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Request: Shellexecute,HideX
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:15:09 AM »


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Request for:

to have "Close" (or "Stop") button on hidden ShellExecute at PEBakery log interface.

Reason Behind:
There are some operations we use /Minimize instead of ,Hide, that give end user ability to stop process and continue build.
Mostly 7z and wget

To demonstrate:
update Macro Library v43.99

click "DOWNLOAD NEW Plugin" button on Macro Library v43.99

you will see download process inside PEBakery  :thumbsup:
But there is no way to stop download process without stopping build  :thumbdown:

I can use ShellExecute,Min, but this way I can not get rid of pop up window, It is better things inside PEBakery.

To Demonstrate Request here is picture:


It will be very good to have X (or "Stop Execute" button at place of X) with ,HideX,

Same case with 7z  .....

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