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Win10 release 1709 has a PE utility called MBR2GPT to convert a HDD to a GPT volume.

If I create a standard PE disk, it works fine. If I use the same Wim file with my Oven build, the app is not available.

Does anyone know how I can add this to The Oven build?



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Very nice find  :thumbsup:

I used to use this BUT... MBR2GPT looks much better!

1.) In Win10PESE Project go to Utils>PC Packed

2.) Click the "Options -->" button

3.) click the small "e" button to create an empty plugin.

4.) Scroll up and navigate to AppsMy>2Prepare, in your Win10PESE project and select the empty plugin created, it will be called "New Plugin" by default.

5.) Once selected (clicked/highlighted) It will populate the right hand side of the window with information regarding the plugin. To the right of the blue icon there is a small green play button and a small wrench on a piece of paper above that.  Click the wrench icon.  Then on the next screen select the source tab.

6.) Go down to line 8 in the blank space under the [process] section and paste the below line

Code: [Select]

7.) At the top of the windows under the word "Source" click the blue disk icon to save your changes.  Then click the red x on the top right of the window to close the source editor. 

8.) On the left side of the screen back in your Win10PESE project make sure you have the checkbox for the new plugin selected before you build, and go..(big blue play button)

For those who are interested in how to use this tool there is a very quick detailed video in the link posted below, it is very useful, I can't wait till someone makes a gui  :tongue:

--> <--

Hopefully the guys will add this to base build..

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HI,   looks useful - more info on Mbr2Gpt  :thumbsup:
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Hi All,

New plugin on server.

Adding 3rd party plugins: \Downloads\ - MyPlugins_Direct - Yomi
1a) Update \Downloads\ - Update Download list

Thanks snabel93 for the news.  :thumbsup:

Thanks bob.omb
nice tutorial
I just add link to PC Packed page Create Empty Blank plugin: Create New Empty plugin:

After getting "New Plugin" work fine:
9) Rename plugin filename (Ex: MBR2GPT_snabel93.Script )
10) Change title inside plugin: [Main] Title= (ex: Title=MBR2GPT snabel93)
11) Than press Refresh button on top right of builder

Thanks APT for the weblink.  :thumbsup:

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snabel93 EasyMBR2GPT plugin created
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