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BuilderSE.exe halts on 62/63
« on: April 13, 2017, 04:30:11 PM »


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I have downloaded the Win7pe se zip file from your site with the hope of using the builder to build a Win7pe iso file. My ultimate goal is to then use the runtime script to have a bootable cd that would include runtime’s DriveImage XML programme.

I have unzipped the Win7pe file to a folder, copied the contents of my Win7 SP1 dvd to a folder on the hard drive as recommended, and ran builderse.exe.

The programme finds the Win7 dvd files and starts it’s processes.

However, when the builder reaches the last stages of the iso creation 62/63, the builder halts with an error message about failing to move a folder.

I have attached a small screen print of the message.

It suggests that maybe a file or folder is open in another programme, but there are no other programs running at the same time as the builder, and I have disabled my Avast anti-virus programme and all programs that I have starting up when windows starts.

Can anyone please advise me what to do to get the builder to successfully complete it’s job.
Thank you very much.

Re: BuilderSE.exe halts on 62/63
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Follow steps at FAQ topic

with title:

My Build Fails (or Halt or BSOD or any other trouble) - What to do


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