Topic: "Portable Finder CMD" doesn't execute on boot when "Hide CMD" is disabled  (Read 749 times)

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If "Hide CMD window Boot" control is ticked off, the path of the shortcut in the Startup menu of WinPE is wrong: "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\System32\Portable Finder CMD.cmd", hence it is not executed on boot.

Here are the lines from the log that are responsible for that because the third parameter of Add_Shortcut in the plugin is not specified:
             Run - Processing section: [AddShortcut1Full] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\Gena\Basic\Build\Macro_Library.script]
                   [Parameter] with parameters: [AutoRun],[],[],[Portable Finder CMD],["%SystemRoot%\system32"]
                               [Success] IF - [] is equal to: [] evaluated string: [If,#3,Equal,,Set,#3,%PE_Programs%\%programFolder%\%programExe%]
                               [Success] SetVar - Sucessfuly changed the value of [#3] to: [%SystemDrive%\Program Files\System32\Portable Finder CMD.cmd]

The same Add_Shortcut line is used in "Portable Finder Startup" and "Portable Finder CD" plugins, but they have HideCMD_CheckBox control set to True and hidden.


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I could not reproduce your trouble here.

On "Portable Finder CMD" plugin,
I disabled "Hide CMD window Boot" checkbox, and made test.
Everything works fine, I have a cmd screen at boot.

Log lines you provide does not fit with my test.
Here is my log with "Portable Finder CMD" plugin disabled "Hide CMD window Boot" checkbox



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