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Setting script to run on boot via PE
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:00:31 AM »


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The use case I am thinking of is those computers here and there that have messed up USB drivers and you cannot get any user input at all. I would like to boot into PE, place a script (maybe replacing an executable) that will run with admin rights on the next boot.

What I was thinking of is a script that I could inject into startup and have it enable RDP (or install rdpwrapper) to give me remote access, bypassing the USB problem altogether.

To make it work, it would have to run a CMD script at startup, before anybody logs in, with admin access. Preferably in safe mode too (since a computer that is that far gone might not be able to boot in normal mode).

Understandably such a discussion might make people security conscious, but if you have physical access, you basically have root access anyway.

Ideally the same solution would work for all versions of windows (especially XP, since it happens the most on XP machines).
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