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Possible to mutli boot another ISO?
« on: February 10, 2017, 03:13:23 PM »


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Hello all,
Thank you for a great application,  :great:

I would like to boot winpe and other OSes. but Im doing something wrong and
cannot figure out what it is.   :embarrassed:

I downloaded the latest Winpe available, did all updates.
I am trying to multiboot WinPe and another .ISOs.
I set the boot manager to Grub4Dos and the skin is the GFX-BootMenu and saved.
Open OtherOSY
Check to Enable ISO image
Navigate to select the iso.

I build and install to the USB.
I boot up but the boot menu is not asking me to select a different OS, it just loads as a regular Winpe install.
The winpe works as expected so I know I am building the images correctly.
I searched the forums but can only see a couple of topics that are similar but not what I am looking to do.
Can someone point me in the right direction? pleeeeze.

Re: Possible to mutli boot another ISO?
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Check out I have used it for years and boot several different flavors of PE, 32 and 64 bit as well as a Few Linux and utility ISOs, all from the same USB drives.  It works on HDD as well. 
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Re: Possible to mutli boot another ISO?
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Hi RabidFangs
Haven't used ISOImages since win81 when i used it regularly
so just tested it on a Win10PESE build, it works for me, tho I cant remember how to adjust the menu timeout in grub4dos,
so you have to be quick with the down arrow or it boots to the default image, but if you can I can confirm , it does boot multiple iso's

btw   t know this is a very old post (just in case someone comes across it)

but you adjust the grub4dos menu timeout on the Create ISO plugin on the timeout dropdown
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