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Getting started questions
« on: February 20, 2017, 01:40:28 PM »


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Please excuse me if these questions have already been answered somewhere. I'm a native English speaker so the German forums are hard to follow sometimes.

A few questions as I'm experimenting with LSP.

  • Is there planned support for attachments/embedded files?
  • Are feature requests/fixes/but submission welcome and if so where should they be posted
  • What is the dev process for LSP? is it just kare in his freetime or is it a collaborative effort?
  • Projects have both a and Project.cfg - The 2 files are nearly identical but the editor only opens what is the purpose of Project.cfg?

Thanks :)

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Re: Getting started questions
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Hello Homes32

We can also write in English. If I do not understand something, then the Google translator helps me.
To 90% it is sufficient. Reading works well, only with the letters I have my problems.
Now to your questions.

Question 1:

We discussed in our German forum last week whether we should include a function in the LSP builder
To attach files to a script.
From the program, it is not a big problem, most of the work is to find place in the Builder Gui.
It stands on my TodoList. You might prefer it.

Question 2:

Troubleshooting and requests can be requested from me. Error messages are welcome to make the builder better.
Wishes should correspond to the LSP philosophy. The reason why this builder is. It should be so simple and fast we can be.
Sincere wishes are being implemented. I care very much that my source codes is cleanly programmed.

Question 3:

The development of the software e.g. LSP-PEBuilder, LSP-Update-Center, LSP-Editor, LSP-Admin and the other tools are in my hand,
And are programmed in my spare time.
The LSP basic project (WinXPE, WinVistaPE, Win7PE, Win8PE, Win10PE) is also developed by me.
Of course I have in the German forum a small team of 3-4 members who help me with the scripts and tests.
Scripts which are uploaded in the update center come from our team.
Without this team, it would not be possible.

Question 4:

The (original file) is the project script. In this script, project-specific variables, macros
And settings. This is, so to speak, the original file.
The Project.cfg (Working file) is the file by which the project stores the data when it is created.
There are then stored variables, macros which are added.
By pressing the Start button the is copied to Project.cfg to get an empty Project.
Then only the Project.cfg continues to work.

hope this help.

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Re: Getting started questions
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2017, 07:22:05 PM »


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Hi theoven.

I am Playing with the brand new LSP v1.1.0.6
and have found some small bugs, just syntax and left out or reversed lines,
I was wondering where to report, or if there was a dedicated thread.
Notes Below ***'s.

I know the syntax changed slightly with the new LSP build,
so I am hesitant to just dive right-in without (New),
'Syntax description in English' Floaties.

How do I change the language of LSP-Editor to english (if possible).
I see here --> LiveSyspro.ini There are settings???..

I 'Really' like the speed of LSP builds, I also like what I have seen of this project.
It was a bit of a learning curve with some things, but I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm more than glad to help contribute.
Good-Job Kare + Team.

*** My Simple Notes thus far: v1.1.0.6 *****************************************************************

AIDA 64, open folder button inop.
Change [PDF] --> [Ordner]
Create a correct [PDF] to open HOW_TO_copy_Link.pdf

Word Pad Some shortcuts reversed
// *** ADDED/ CHANGED ***
// If,%pCheckBox2%,=,True,then,Add_Shortcut,Desktop,,#$pSystemroot#$p\system32\wordpad.exe,Wordpad
// If,%pCheckBox3%,=,True,then,Add_Shortcut,StartMenu,%pTextBox1%,#$pSystemroot#$p\system32\wordpad.exe,Wordpad

CPU-Z missing starmenu folder box
ptextbox1=System Info,Startmenu Folder,0,0,30,180,100,20

Bootice  some shortcuts reversed



Re: Getting started questions
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Error messages can be posted in the LSP section.
For this topic:

The file is the configuration file for the builder.

Srtlang = Script language
LSPlang = BuilderLanguage

The Lsp project consists of 2 languages ​​(English / German).

For a German computer the project starts in German.
Otherwise in English, where no other language is available.
With the entry you can force "Srtlang =" the default language.

[Interface] = "Standart" English

[Interface.07] = German

Other languages ​​are possible and can add. eg. French or Chinese.

[Interface.04] = Chinese

[Interface.0c] = France

Unicode / Ascii / Utf8 is supported.

LSP Editor:

The editor currently has only one language (German).
It is possible to add additional languages. Think, in the next version.
Google Translate will help us.
Help with translation are welcome.

The same applies to the .Chm file.

There is however an English help as a PDF file (V1.1.0.3).

The two faulty scripts are checked.


Re: Getting started questions
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Hi RayM

new scripts are available.
AIDA64 and CPU-Z now up to date
and a new script change interface language


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