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StartIsBackplusplus plugin v14
« on: September 09, 2017, 10:54:55 AM »


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Hi ChrisR
First, thanks for your great work and the latest project update.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I hope it's not just me , but in the latest StartIsBackplusplus plugin v14.  I seem to have a minor problem with the start menu orb selection
which don't change whichever you select. I think it's down to the following bmps (in that format) not being in the Orb folder of the new embedded exe

Code: [Select]
If,%ScrollBox_Orb%,Equal,2,RegWrite,HKLM,0x1,Tmp_Default\Software\StartIsBack,OrbBitmap,"X:\Program Files\StartIsBack\Orbs\shamrock_54.bmp"
If,%ScrollBox_Orb%,Equal,3,RegWrite,HKLM,0x1,Tmp_Default\Software\StartIsBack,OrbBitmap,"X:\Program Files\StartIsBack\Orbs\StartIsBack_Ei8htOrb_v2_by_PainteR.bmp"
If,%ScrollBox_Orb%,Equal,4,RegWrite,HKLM,0x1,Tmp_Default\Software\StartIsBack,OrbBitmap,"X:\Program Files\StartIsBack\Orbs\win7_54.bmp"

tested in Win10PE SE x64 and x32
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Re: StartIsBackplusplus plugin v14
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Thanks for the return and for your nice words  :great:
I had tested only with the default values.
But indeed, shamrock and win7 orbs file names have changed + changes for themes: Aero 8 and AeroByDesign removed and Plain10 added.
I updated on the server.


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