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How Build Win10PE SE Support 15063
« on: September 05, 2017, 11:25:15 AM »


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Modification to be made in the creation of version 1703 by winbuilder:

 added Windows\System32\CONFIGURATION folder from sources\install.wim\1\windows\system32
 Copy  Windows\system32\SMI folder  from sources\boot.wim\2\Windows\System32\SMI
 Changing the Windows \ System32 \ Win10PE.cfg file (50%)   
   nowait|Install ImDisk Ramdisk|%SystemRoot%\System32\StartImDIsk.exe 50 % B: RAMDisk "NTFS Compressed" "B:\Temp"
Added next DLL:
System32   adtschema.dll
System32   bderepair.dll
System32   bdeui.dll
System32   catsrvut.dll
System32   CellularAPI.dll
System32   Clipc.dll
System32   cmintegrator.dll
System32   D3DCompiler_47.dll
System32   DbgModel.dll
System32   dcntel.dll
System32   diagtrack.dll
System32   DXP.dll
System32   efslsaext.dll
System32   efssvc.dll
System32   Faultrep.dll
System32   FlightSettings.dll
System32   globinputhost.dll
System32   gmsaclient.dll
System32   ISM.dll
System32   mfcsubs.dll
System32   mskeyprotect.dll
System32   mstask.dll
System32   negoexts.dll
System32   NetDriverInstall.dll
System32   netprofm.dll
System32   netwphelper.dll
System32   NotificationObjFactory.dll
System32   OnDemandConnRouteHelper.dll
System32   pku2u.dll
System32   prnfldr.dll
System32   ProximityCommon.dll
System32   ProximityCommonPal.dll
System32   ProximityService.dll
System32   ProximityServicePal.dll
System32   rasauto.dll
System32   rasmans.dll
System32   rilproxy.dll
System32   SettingMonitor.dll
System32   SettingSync.dll
System32   srchadmin.dll
System32   ssdpapi.dll
System32   StartTileData.dll
System32   svsvc.dll
System32   SyncCenter.dll
System32   Syncreg.dll
System32   SystemEventsBrokerClient.dll
System32   taskschd.dll
System32   tetheringclient.dll
System32   TetheringIeProvider.dll
System32   TSpkg.dll
System32   url.dll
System32   usermgr.dll
System32   usermgrcli.dll
System32   UserMgrProxy.dll
System32   utcutil.dll
System32   weretw.dll
System32   wersvc.dll
System32   wifinetworkmanager.dll
System32   Windows.Gaming.Input.dll
System32   windows.immersiveshell.serviceprovider.dll
System32   Windows.Networking.Connectivity.dll
System32   Windows.Shell.UnifiedTile.CuratedTileCollections.dll
System32   Windows.Storage.WinRT.dll
System32   Windows.UI.AppDefaults.dll
System32   Windows.UI.dll
System32   Windows.UI.Shell.dll
System32   winsrvext.dll
System32   wlgpclnt.dll
System32   wmitomi.dll
System32   wpnapps.dll

this works very well.
The instability during startup comes from the program StartImDIsk.exe which causes memory errors. With the parameter at 50% there is no more problem

have a good day

Re: How Build Win10PE SE Support 15063
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What is the problem of instability ? I do not have it here.
And how did you build this file list ?

Re: How Build Win10PE SE Support 15063
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 03:28:23 AM »


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This is the latest version of windows 10

The instabilities are materialized by memory and PEcmd errors. When it lacks DLLs then you can have a Black screen which can be output after the action on the keyboard keys including Esc.

The files have been integrated directly into Boot.wim with DSIM.

This allows you to do the controls and then edit your scripts for everyone's happiness. :great:

Re: How Build Win10PE SE Support 15063
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Win10 15063 seems supported in the latest release
It lacks things, of course, as in all PE (not a true windows) , I do not have infused science.

What I wanted to ask is how did you find these dependencies. What tool did you use and with what test ?
Some are already included, (eg: Clipc.dll, D3DCompiler_47.dll...).
Or included with other plugins (eg: bderepair.dll, bdeui.dll in bitlocker, rasauto.dll, rasmans.dll in PPPoE...).
Some other does not seem really required (taskschd.dll for tasks scheduler or wpnapps.dll for notification...).
Enlighten me.


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