Topic: Request for "PEPassPass_v1.2.1 Plugin"  (Read 453 times)

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Request for "PEPassPass_v1.2.1 Plugin"
« on: August 15, 2017, 12:58:52 PM »


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First lots of thanks to "Lancelot'' for giving me basic IDEA of how to use third party plugins in WinPE...

I use "PEPassPass_v1.2.1" within Win10PESE by opening PEPassPass.exe within from root of USB Drive.
It will be very handy and useful if we can get "PEPassPass_v1.2.1 Plugin Scripts". It is really a good tool and also support Win10. It must be at the desktop of 'WIN10SEPE' ? Does anybody already have it's Plugin Scripts ?!i1xxEKAY!XBDI7vMam26-KEzFQMtVTj850Dy-AC2lEQ84d5MQs0I

If anybody interested then please provide us "PEPassPass_v1.2.1 Plugin Scripts" ....!!!!

Thanks & Regards...
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Re: Request for "PEPassPass_v1.2.1 Plugin"
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@devdevadev See instructions here :


Reminding 1:
You can quickly create plugins for applications by using "Plugin Creator Packed"
\Utils\PC Packed

simple, portable applications will work out of the box, with available options.

Utils\PC Packed
1) ....PEPassPass_v1.2.1_original_source.7z
2) PEPassPass.exe
3) Gooo

Read all instructions  :wink:



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