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Local Network Access Issues
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:30:59 AM »


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Hi All,

Have been using Win8PE for a while now with no issues. Moving on to Win10PE and am getting an error I don't get in Win8PE.

When I pull up the run line and attempt to access a server in the shop by name using \\tech2, I get the error "Windows cannot access \\tech2." "You do not have permission to access \\tech2." "Contact your network administrator to request access."

The server shares are accessible by Everyone and the server has no password. I've tries adding a password with no luck. I can ping the server fine from within the network GUI.

Any thoughts?


Re: Local Network Access Issues
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Try mapping a network drive (I'm sure this works in explorers GUI e.g. Explorers left pane select "This PC" then click on the "Computer" tab then click the "Map network drive" button in the toolbar)  Keep in mind if your using the Login as Admin script the mapping will attempt to use "Administrator" as the username.  Check the "Login with different credentials" checkbox while mapping and use whichever username/pass you like.


You could map the drive from command prompt using:

For workgroups:
NET USE X: \\IPorHOSTNAME\folder /user:username password

For domains(this example uses quotes so that spaces can be used):
NET USE X: "\\IPorHOSTNAME\Folder\Folder Name" /user:domain\username password


You could also add the command line code to TheOven_Startup_CD.cmd in the root of your build to have it run during each boot, if you want to make the mapping permanent.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Local Network Access Issues
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Thanks for the reply!!

Your drive mapping solutions definitely work and thank you for those alternatives. My issue is that the systems I'll be needing to access will have different computer names so I won't be able to "hardwire" a mapped drive.

I'm just a little confused as to why it doesn't work any longer like it worked in Win8.1SE where I could just pull up the Run box, type in \\MyComputerName and see any shared folders I have on that box?



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