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Driver Integration Assistant
« on: April 02, 2017, 08:10:02 PM »


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All in one Driver Export/Import manager for PE Integration
This was just too close to what I was working on with Easy Dism had to take a stab at it.

Too much going on here that I just don't know about. Plugin made to run prior to build need to block process from
running at build time. Calling functions between different plugins I'm lost just got lucky. Everything seems to work
as expected but I didn't want to post it till some one smarter than me takes a crack at it.

Added this to Double Driver.Script in case Double Driver not found.
If,-#1,Equal,-,Call,Echo,"You must specify the double driver plugin path, if you called from another plugin!",Warn,1,MessageError,,Exit

This isn't necessary but I had to try added to Driver Integration plugin to launch assistant.
pTextLabeldia=Launch   Driver Integration Assistant,1,1,449,48,103,28,8,Normal

Message,"Driver Assistant script required !!!#$x#$xExiting...",Error
Halt,"Driver Assistant script required. Exiting..."
Echo,"Extract Driver_Integration_Assistant"

Driver Integration Assistant v2
Please read reply 3 below
Moved program to it's own folder, Workbench\Common\Driver_Export_Import\Driver_Export_Import.exe
Added Dism Path and Dism Log Path to settings.ini
Includes Driver_Integration_Assistant plugin and modified Double Driver and Driver Integration
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Re: Driver Integration Assistant
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Would be grateful if some one took a look at the plugin I'm sure it can be improved.

Calling functions between different plugins

Hi trashy,

I do not have time to check and test your plugin,
but by only reading your post
I feel this may help you :

Run, -> you already well use this command, there is also
Exec, -> this command is different from Run,
Difference: Exec, adds [Interface] and [Variables] values of plugin it executes,
This is required when section you run at another plugin requires these values.
--> we use this Exec, command rarely only for special cases since it has compatibility problem and speed problem (slower than Run) .

I feel yours is a special case, and this info will help you. Keep in mind not to use this Exec command widely.

I hope above info helps.


Re: Driver Integration Assistant
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Thanks Lancelot
Will try exec and see what the difference is
Calling another plugin and no process to run at build time, just wanted some testing done
before posting to general plugin thread.

Re: Driver Integration Assistant
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I think I'm done
Cleaned things up a bit, moved program, settings.ini and dism log to Workbench\Common\Driver_Export_Import
All paths vital to program, driver save and file dependencies, set by ini file.

I welcome any one to change add or modify to suit your needs for any project here at The Oven!
I'm running Windows 7 and have not tested this latest in any other environment.
Couple weeks to test and I will post the plugin
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