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Missing Wifi Connection
« on: October 28, 2017, 12:19:05 PM »


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Hi everybody
May I ask you to help with establishing a WiFi connection? I miss the connection icon to establish an internet connection.
Please see attached File.

Then I have further questions.
1.   Is there a possibility to implement Windows Updates and where can I find a description?
2.   I implemented KeePaas as .exe file (PSstart and Papps).
Where can I find other tools like hard disk tools or is there another way to implement tools?
3.   On the Firefox Mozilla App is an button to custom bookmarks. I did it (as firefox bookmark files, but at the end I don’t see any bookmarks.
Is there something to pay more attention?

Thank you very much in advance for your help and to develop such a great app 

Re: Missing Wifi Connection
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You need to right click the PE Network icon in the taskbar it looks like wired network symbol. and select GUI.  The select your network card from the dropdown near the top of the window.  Then click the WiFi tab located under the dropdown once your wifi card is selected.  Once the WiFi tab is selected you will see a network list below the tab. Select the network on list you want to connect to and click the connect button.  Afterwards enter your password and click OK.  Then the network you selected will turn blue(with default theme settings) once your connected and you can then close the window.

As far as the normal windows network icon goes I would like to see this implemented with replacevan set to 2 in the registry(win 8 flyout) I'm sure it will work but I had to abandon work temporarily on that as there was better progress I was making elsewhere.. Soon i will be back on this myself I really want this too.  Link below to see thread on the icon.  Some progress was made by ChrisR
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Re: Missing Wifi Connection
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Thank you for your help. Easy when you know. I made a screenshot for explanations.

Kind Regards

Re: Missing Wifi Connection
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Thanks bob.omb & besco

I add How to connect wi-fi to FAQ  :thumbsup:



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