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PENetwork.ini VS Autorun.cmd
« on: November 10, 2017, 05:51:26 PM »


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Which of these runs last? I know everyone prefers PENetwork.ini but I actually prefer to use cmd vs ini (in my build it seems as if autorun.cmd's last line executes after PENetwork is loaded).    At first I was modifying "Original Display Drivers" plugin because it is the last to edit the autorun during build and appends at EOF.  Because exact and secure overwrites these files I have changed my "Additional Registry" plugin to "Additional Registry and Autorun" plugin. 

I guess my real question is, if it is Autorun.. Can we add a plugin for this to Final_Y\Additional XXXX either a section that's commented out by default to Addl Registry or its own plugin? Only the below 5 lines would need to be added to any plugin after the Drivers\ section of build.

Code: [Select]
  TXTAddLine,%Target_Sys%\autorun.cmd,"Whatever you want to add to EOF goes here inside these quotes",Append
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Re: PENetwork.ini VS Autorun.cmd
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PENetwork and autorun.cmd are launched at the same time via RunOnce registry key.
For PENetwork, the profiles (PENetwork.ini) are then loaded once the network is started and available with also the possibility to launch CMDs or a batch, after the Network support is running or after obtaining the IP .
In autorun, there is nothing writen to know if the network is started or not, to use for example Net Use Z: \\ xxx

An Additional plugin in Final_Y folder to add custom things to the end of Autorun.cmd is a good idea, if you want to do it.

Re: PENetwork.ini VS Autorun.cmd
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PC Packed and PC Innounp have Startup and Delay options.

This way things always works smooth without depending autorun.cmd or penetwork.....  :cool:

to me autorun.cmd only there for Project Special plugins (ex: Original Display Drivers)
 where Project admin (ChrisR) or a developer like to do thing in an order.  :wink:

With other words, autorun.cmd is not required for normal plugins (ex: vnc server)



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