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Total Driver Manager!
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:05:05 AM »


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This will be my next project looking for the perfect name.
Basically a portable version of driver export import with a few more features

What I would like to share and test first will be a new driver backup process.
I know I tested this before earlier in driver export import development.
The function I used to Import Driver Packs, any time I went near Windows driverstore dir   
the program would CRASH. I assumed it was too much for the array to handle.
I tried again now that program is finished and stable and It Does WORK.

I successfully exported/backed up all system drivers from the driver store directory (nearly 3 gb).
It would be fairly easy to block all microsoft provided drivers and get third party only.
In XP I believe it was the driver folder in everything after driverstore

Will start on it after the labor day weekend.
Looking for Ideas, Advice on driver pack management,
other than organizing moving and deleting driver packs

First I will want to test this new driver backup process in all version of Windows.
How much can it take before it crashes! This could be big a new driver export/backup
process that has no dependencies on other programs.

Please Opinions advice


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