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Hiderun hides the console of a started application and optionally waits for its termination.

I am not the author of hiderun, but we had the need to compile it for x64 for Gena and other projects. Posted here for reference and easy download.

hiderun.exe accepts the path to the program to hide as a commandline parameter, and /w optionally to wait for termination.

Download here (sourcecode included):   * hiderun.rar (19.12 kB - downloaded 115 times.)


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Just an addition:

HideRun can also hide Gui application, but not all

JFX wrote reason elsewhere:
Quote from: JFX
yes a GUI application only respect the showflag if the developer wants that.

Test examples :
FS_Capture can not hide
7z (7zfm.exe) can hide

As far as I know,
hiderun first author hasherfrog



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