Topic: List of available Plugins refresh through top-right "Download" iucon as well?  (Read 625 times)

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On the tutorial pages it is written that the list of available Downloads/plugins is refreshed by clicking on the tiny greed down button in

Win10PE SE\Utils\Downloads

Are the available Downloads/plugins refrshed as well if I click on the top-right bigger icon with the label "Download" (...and then the button on the lower left corner)?

In other words: Does the "global" top-right Download comprise the plugin list refresh as well?



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Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi

1a) Update \Downloads\ - Update Download list

tiny green download button only updates plugin itself, as in all plugins.
updating \Downloads\ lists well described on relevant tutorial page

top-right bigger icon is problematic, have bugs and missing features, not exists on any tutorials here anymore.

updating project also written at top of FAQ
Q: How to update projects ?

So shortly,
as you should already know,
There is official ways:
1) update projects -> which is done by same method and plugin with all 5 projects (Utils\Update.....)
2) update \downloads\ -> which is available with tutorial by one plugin following 2 buttons.

Since we provide open source projects, any other not described method can be used, but not supported by us.



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