdisk-windows
\AppY\HD Tasks\HDD Low Level Format Tool
\AppY\HD Tasks\HotSwap5_KazuyukiNakayama
\AppY\HD Tasks\HotSwap6_KazuyukiNakayama
\AppY\HD Tasks\Marcium_Reflect_Free_Portable
\AppY\HD Tasks\Marcium_Reflect_Home_Portable
\AppY\HD Tasks\Marcium_Reflect_zDownloader
\AppY\HD Tasks\MountStor
\AppY\HD Tasks\MyUSBEjector_U-Ejection_Expert
\AppY\HD Tasks\Paragon_Partition_Manager_09
\AppY\HD Tasks\Paragon_Partition_Manager_11
\AppY\HD Tasks\Partition Guru
\AppY\HD Tasks\Partition Table Doctor
\AppY\HD Tasks\Partition Wizard Home8
\AppY\HD Tasks\Partition Wizard Home8_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\Power Quest Partition Table Editor - PTEDIT32
\AppY\HD Tasks\Ridgecrop Consultants LTD_drvtest
\AppY\HD Tasks\Ridgecrop Consultants LTD_fat32format
\AppY\HD Tasks\Ridgecrop Consultants LTD_fat32format_GUI
\AppY\HD Tasks\Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_FAT
\AppY\HD Tasks\Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_Linux
\AppY\HD Tasks\Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_NTFS
\AppY\HD Tasks\Runtime_RAID_Reconstructor
\AppY\HD Tasks\SwissKnife_L
\AppY\HD Tasks\TeraByte Pro
\AppY\HD Tasks\USBDiskEjector_Bgbennyboy
\AppY\HD Tasks\WinHex
\AppY\HD Tasks\Defrag\AusLogics_Disk_Defrag_1_Galapo
\AppY\HD Tasks\Defrag\AusLogics_Disk_Defrag_Galapo
\AppY\HD Tasks\Defrag\JKDefrag
\AppY\HD Tasks\Defrag\MyDefrag
\AppY\HD Tasks\Diagnostic\HDDScan
\AppY\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Active File Recovery
\AppY\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Active File Recovery_File
\AppY\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Runtime_GetDataBack Simple
\AppY\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Runtime_GetDataBack_for_FAT
\AppY\HD Tasks\File Undelete\Runtime_GetDataBack_for_NTFS
\AppY\HD Tasks\Imaging\Acronis-TrueImage95Echo-Omni_MOD
\AppY\HD Tasks\Imaging\Ghost_Lance
\AppY\HD Tasks\Imaging\Ghost_Lance_Additions
\AppY\HD Tasks\Imaging\ODIN_Lancelot
\AppY\HD Tasks\Imaging\SavePart_PartitionSaving
\AppY\HD Tasks\MBR\BootSect
\AppY\HD Tasks\Recover\Runtime_DiskExplorer_for_NTFS
\AppY\HD Tasks\Recover\Runtime_NAS_DATA_Recovery
\AppY\HD Tasks\Recover\Runtime_Raid_Recovery_for_Windows
\AppY\Network\Mozilla Firefox_L
\AppY\Network\Mozilla Firefox_L_File
\AppY\Network\Mozilla Light_L
\AppY\Network\Mozilla Light_L_File
\AppY\Network\Pale Moon
\AppY\Network\Pale Moon_File_x64_File
\AppY\Network\Pale Moon_File_x86_File
\AppY\Network\Pale Moon_File_x86_NT5x_File
\AppY\Network\SoftPerfect Network Scanner
\AppY\Network\SoftPerfect Networx
\AppY\Network\Remote Connect\AnyDesk
\AppY\Network\Remote Connect\Teamviewer
\AppY\Network\Remote Connect\Teamviewer6
\AppY\Network\Remote Connect\UltraVNC_101
\AppY\Network\Remote Connect\UltraVNC_102
\AppY\Supplementary\Graphics\Display Changer 12noon CMD
\AppY\Supplementary\Graphics\Xinec ColorConverter
\AppY\Supplementary\MultiMedia\Test MultiMedia
\AppY\Supplementary\Office\SoftMaker FreeOffice
\AppY\System Tools\AppCompactor
\AppY\System Tools\AutoSizer_AGL
\AppY\System Tools\CCleaner
\AppY\System Tools\Drv_ImpeD
\AppY\System Tools\Event_Log_Explorer_SB
\AppY\System Tools\ExitPE
\AppY\System Tools\Index.dat Cleaner
\AppY\System Tools\KeyFreeze_BlueLife
\AppY\System Tools\SPTDinst
\AppY\System Tools\Sun Java JRE
\AppY\System Tools\Sun Java JRE_jre-6u14-windows-i586
\AppY\System Tools\Sysinternals_Process_Explorer
\AppY\System Tools\Sysinternals_Registry_Monitor
\AppY\System Tools\TCC_LE
\AppY\System Tools\Temp_Delete_L
\AppY\System Tools\WimTool_Lxl1638
\AppY\System Tools\YankeeClipper3
\AppY\System Tools\Debug\Process Hacker 2
\AppY\System Tools\Debug\SoftSnoop
\AppY\System Tools\Explorer Addons\NinotechPathCopy
\AppY\System Tools\Explorer Addons\PathCopyCopy
\AppY\System Tools\Explorer Addons\SendToToys
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\blttest_stereopsis
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\Cpu-Z
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\GPU-Z
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\HWInfo
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\HWMonitor
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\RealTemp
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\SIV
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\Speccy
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\Speed Fan
\AppY\System Tools\HW Info\VMT - Video Memory stress Test
\AppY\System Tools\Registry\Regalyzer
\AppY\System Tools\Registry\RevoUninstaller
\AppY\Tests_.Net\ASoft NET Version Detector
\AppY\Tests_.Net\Attribute Tweaker
\AppY\Tests_.Net\Junction Link Magic 1
\AppY\Tests_.Net\Junction Link Magic 2
\AppY\Tests_.Net\Stream Explorer
\AppY\Tests_.WMI\WMITester Paessler


