Topic: Basic Script Tempate - With a 100 % not working garantee.  (Read 5983 times)

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Basic Script Tempate - With a 100 % not working garantee.
« on: July 18, 2016, 07:33:33 AM »


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I think that nobody ever crated a plugin, using this template.
Ist uncomplete and and unlogical.

Is there someone who is so kind to answer my questions:

Basic Script Template

// Folder where the program will live in PE

##  Where in the PE appears the folder ? That would be an important information,
I don’t care about if it lives or is dead !

%ProgramFolder%="My Program"

## Is it nesessary to use " " ?

Echo,"Processing %ProgramTitle%..."
// Create our Directories

## %Target_prog% was not defiend before , is this correct ?

// unpack our files from our archive we encoded into the script.

## We encoded it into the script ? I thought this is a template to create the script ?
## What is MyProgramArchive.7z ?

// Optionally we can add any files
// needed from windows such as the c runtime
// Generally you can skip this step unless your
// project does not provide the needed files.

## Where have I to place this files ?

// Process Registry values
// I you have a large number of registry
// entries it makes it easier to run them
// from a seperate section as we are doing here

## Where ist %ScriptFile% defined and where have I to place it ?

// Autorun the program with the /install parameter when PE starts
AddAutoRun,"My Program","%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\%ProgramEXE%","/install"

## Please explain ,"My Program" and the other variables !

My opinion:
The creator oft such a Template should try to use it before wasting memory space with such a bug-Monster !

Re: Basic Script Tempate - With a 100 % not working garantee.
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2016, 06:25:43 AM »


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Your above questions are about an old outdated template

Utils\PC Packed (Plugin Creator Packed)
to have a updated plugin template to create plugins.

We workaround all bugs with our templates and plugins and projects.
 Following them would avoid you from bugs too....


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