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wim extraction issues
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:14:04 AM »


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Long time user of the software and im normally on the helping side. Decided to update the company boot environment and having an odd issue.

On compile I get:

"For windows ESD Source (LZMS compression), you must use extracted wim folders

You can use for this 'Extract Wim Folder' in Utils folder.


In background it is stopped on "ExtractWimFolder=NO"

I of course ran the extractor in the utils folder and it completed fine but still the error occurs.

In the script log i noticed its looking for the following which dont exsist during compile and the wims extract in the source folder from the iso:

A little clarity would help, thanks all.

Re: wim extraction issues
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MOST LIKELY:  You are not using NEW Config Source plugin correctly / Your new updated source is not good.


Also check "Images Configuration" plugin - Make sure under the advanced options it is set like below pictures for testing purposes



Where are you getting your source? Did you BLExact Secure Update? What version 10PESE are you running(Win Version #? AND Download version # of 10PESE Project?)

Use the below link instead:

Windows Source Files - Link:  :thumbsup: (thank JFX for this he posted in: )

Do not mount source ISO, extract source ISO to default location in 'Config Source" plugin.

After you update your source you will most likely need to update the entire project with BLExact and Secure Update plugin.

If you DID BLExact update, in your builder you will notice a new plugin under Win10PESE for 'Config Source' - You need to make sure to extract your source ISO to this location


BLExact usually fixes errors with plugin tools... BUT even though it backs up your stuff I'd still make a backup of your entire builder folder first before updating.

Let us know..

If you still have issues upload logs.

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Re: wim extraction issues
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The advance button under image configuration is what i was missing and needed. Thanks


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