\ComponentsY\Exp ContextMenu_RunAsSystem
\ComponentsY\Sound Events
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\dos16bit
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\IE_Favorites_url
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\IE_Proxy_Settings
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\LODR-Thinstall_Support
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Project Dependencies
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\RegEdit
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\TaskManager
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Accessibility\Accessibility_Mouse
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Accessories\Character Map
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Accessories\FontView
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_FreeCell
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_Hearts
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_Minesweeper
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_Pinball
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_Solitaire
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Games\GMS_XP_Spider_Solitaire
\ComponentsY\Core\1 System\Network\Rdc
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Fonts Codepages Essential
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Fonts Other
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Mouse_Tordex Wheel
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Regional Options
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Remove Floppy A Mount Point
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Remove Floppy ALL Mount Point
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Shortcut Settings
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Tweak UserPreferencesMask
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\Tweak Visual Effects
\ComponentsY\Tweaks\yOther Tweaks
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD 2Shortcut
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD Settings_Color
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD Settings_Console
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD Settings_Options Layout
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD Support
\ComponentsY\Tweaks CMD\CMD Support_Font
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp Appearance
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp ContextMenu_CMD Here
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp ContextMenu_CopyMove
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp ContextMenu_Format On Drives
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp ContextMenu_SendTo
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp ContextMenu_ShellNew
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp Font Tweaks
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp MyComputer_Exporer
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp MyComputer_Name
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp StartMenu General
\ComponentsY\Tweaks Explorer\Exp yzMisc



\OtherOSY\HDAT2 Diagnostics
\OtherOSY\HDT - Hardware Detection Tool
\OtherOSY\Invaders Erik Thiele
\OtherOSY\Plop Boot Manager
\OtherOSY\Vmtce - Video Memory Stress Test CE

\TweaksY\AutoIt Tools
\TweaksY\MountedDevices Host

\UtilsY\Update Projects


\WriteMediaY\Tutorial Disk Boot
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Re: Yomi (General Scripts Collection)
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Yomi is now ready, check post 1  :cheerleader: :celebrate: :yahoo: :happy: :dance:

Re: Yomi (General Scripts Collection)
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Hi, I can't find the WMI Support under Basic/Shells/Core/1 System but the script exist in directory.

Re: Yomi (General Scripts Collection)
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Hi gendouhydeist,

Yomi is for application scripts and scripts which add other boot options. Such system features like WMI you therefore won't find on Yomi. These can be found in a project download, providing the project offers this.


Re: Yomi (General Scripts Collection)
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Hi gendouhydeist,

for other projects specific questions, open a topic on project relevant pages,
Project World »    Gena Project »    Gena Support

Re: Yomi (General Scripts Collection)
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Easues Partition Recovery
plugin added after this topic

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this ...

