Topic: Why does "Update Win10PESE (Exact and Secure)" destroy "PC Packed" plugins?  (Read 874 times)

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In my WinBuilder with Win10PE installation I created some plugins with

Utils/PC Packed

They appear successfully in Projects\MyPlugins_Direct\AppsMy\
I can access theirs settings in "AppsMy" (e.g. if there should be a shortcut on Desktop).
and I can generate an ISO/USB and work with them.

Then later I started WinBuilder-Win10PESE again and executed

"Utils\Update Win10PESE (Exact and Secure)"

Immediately afterwards I tried to access again the settings of my "PC Packed" plugins.
Surprisingly when I click on them in "AppsMy" section I got an error popup:

"List index out of bounds (0)"

None of my private "PC packed" Plugin settings are accessible any more.
The settings for Plugins below "Apps" or "Appy" ARE still accessible.
So I guess the "Update Win10PESE (Exact and Secure)" operation destroy something internally (but only for the AppsMy Plugins).

How can I repair this?

Is there a "refresh" AppsMy" section trick?

Thank you
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Hi pstein,

I guess you find bug with PluginManager
I just report to PluginManager author :


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