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HFS Explorer Plugin (Browse Mac drives HFS/HFS+ Read Only)
« on: December 15, 2017, 09:47:23 AM »


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Not sure if most people are aware that Win10PESE boots perfectly on most modern Apple computers.  This allows you to run hardware diagnostics, and use the machine itself in a bootable Win10 environment.  Unfortunately Windows cannot read HFS or HFS+ drives.

With HFS Explorer you can easily browse HFS/HFS+ drives and recover files from Apple computers.


Get Java Plugin Here ----><----


Enjoy HFS Explorer plugin! Download Link below. (Hardcoded RunFromCD/Normal for Win10PESEx64)

Get HFS Explorer plugin here ---->!Aq4TzCwQ!c1igr_3m0yRIfcmx2PT7U5tVS-Z7QeJoS-wSmjchS3I<----

Re: HFS Explorer Plugin (Browse Mac drives HFS/HFS+ Read Only)
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sa mo

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hi bob.omb
thank's for the script
(i already use Linux Reader & Paragon HFS+ for Windows)
have you found problems of wifi connection on pc mac !!

also thank's for java script i will try (last time he give me error code 1603)

Re: HFS Explorer Plugin (Browse Mac drives HFS/HFS+ Read Only)
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sa mo,

Java8 gives 1603 error, java7 does not, which is why I went with 7, also I am trying to make plugins that aren't too big if possible and 7 is 1/2 the size of 8.  I could have added a shortcut for JavaCPL.EXE located at Y:\Programs\JavaRE7u80\bin\JavaCPL.exe, which would have made adjusting settings easier, but I rushed this out because I finished testing and wanted to make sure further development could continue even if I don't have time myself to perfect the plugin. **Optional shortcut for JavaCPL.EXE added to Java plugin-

Are you using Paragon HFS+ in PE? I took the path of least resistance using HFS Explorer, also because its not a bad thing to have working Java so the requirement of needing Java for HFS Explorer seemed like killing 2 birds with one stone. 

However I would prefer the native Explorer integration Paragon HFS+ offers, I made a quick attempt to create a plugin and the drivers wouldnt load correctly.  Also there is another method of using AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys and moving them into the System32\Drivers folder and adding reg entries for them (This is supposed to make read only of HFS drives NATIVE in windows explorer, but again on my first attempt it did not work and I moved on to integrating Java instead for HFS Explorer - With HFS Explorer you have to select and load the drive to browse/recover files, it is not native with windows explorer.)

Anyway if you do have a plugin setup or a method to get Paragon or Macdrive running in PE lmk (I prefer these for the native integration HOWEVER it should be noted that using anything other than read only on a HFS drive from Paragon/MacDrive/Others ALWAYS has the risk of corrupting the drive, the same goes for NTFS (like tuxera for mac) writing FROM the Mac OS to Windows drives)

For wireless drivers, yes and no.  So the problem with Win10PESE booting into Mac and using the built in wireless card is that you have to go into device manager and uninstall the wireless drivers (without deleting them) AND THEN click the "Scan for hardware changes" in device manager and it should auto install a broadcom driver(included with Win10PESE) and wireless should be working.

HOWEVER ----> Drivers can be added to build that will fuction OOB for Wifi, they need to be taken from BootCamp install files, I have not had time to work on this yet. The workaround is the only way for now, also,  Wired connection works perfectly on every mac I've tested so far.

Depending on how much Apple Mac compatibility I can integrate maybe I'll make a separate thread just for those plugins...we will see...
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