New version of Partition Guru Free. 4.4.0

dl :

cl :

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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I updated the Yomi's script with the good PartitionGuru Free 4.4.0 inside
I also added the buttons Launch Program and Read Licence and the language choice, English or Japanese.

Partition Guru Free


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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dl :
PartitionGuru version history

[ Ver 4.5.0 ]
 1. The Windows version is able to specify timeout period when it verifies bad sectors; if hard drive is disconnected, the program will stop verifying and prompt message.
 2. Optimized read and write to hard drives that have bad sectors and increased scanning speed for data recovery.
 3. The free version added the function of partition table style conversion that allows users to convert partition table style between MBR and GUID.
 4. It is allowed to select partition table style (MBR or GUID) on the message box when the program performs quick partition.
 5. The program shows the menu of copying files when users right click folders of file directory tree on the left interface.
 6. When the program restores Windows system partition for GPT disk, GUID is restored as well, making sure system start normally.
 7. When restoring partition table, GPT or MBR, the program restores GUID or MBR signature respectively.
 8. It is forbidden to restore partition from backup file which is unfinished or damaged.
 9. The menu item "Show System Files" and its functions were changed to "Show NTFS Metafiles" and program doesn't show NTFS metafiles by default.
10. Fixed:
 10. Fixed the bug that 64 bit version crashed when backing up partition to image file.
11. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that program couldn't normally load PMF file backed up by older version for NTFS partition.
12. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that error happened if click "Stop" during the process of partition backup.
13. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that functions clone virtual disk and convert virtual disk format were not available.
14. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that program might crash when it recovered files by file type if TIFF file came up.
15. Fixed:
 Rectified the problem that program didn't show the name "Bitlocker Encrypted" for partition with drive letter which is encrypted by Bitlocker.
16. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that it often failed to make bootable USB disk and the bootable USB disk couldn't work.
17. Fixed:
 Fixed the bug that program crashed when USB flash disk was inserted or disconnected in the process of copying files.
 18. Rectified the problem that in the process of loading PMF image file, program could be interrupted by disk update information when storage device such as USB flash disk was inserted or disconnected.

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Dear experts,

Would anyone please update EaseUS partition master to version v9.3? Many thanks.


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Partition Guru appears still to be v4.4. Would you consider updating to the latest v4.5?
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Hi oliverjia,
 EaseUS partition master home and Partition Guru updated  :thumbsup:


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Many thanks for the quick help! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :great: :great:

Hi oliverjia,
 EaseUS partition master home and Partition Guru updated  :thumbsup:


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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report regarding EASEUS Partition Master: the Win8.1SE x64 building process went OK, however when booting up Win8.1SE x64 from USB and run EASEUS PM, it crashed. please see the pic in the link below:

Please help troubleshoot.


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Hi oliverjia,

let us know when you figure out a solution,
 till than ChrisR provided Easus 9.2.1 available on Yomi now which hopefully works fine on Win8SE.

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Hi Lancelot,

Sorry for the place, Aeolis  :wink:

I have not managed, either,with version 9.3, while version 9.2.1 works
I added the container file for EASEUS Partition Master Home version 9.2.1 in addition of version 9.3.
In version 9.3, some binary file are renamed according to their architectures.

(Attachment Link)
With the container file EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.2.1_File.7z at its side.
To get both versions, EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_File.Script on Yomi server is renamed to EASEUS_Partition_Manager_Home_9.3_File.Script, at its side also.

Hi ChrisR,

ok, but I splitted plugin with 921 , it is easier to organise since they change these nt5x-6x things ....

and a tip,
do not use
Code: [Select]
directly on general plugins but instead
Code: [Select]

also I feel
would be easier to generalize ?!

life goes fast...
See You


Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Yep, life goes fast and thanks for the tips  :thumbsup:

Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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PartitionGuru Free 4.6.1

dl :

cl :

All functions of PartitionGuru Pro DOS version can be used for free and register is no longer required.

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Re: Yomi (General Plugins Collection)
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Hi gbrao,

new plugin on server  :thumbsup:

I wrote plugin in a way to ease future updates easly, still some small touchs required by the funs of software  :wink:

Further, for future Partition Guru versions, I expect you to update plugin and let us know to update on server  :great:



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