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USB 3 Disks behaves different
« on: October 14, 2016, 06:52:20 AM »


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Hi all,

Be careful when using usb3 disks for daily tasks and applications.  :wink:

Story is:
I have
Samsung D3 Station 3TB
Samsung M3 1TB portable

Host: Win10 x64 with Asus N56V Laptop (which has only usb3 connection  :wink: )
Disks: NTFS 4096 bytes

Vmware Workstation 12.5 and cdimage.exe 2.47
fails on
Samsung D3 Station 3TB

(hehe, which is bigger in size with power supply, size does not matter  :wink: )



both works fine on
Samsung M3 1TB portable

To fix with Samsung D3 Station 3TB I tired:
- Enabled disk cache (Device Manager ....)
- check disk (Disk - Properties - Tools )
- Samsung Drive Manager -> check disk
did not fix.
I could not find any other thing on internet.

PS: It is very easy and quick to test with cdimage.exe  :wink: If any more ideas let me know.

I guess Samsung D3 Station 3TB fails on small file read speed,
 and this may fail or result extremely slow some applications.
  (Also bad for building projects, so far I build nice but slowly  :wink:)

Still Samsung D3 Station 3TB good to me to backup data ...

Something to keep in mind, life goes... :turtle:


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