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I guess CoprOrExpand added. ?
Even though CopyOrExpand / StrFormat,ShorPath are marked as deprecated, it still works.

- CopyOrExpand
This command was marked as deprecated since very few plugin used this in Win10PESE.
However, the more direct cause was that I cannot properly reproduces Expand.exe's behavior.
Test CopyOrExpand in PEBakery's CodeBox to make sure the current implementation is working correctly, then I will remove 'deprecated' mark.
I myself found out in 'the rare case' Macro Library using CopyOrExpand in Win10PESE, the file was successfully copied.
But the thing can be different in Gena.

- StrFormat,ShortPath
Windows API for getting 8.3 path depends on registry value "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation". Which in some system, it will return just long path. I faced this issue myself on my old system.
Even though the registry value can be changed, it requires reboot.
So the command was marked as deprecated because this command cannot be 'trusted' to always work.
Personally it would be better to remove the use of StrFormat,ShortPath, but the current implementation does work if the registry value is correctly set.

It is easy to update such plugins for PEBakery following your active development.  :wink:

Remember Reply 2:

We need a new PEBakery command
I feel

Oh, I haven't noticed that allowing specifc plugin in Rescan can be used as great countermeasure.
I will implement this in next build.


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